Cottage Cheese Dimpling from Threadlift - San Diego, CA

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I had a thread lift done 2 years ago and while I...

I had a thread lift done 2 years ago and while I was first happy with it - my jawline profile appeared tighter - I noticed once the swelling went down (I also had some fat injections and a chin implant at the same time) that there was a prominent indentation in my chin.

My doctor brushed this off and I did not pursue the issue because generally I was happy with the profile. However.... after two years my chin has a cottage cheese look to it from the thread lift pulling at the muscles and it looks terrible. I am having to re-do my chin implant (which was also seated improperly) AND have the thread lift removed.

I am extremely disgruntled as I am paying twice for surgery and having to go through the healing and time off work for the second time. DON'T DO THE THREAD LIFT!

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