Seeking Removal of Half Sleeve with LARGE Bright Green Background - San Diego, CA

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After creeping on this site for weeks im relieved...

After creeping on this site for weeks im relieved to learn im not alone with tattoo regret.I am heavily tattooed as it is and went to have a Salvador Dali inspired half sleeve finished. When it was done I instantly HATED it. It looks like the painting "will upload pictures soon" but I wasn't anticipating so much green. the entire top portion of my lower arm as minimal black line work but a solid bright green background with no design. I instantly felt sick the next day and have never experienced anxiety like this before. For the past 3 weeks I have been have nightmares and insane anxiety every time I look at it. My whole life ive wanted to be covered in tattoos. But after receiving this tattoo I no longer even like tattoos. Its so weird. I found a place in San Diego I think can at least lighten the green (with Picosure).

The tattoo is brand new so I need to wait a few months before I can start treatments. I just cannot wait to start trying to remove this hideous green disaster from my arm...

First sit down consultation

So I had my first sit down consultation today. Dr was great and very informative. She said I would be a great candidate for picosure with all my green ink. She says she will be using a 755 wavelength laser and quoted me 360$ for each treatment. If the wavelength sounds wrong for green ink please someone let me know. I am very happy with the quoted price as it is a full halfsleeve of colored ink. I've seen people pay far more. I am very scared to start next month but at the same time very excited. I hate this hideous puke green mess arm my arm that is still giving me horrible anxiety. I will try to upload a picture finally!

Pics finally!

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