So glad I did this- new photos 6 weeks post op

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I found a lot of helpful info on this website as I...

I found a lot of helpful info on this website as I contemplated having lipo, so will add my experience so far. I'm 5'6", weigh 160, and age 56. Have a major muffin top, and even in younger days always had a big belly. As I've gotten older, that stubborn tummy fat just did not bulge. In the summer I tried Exilis, (just posted a review of that, waste of money) and really debated between lipo and tummy tuck. My daughter had a tummy tuck, very successful, but I didn't want major surgery. The fact that lipo was done under mild sedation in the doctor's office was the draw for me. My only concern is if I'll get the results I want. I had upper and lower abs, and flanks done.

The day of the procedure, I was given 2 valium and 2 percocet. (I did eat a light breakfast, but no coffee, I was so afraid I'd had to pee in the middle of the procedure!) The pills made me calm, but not dopey. The initial injections to numb me stung a little, not bad. During the procedure I felt pressure, but it really didn't hurt. Once or twice a twinge, but that's it. It seemed to take a long time, about 3 hours. The doctor and nurse were recording numbers for different sections, checking the temperature and measuring the fluid for the sections. At one point I heard 700, but I think at the end it was 1000cc removed. They also joke that just as much flows out on the floor, and I did see a mess down there.

I used my daughter's ab binder, the nurse helped me up, I was shaky all of the sudden. They put an absorbent pad under the binder, but It was leaking through before I got home. I had some pads to help absorb, but tough to get them tucked in right. I felt good leaving, the shaking stopped, I wasn't in pain. Slept that night in the recliner, on a towel, but the draining was going down the front, no problem.

The next day I already felt swollen, sore, but not too bad. The leaking stopped by noon that day. I did take pain pills that day, but after that I didn't need any. I was sore, but not enough to warrant the meds. The most uncomfortable part is the binder cutting into the pubic area where I am really swollen.

Showered, feel like I am smaller already, can that possible be?

Day 3 went shopping for spanx body suit that wouldn't cut in so much. It doesn't feel as tight though. And the straps cut in under the arms, only tried it for one day. Back to the ab binder and yoga pants. Yoga pants are my salvation.

Day 4 was Christmas with family. (I didn't tell them I was having it done) Wore my loosest pair of jeans. I sat down gingerly (due to the binder) but no one noticed.

I have 10 days off work for winter vacation, but I feel I could have gone back to work after just a few days. The hardest part is bending at the waist, not that the muscles hurt, but the binder cuts in horribly. I have had a hysterectomy, and this is nothing like that kind of stomach pain.

At one week check in with the doctor, I have gained 3 pounds. Nurse said that's normal, due to swelling, but I won't discount all the holiday goodies I've been eating. I check my measurements, not one bit different! I am surprised, because I feel a difference, definitely some shape at my waist. Guess I still have more swelling to wait out.

So that's up to date. The experience of the procedure, the pain, the recovery, has been better that I expected. Now if the results are as well, I'll be a happy camper! I do have some before pictures, I'll add as soon as I figure out how.

Day 17 - Definitely seeing a difference in the...

Day 17 - Definitely seeing a difference in the flatness of my stomach. Checked measurements today, two inches off the measurement at belly button, and two inches at widest part of abdomen.

So happy I did this! Six weeks post-op.

So happy I did this! Six weeks post-op.
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