41 Days Post-Op 405cc/375cc HP Round 5'0 100lbs Thank you Dr. Pousti!! - San Diego, CA

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Hi ladies! So let me start by saying I have always...

Hi ladies! So let me start by saying I have always always always wanted boobies since I can remember being a little girl, and when high school came along and my breasts were nothing more than mosquito bites breast augmentation was something I began to consider. My stepmom got her breasts done a couple years ago and watching her go through the healing process gave me a sense of relief and excitement! I couldn't wait to have my turn so I started putting aside a little extra savings account and finally the day has come where I can financially support my boob fund! I am currently 20 years old about 5 feet tall and 100 pounds and I am barely a 32 B Cup most likely an A. I have a pretty small frame so I don't want to look overwhelmingly large and top heavy, I just want to fill out bathing suits and finally stop wearing bras that have soo much push up padding in them they could practically be a pillow! Halloween has always been a challenge to fake cleavage one year my roommate and I went to the extreme of trying to duck tape my boobs to push them together! haha I'm dead serious!
Anywayyyyyy, So I found my doctor on real self, and after going to 4 consultations, I knew he was the one! I am from Santa Barbara, but I am having my surgery done in San Diego because my family lives there and my stepmom wants to take me to my surgery and make sure I recover well the first few days. It is really great to have her help:) So we went to a couple consultations and the other doctors I felt were overwhelming and most didn't notice that one of my boobs is slightly smaller than the other, which isn't super noticeable now, but once they are both enlarged, it will stick out like a sore thumb! My first consultation at Dr. Pousti's office was absolutely great! I had not one complaint! My stepmom and I were sold on the fact that his office was practically on hospital ground which made me feel less stressed about having surgery. Everyone is his office, and I mean everyone, patients and staff, were all very kind and helpful with questions I had. I really liked that Dr. Pousti allowed me to meet with patients who just had their augmentation done a few weeks before and their breasts looked great! Their customer service is truly outstanding, at all of the other consultations I went to the doctors seemed to be in a hurry, which is understandable, but I felt like I was rushed and left feeling unsure.
So after my consult with Dr. Pousti, I scheduled my surgery date right then and there! It doesn't feel real at all, but I'm set to go February 21st at 1:45pm. I wanted an earlier surgery, but i'm a late sleeper so I'm not too concerned about not being able to eat and drink but I'm sure it will bite me in the butt! I am just so nervous about being put to sleep and actually undergoing surgery!! I mean, I have never even had my wisdom teeth pulled! But I'm just trying to relax, I mean I have a little less than a month to go still! My Pre-Op appointment is Thursday Jan 30th next week and I absolutely can not wait!!:)

Pics of my wish boobs!!

Hi guys! So here are some pictures of the look I'm trying to achieve! I want volume on top and a round look with cleavage! Hope to be posting before pics of my boobs soon!

Before Pics! Pre Op in two days!

Here are a couple before pics I finally got around to taking! Please excuse my messy room! Lol you can notice the current difference in my breasts, my left, or the right breast in the pics, is noticeable different than the other. It's smaller and higher up, and kind of points off haha I am hoping to be a full C cup, also I would like a high profile implant so they will sit higher on my chest and have a high projection from the side view. My PS said in order to correct the difference in my breasts, he would put a bigger implant in my left breast and I think he said he would try to make my pocket closer to the center of my chest, if that makes any sense!? I'm not too sure, but I will definately be addressing this to him in my Pre Op appointment on Thursday! If anyone else had similar breasts before their BA, how did your ps correct your difference?? Well I'm nervous/ excited/ don't know what to expect about my pre op, it still doesn't feel like this is actually happening! But hey, 23 more days til my BA! Can't wait til it starts to feel more real!

Oops forgot to add...

Forgot to add a before pic of my right boob angled from the side!

BA in just 14 Days!! Paid in full! Anxiety starting to set in :/

Hi guys, so its been a week or so since my last post, but boy, the days feel like they are starting to fly by! I had my pre-op last week and it really made things sink in! I still don't really feel like this is ACTAULLY going to happen. As the nurse was giving me the low down about what is going to happen the day of operation, i felt major anxiety coming on! I'm really really really scared of being put under, i've never had any form of surgery and I can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that I am going to be on an operating table getting cut open!! Any way, so at the pre-op, we basically went over what was going to happen the day of surgery, took before pics, got my prescriptions, and I met with a couple other girls who were there for their post-op appointments. Oh, and a morning slot for surgery opened up so we bumped my time up to 11 in the AM! Woohoo I am actually wayyy happier having a morning time than 1:45 pm. Soo then, the fun part came, where I turned over all of my blood, sweat, and tears that went into my boob fund that I have been saving for!

Lately, I have been back in school and just started the new semester. I have my BA scheduled Friday morning, February 21st, giving me the weekend to recover so then I can return to school hopefully on tuesday if all goes well! If I need more time off, my PS wrote me a medical note to excuse my absences for the whole week after surgery. I feel like I'm still in denial about actually going through with my BA. It's something that I know I've always wanted, but to actually be going through with it is another story. I think I'm beginning to get second thoughts! What if my boobs have complications and the results leave me with regrets! My head is filled with thoughts of doubt! :/ I just need to keep remembering how much I know I want this for my own personal reasons!

Quick question! Also, at my pre-op the receptionist handed me a folded from the implant manufacturer, Sientra, asking me to participate in a study that apparently includes a $400 compensation if my doctor and I would agree that sientra implants are a good fit for me. This whole idea of being a part of an experiment/ study kind of concerned me, especially if i am the test subject! If any of you ladies have been a part of it or know someone who has, or even know anything about the study let me know your input!!

Boobies will arrive in approx. 16 hours!!

Hi ladies!
Oh My! The big day is finally tomorrow morning at 10 AM!I'm on my way to San Diego right now via train! I need to be at my ps's office at 8am which is earlyyyy for me so I won't have to sit around and wait lol. Still feeling like this whole thing is completely surreal and don't feel any emotion whatsoever! I'm sure that will quickly change tomorrow!!

Sooo in preparation of my big day, I have been using Palmer's Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark cream every day for the past two weeks so hopefully it will pay off. My doctor recommended I begin using a stool relaxer the night before surgery to prevent my stomach from getting backed up. I packed all my prescriptions (painkillers, anti-nausa, and a muscle relaxer) and made sure to bring a zip up jacket for tomorrow morning and loose sweat pants for post op when I leave the hospital. I've stocked up on house hold snacks and food that I can easily eat, like berries and soups and crackers for the first few days.

I just really can't believe the day is almost here! I've waited for this for solo many years now that it doesn't even feel real! :D Don't know how I am even going to sleep tonight! It feels like christmas!!! My ps and I haven't decided on a set size we last kept it at 350/375cc's but I feel like I might want to go up just a tad because I don't want to feel like they are too small after the swelling goes down. We will discuss it tomorrow, but for now I need to make my "wish boob board!" Dr. recommended not fixating so much on numbers of size, but to put together a board of what I do and don't want to look like and he will try on different implants in surgery to achieve my desired look. I completely trust him and can't wait!

Well goodnight for now ladies and I will report back in the am when I become an official member of the Big Titty Committee!!:)

Today is the big day!! ( . )( . )

Hi lovelies~!
Its 6:45 am right now and I am just about ready to leave for the surgery center (I have to be there at 8, but don't want to get stuck in morning commuter traffic). I showered this morning, but was instructed not to put any lotion, deodorant, perfume, or make-up on and to remove all of my piercings. I haven't eaten anything since last night around 9, but I think the nerves are getting to me because I am not hungry at all. I'm just trying to keep thinking positively! What an emotional roller coaster this has been!! All of your encouraging comments are helping soooo much i can't say thank you enough!!!:) Alright ladies, it is finally time!! :) bye bye tiny boobies!

PS. I'll post pics of post op asap!!

The boobies have arrived!!!

Hi guys,
I had my breast augmentation done yesterday!! And I feel great! I got to the hospital around 8 am , as in instructed, where I signed in and waited Around for about an hour and 20 minutes before they called me in. I was pretty calm the whole time, and all the staff were so kind and put me at ease. I was put into my gown, socks, and hairnet while they took my blood pressure and began my IV. Because I get car sick ness really easily, I asked if the anesthesiologist would put some please put some anti nausea in my IV. Them my doctor came and did some markings and we discussed my final loook. I asked him that although we originally decided on 350 in one boob and 375 in the other, if he thought I was going to be disappointed with the size to try to go bigger if he could without giving me uniboob! I made it very clear and brought pictures of the looks I want (volume, roundness on top, cleavage, minimal side boob) and don't want (uniboob and too far apart). We discussed my issue with asymmetry and I told he I know absolute perfection is impossible but to please please try to fix it as much as he can. They I met with the anestisologist and she was very soothing. Finally it was time!!! They walked me into the operation room and I was feeling like I was in cloud nine!!! ( I'm pretty sure they put some Valium or a muscle relaxer in my IV) then they put the anesthia in my IV and everyone was talking to me and the nurse was holding my hand then I passed out after
10 seconds.
When I woke up I felt great just a little wosy and super thirsty!! I had minimal to no pain I was just so happy???????? I was even able to dress my self!! then my step mom brought the car around and I walked out of the hospital! Everyone there including each and every one of the t staff were so amazing!!

I ended up get 405cc in my left boob and 375 in my right!???? I can't wait till I can finally see them on Monday at my post op appt!! Doctor said no peeking!!
I don't have much pain because I've been talking my meds on time I am able to get up and out of bed. The hardest was when I woke up at about 6 o'clock this morning and felt a lot of pressure and on my chest cuz my medication wore off, but as Sooon as I took it I passed back out. I feeling more mobile and energized than I told I would

Post Op Day Two!! Feeling Great!

Hi Breast Friends!
Its about 9:51 am and I just woke up with absolutely no pain! Through out the night I have been keeping up on my muscle relaxers and pain pills. I woke up at about 4 am last night and felt very stiff and took a Percocet then fell right back to sleep. I have been sleeping in an upright position with lots of pillow support as I was instructed by my doctor. I can tell all you ladies NECK PILLOWS ARE AN ABSOLUTE MUST!! I loosened my strap band just a bit because it was staring to hurt a little bit. My strap is placed below my surgical bra which I had never seen before but I'm guessing it that way to support my breasts from dropping.
I haven't had any nausea at all and i think it is because I have been eating every time before I take my medicine. This morning I'm eating an organic flax seed cereal and yesterday I had oatmeal with bananas and strawberries. I felt so good yesterday that my mom walked around for a bit outside and we were even able to go out to dinner and have sushi! I feel like I'm beginning to get cabin fever from being cooped up all day!! I absolutely can not wait until my post op appointment tomorrow when I can finally see my boobies!!! So far the pain has been totally bearable and so far I do not have any regrets with my boobies!!(**knock on wood**)
tata for now ladies and thanks again for all the amazing support!!!

Post -Op Day 3!!

Hi girls!
I'm officially on day 3 post op and I am feeling a lot better. I can get up and move around and do a lot more things independently, except for reaching out and over my head. I started only taking a half of percocet during the day, but keeping up with full dosage of my pain meds every four hours at night. My sleep schedule is ALLLLL messed up. Yesterday I slept majority of the day and took it easy and could not sleep at all last night. I really really need to get back on my regular sleep schedule! Also, I woke up during the night and was sweating soooo much! this is not completely unusual for me because I love to sleep with a ton of blankets, but I don't want to put myself at risk for any infection.

I haven't had a bowel movement at all since the morning of my surgery! I've been eating oatmeal and lots of fibrous foods like flax seed crackers, but I am super bloated!! My first post op appointment is today which I am super stoked for!! It will be my first time I can finally see my boobies!!!!:D Hopefully the doc gives me the ok to shower, because I am jones-ing for a shower right about now!!! Washing my face isn't a problem thank god, and using baby wipes on my armpits seem to be doing the trick. I make a little baby bath with just a small amount of water so I can wash my lower body.

From what I can see through my surgical bra there isn't as much cleavage as I wanted:( but I know its still WAYYY too early to tell and I need to relax!!! My right boob gets little sharp pains every now and then but I'm right handed so i have to remind myself to use my left hand more often.
Well I'll do another update later with some pics after my appointment! xoxox

Just had my 1st Post -Op...

Hi all,
Just got back from my first post op appointment and it went by super quick! basically my ps only asked me if I had any pain or unusual discomfort, both of which I answered "no." One of the dr.'s employees explained to me that my boobs don't look anything like they will once they are settled in a few weeks, and I really needed to here that! My doctor told me not to shower until next week:( he said he did really meticulous work on my left breast to fix the asymmetry, and that to be on the safe side I should wait to shower. I am soooo surprised and bummed I have to wait ONE WEEK to shower!!! AHHHHH!!! well any who the nice lady at dr. pousti's let me snap a couple sneak peak pics at my new boobies so here they are!! Please excuse all the markings, I know they look a little scary and have a lot of changing to do!! Oh and also his amazing staff greeted me with flowers!!:)

5 days post op feeling some boobie blue

Hi guys,
Yesterday was my first day back at school and boy was it rough! I was able to get myself completely ready in the morning make up and all, while my meds from the night before were still in effect. I got though my first class at 9:30 which didn't require too much except I couldn't take notes but just being present was enough. I tried to cut back on my pain killers yesterday so I wouldn't be too drowsy at school and that was a horrible idea!!! I was in lots of pain and had huge amounts of pressure on my chest from moving around so much. So I went back on my Percocet. later I ate a bowl of oatmeal to help the pooping process move along! I still have not gone to the bathroom since surgery and I'm the type of person who usually goes twice a day. Later, I tried to study with my brother for my anatomy class, but honestly I wasn't feeling it whatsoever. I just needed to rest and take a nap. Later as my boyfriend was driving home, he took a crazy turn and I bumped my left boob on the center console and started bawling tears from the sharp pain. I got so mad at him and was an emotional wreck. I went back home and got into bed and just decided I tried to do way tooooo much and needed to relax. Yesterday was not my day. Today, I'm definitely planning on. Staying on the medication and taking it easy.
Also, one of my boobs is bigger/ more swollen than the other and there isn't as much cleavage as I hoped there would be:/ I know it's still to early to tell but it's giving me the boobie blues. I'm also thinking maybe i should have gone bigger because once the swelling goes down they will be a lot smaller.
Another stupid small thing that bothered me yesterday was when I went over to my friends house to show her my new boobs, we got on the topic of her now considering a breast aug and she told me her boyfriend reacted negatively and told her if she got one she would be a slut and it's a trashy thing to do for male attention. This made me beyond angry! People have no idea why I did this for NO ONE OTHER THAN MYSELF. Let alone the fact that I work my ass off all summer long to save up the money to do this for me. Stupid comments like that are the lat thing I need to hear right now.

Well, hopefully today is a better day, I'm definitely going to take it way easier and not push myself as much. My next appointment with my dr. is March 6th and can't shower til then! Oh and also I'm almost out of pain meds yikes:/ well must be going now take care everyone xoxo

1 Week Post Op Pics...Kinda Concerned!!!

Hi Ladies,
I know it has only been one week post op, but I have constantly looking at images of other ladies' 1 week post op pictures and can't help feeling insecure and scared!! My boobs don't look anything like I imagined:( and I know my ps told me he thinks he completely corrected the asymmetry, it seems as though it is even WORSE than before!! The difference is size in my boobs is ridiculous and zoo noticeable. My left boob (405cc's) is wayyyyy bigger than the right (375'ss)!! Is it too early to tell the end result, or am I forever stuck like this?!?! I am so afraid:/ Also, I stressed how much I wanted cleavage and so far it looks nothing like the pictures i showed him. I'm trying to be patient, but I look at other girls' pics and they have awesome cleavage 1 week post op :/

how the heck do you get the surgical marker off?!!

11 Days Post Op Feeling Much Better!!:)

So I am coming up on 11 days post op and it has been one hell of a roller coaster! TMI, but I also started my period a week ago, when I was at my most emotional state and there is no doubt in my mind my period has played a huge role in all of this. Haha I have been taking nonstop birth control pills since I was 13 (7 years) and stopped taking them a few weeks before surgery and my period was delayed two weeks so I didn't take them until I got my period. I think my fluctuating hormones and PMS are all out of wack and making me crazy! Haha
Well anyway, back to boobies, I feel as though I completely overreacted during my first week postop. My breasts are getting a lot softer and even though the left is still slightly more swollen than the right, I am no longer freaking out and stressing over it. Everyone keeps telling me they still have sooo much changing to do. I NEED TO RELAX AND STOP OBSESSING OVER MY BOOBS!!! Finally this is getting though my head and I COMPLETELY trust that Dr. Pousti would not let me leave the operating room without a result less than beautiful! I read that the side of your dominate hand (mine is right) has tighter muscles making it is more tense and taking it longer for the breast to soften. I am kind of experiencing this with my right breast, although it is still pretty squishy when I push on it. I haven't received the word to start messaging yet, but I can't wait to start!!:) well it's getting late, and I need to er rest, take care everyone!

Falling more in love with them everyday! 16 Days Post-op

Hi guys!
I'm feeling better and better everyday! I can now raise my arms above my head and do almost everything I could do before surgery despite lifting heavy items. I tried on a bikini top I had Pre-Op and could never fit:( But now its fitting great, maybe even a little too snug!! ;) I am noticing that I still fit a lot of my clothes, they just fit and look better which makes me soo happy!! I got the OK to start showering last monday (1 week post op) and boyyy, was it the best shower ever! I have to put waterproof bandaids over my steri-strips to keep them from getting wet for 4 to 6 weeks post op. My PS explained to me the longer you keep the steri-strips on the incision, the better your scar will heal:)
I have been doing "massage" techniques I was instructed to do at my last post op visit at least 10 to 20 times a day for one minute. At the last post-op appt, I learned that DR. put internal stitching under my left breast, where the tape is. My left breast is still slightly larger than the right, but give it time, and they will even out:) My boyfriend is absolutely obsessed with my new boobies!:) its hilarious, but I love it! I definitely notice a difference in the way he looks at me now, but i don't mind I stare at them just as much as he does!! :)

Finally made it to the 1 month mark!!

Wow! I can't believe it has already almost been a month since my surgery! It feels so surreal still, and dealing with the ups and downs has been one hell of a ride! I can totally tell how much my implants have began to even out over the past couple of weeks and how much massaging has helped to soften my breasts. I still have a few days where I have ups and downs, dealing with how they weren't even at first was really hard on me emotionally, but following my ps's instructions to keep massaging and BE PATIENT has totally started to pay off:) Also, before I had my BA, I don't think I fully understood how much of a process it is to see changes in my breasts after surgery and how they continue to change every day. I don't know why I had some insane thought and expectation that they would look just like their final result right off the bat, and that, along with learning patience is key, has been the hardest thing for me to grasp and overcome throughout this entire experience. I can not thank my doctor and all his staff enough for putting up with my crazy moodswings! I start to love my breasts and get happy everyday when I start to feel/ see small changes:) The still don't fully feel like a part of me and less like a forge in object haha, but I'm sure with time that will come!
Anyway, tomorrow I have my 1 month post op appt with Dr. Pousti, and I am beyond excited to finally take off the tape under my left breast and ditch the surgical bra!!!! THANK GOD! My steri-strips along my incisions are still intact and I continue to use waterproof bandaids over them when I shower. I'm going to try to keep the strips on as long as possible because dr. said it will leave a better healing result with the scar:)
I attached some 1 month post op pics:) my left breast is still slightly more swollen, but it has gone down significantly!! I really like the size and shape of my left breast actually! It even feels squishier and softer than the right one, maybe when my right relaxes more and fluffs, it will look like the left one:) haha

41 Days Post- Op! Looking and feeling great!:)

Hi there! sorry for not keeping up on my updates, I have been super busy with school and of course having too much fun on spring break;) Finally took off my steri-strips last week and got to see my incisions for the first time! I think they look wonderful and already are looking great:)

QUESTION: When did you guys start to put scar cream or anything to help fade the appearance of the scars??? I'm on the fence about starting to use a cream or silicone scar strips.

My breast are continuing to drop and soften up thank god! lol I can also sleep comfortably on my side again:) The best part was when I went away for spring break with my friends and everyone immediately noticed my enhancements and complemented on how great they look! It felt soo nice to hear that especially after the struggle of recovering the 1st month, it made all the ups and downs worth it!:) My confidence in a bikini has SKYROCKETED!! Can not thank Dr. Pousti enough!:)
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pousti and all his staff are absolutely amazing! They made me feel 100% relaxed and welcome at my very first consolation, and so at ease, that I committed and scheduled my BA right then and there! After going to 4 other consultations with other doctors, he took the time to address my concerns and questions and stood out the most to me in terms of professionalism. I can't wait to have my BA and trust that I am in good hands:)

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