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I am almost 52 yrs. old and ready to make certain...

I am almost 52 yrs. old and ready to make certain neccasary changes in my appearance that I feel would compliment my physical appearance. I'm really not suffering too bad especially since I'm hitting 52 in August. However, I have come to the realization that no matter what happens after we die, the only thing that I truly know is that I am presently here on this earth now, at this very moment. I kinda thought that since I am actively engaged in bettering my life and my world around me ( and this includes humanitarian issues, environmental issues, political, and obviously personal issues as well) I awakened one day to find myself in a situation where I felt I didn't look as good as I could look if I really wanted to truly devote myself to making the positive changes happen.

I guess after the realization occured to me that there was only one person who could make these changes because most people are busy with other important issues, mainly attending to their own personal life and agendas that would pertain to it, etc. Well, I thought I was going to be alone during this little (Big) adventure of sorts? However, this may not be the case, I recently wrote in a question to the doctors who frequent here on this site and just today was looking to see if there was any response ( unfortunately none yet ) I did however, receive an invite to this forum and I decided to take it, and so here we are now, armed with a formal invite and just so many unanswered questions and many more questions I never even thought to ask. It is my hope that this forum helps me reach my goals and more importantly, helps me make informed choices so that I might make the proper decisions that will hopefully lead me towards the best doctors and in so doing, the beautiful results I'm hoping to achieve!!!

A sincere thank you to the moderator of this site, and to all of you who visit here, your input can and I'm certain does in fact help maintain an environment of competent and ethical doctors in a field where it is of the utmost importance because making a decision to go under the knife is a serious one, one not made lightly. It ia a decision that will effect the rest of our lives and not only our lives but also the lives of our friends and family. I have thought long and hard about the importrance of these types of proceedures, about weather I should feel embarassed or ashamed of myself for putting my savings here rather than in other places such as helping others in need of more serious things such as food, water, shelter, etc. I am aware that I deserve certain things and that I can have them, I can have them because I have earned them, saved long and hard for them placing other less significant things aside for the time being such as a new dress or that new lipstick color I'd like to try. I know I am actively involved in keeping myself as educated and updated in current world affairs and arttending to my environmental and humanitarian isssues, and I have promised myself that if and when these things do happen for me, a new prettier nose, a lift here, etc. I am commiting myself that afterwards I will become even more involved with these issues and commit myself more so because I wont be so insecure about my nose or personal appearance that it hinders me from going out there to fight for these causes. I hope that doesn't sound as ridiculous to you as it does to me because it does sound rather superficial to me when I observe my needs with everything else my money could be going towards. Only if it weren't for the fact that I started saving this money with this in mind and that this is specifically where it was intended to go do I remember to let go of the guilt and just do it.

I am here now, well almost anyway, just a few dollars away from actually going though with it. I want to make the best of my money too, which is hard because each surgeon charges differently, or so I would imagine, and then I only want to go to one of the very best because its of the utmost importance that I do. I know that making a mistake would cost much more than just losing the money I saved and spent. It would mean dealing with problems I wouldn't want to have to deal with, saving more money to repair things I shouldn't have let get broken in the first place, etc. all of that and more. So an informed decision is mandatory.

I cant seem to locate a decent surgeon in the San Diego area, can anyone suggest anyone in this area? I'm ready to make appointments for consultations and so far I only like Dr.Grigoryian and Dr Simoni I intend on making an appointment with Dr Gryfgorian sometime this week. I'd rather not have to travel all the way to Glendale to do this, but I don't know any doctors here with his expertise, if there is then I haven't found them yet. Please help!

Shutting down for now, get back with this forum later on in the week I hope!

None yet

Haven't had surgery yet, in the begining stages of this journey blog stated I had to input something as anwsers to these questions only I dont have them yet, how could I?.don't know what to do so I will anwser questions I hope relate to my personal experience when I do find a doctor.

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