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I have wanted rhinoplasty for some time. Half of...

I have wanted rhinoplasty for some time. Half of my family have lovely noses and the other half have a distinctly unfeminine bump that makes the nose look bulky and a little severe. More bothersome is that I can't really breath out of my left nostril. I never really noticed that until Dr. Jaibaji demonstrated how opening it up could improve my breathing during our initial consultation. Over time I've also noticed that my brow sits at or below my orbital bone, my hooded eyelids not obstructing my vision, but certainly causing me to have to physically lift my brows to look like a happy and engaged person, even though I feel that way inside 99% of the time.

I first sought a consultation with Dr. Jaibaji in 2010, shortly after finishing graduate school and was impressed with his demeanor and his aesthetic sensibilities. His portfolio for rhinoplasty is simply stunning. I loved that the noses seem like the right size for the face and that they do not come to a hard pointed end, the way many "done" noses seem to invariably appear. The softer, cuter, more refined nose what what I had in mind. Alas, I did not want to borrow money to have the procedure performed and the quote at the time was too much after reflection on where I was financially.

In the intervening years I have lived all over the world and have often browsed plastic surgeons in my area to see if one of them might be a good fit. My research has included doctors in Korea, New York, DC and even London. I have never found a surgeon whose book reflects the quality of Dr. Jaibaji. I am preparing to return to the states this summer and have a bit of downtime so I called Dr. Jaibaji's practice in hopes of scheduling another consultation. His staff is still warm and helpful. Genesis arranged for a phone consult with the doctor for a couple of days after my initial conversation. He was able to remember not only the medical facts and concerns that were present in my case file, but also details of my life that I do not believe would have been in the file...he just seems like a very caring person. We also discussed my concern about my droopy lids and he suggested that I send him photos so that he could evaluate and provide his opinion on whether we should do an upper bleph/brow lift, or a non surgical interim approach. At present I have scheduled my in-person consultation for 18 July and then will have surgery on the 22nd. I am waiting to have his final opinion about the eyelid issue and will update the price and other details when they are finalized. I will be flying in from the east coast for surgery shortly after I return to the country and will stay with family while I recover. I am nervous about the process but feel I am in great hands and look forward to sharing my journey with you all. I have benefitted from so many posts and hope my posts are helpful to you as well.

Recovering well and navigating the ups and downs of post op

Day of surgery was Friday. Dr. Jaibaji and his team made me feel very comfortable and I was in surgery for 2-3 hours. My mom brought me back to the hotel and I took a promethazene right away because I felt very sick to my stomach. Aside from that, I just felt sleepy most of the day. I took the Percocet and antibiotics as prescribed and muddled through ok. Have to suggest applesauce in a squeeze tube and other squeezable foods. They've been awesome for me. The dry mouth spray that others have suggested is also great.

I am trying to alternate between Percocet and Tylenol because I have a hard time peeing when I'm on painkillers. Lol. Just wanted to put that out there in case there are others who might have the same issue.

Sleeping and resting with my head elevated but not cleaning my nose. My doctor taped it up well and just told me to change the drip pad as necessary until our next appointment. I am glad, I don't think I would feel comfortable playing around in there right now.

All in all, I think my recovery is tracking per the timeline shared by many. I am two days post op now and have swelling and some bruising around my eyes. That said, I don't feel too awful and remain confident in my choice to trust Dr. Jaibaji. I'm trying not to look at the mirror too much right now. I'm just drinking a lot of water and trying to eat little bits when I can.

Will check in again when there is more to talk about.

Happy Healing!

Surgery + 3 days

Last night was a bit rough. I threw up a bit but then felt better. Stopped taking pain meds after that. I'm just taking Tylenol now and that seems to be handling and pain. The pressure, swelling, and bruising are still somewhat of a bother. I am resting and trying to stay hydrated. I'm really pleased that the healing seems to be proceeding on schedule and I'm also feeling very fortunate being able to recover in a peaceful space. Will add a Day 3 photo in a bit.

Day 3 photo

As you can see, bruising is spreading and still quite swollen. Hopefully what I've read and heard holds true and this all starts to dissipate tomorrow.

Before pictures

Here are a few pics of the before nose. The angle was masculine, the bump was obvious and the tip was a bit bulbous. I also had some difficulty breathing out of my left nostril. Hopefully all of that was addressed. I'm going to try really hard not to follow my own progress by the day once I get out of the immediate healing phase. Happy healing, everyone!

Surgery + 6 days

Still healing well, will have a visit with the doctor this afternoon. The pain, post op, was really nothing. The nausea from the pain meds was the only hiccup there. The last couple of days have been a little rough as I've finished my antibiotics. I started to have some gastrointestinal trouble (minor cramping/diarrhea) so I e-mailed the doctor--who replied right away and had me start probiotics since I was finished with the meds. He asked me to follow up immediately if things worsened and offered to see me the next day. I didn't think that was necessary but got the probiotics and started feeling a bit better.

I had been feeling a bit sore at the back of my tongue and inside of my cheeks/throat during the last couple of days as well. I thought it was from the intubation from surgery, that perhaps I just hadn't noticed. Unfortunately for me, when all my good gut bacteria was killed off by the antibiotics, I developed a bit of oral thrush in addition to the stomach ailments. I e-mailed the doctor again, because this was really uncomfortable, and he responded warmly that I should come in and he will take a look. In the meantime I'm continuing the probiotics, doing salt rinses, and pushing water.

I think that my diet just changed so much with the soft foods and lack of leafy greens/lean protein that I usually eat that the thrush was able to break out. I was relying on a lot of the squeezable applesauce, crackers, gatorade, gingerale, soft cheese/fruits for nutrients, but it's a lot more sugar that I normally eat, and usually I just drink water. I am doing better after just one day of probiotics, but the thrush still hurts and I'm thinking it's been the worst part of the process for me. I didn't see too much about the possibility of oral thrush from cephalaxen in my pre-surgery research, so I wasn't really looking for it or prepared. I was prepared for upset stomach, constipation, swelling, but this one was a bridge too far. lol. I'd say consult your doctor and maybe start on a probiotic right away or just try to watch your sugar intake post op if you're used to eating pretty clean.

I will post photos in a bit, swelling is way down and bruising has mostly turned to yellow. I'm excited and nervous to get the cast off, but I have faith in the process and am willing to be patient to see results once the tip swelling goes down. I can already tell the hump reduction was a success.

Cast off day reveals beautiful result

I saw Dr. Jaibaji and Genesis yesterday, a day earlier than scheduled, because I felt poorly due to the antibiotics I finished on Weds. He was very supportive and offered a number of options to help with the discomfort from the oral thrush. We ended up deciding to do an oral rinse for 7 days and Genesis called the prescription in to a pharmacy close to where I'm recovering for easy pick up on my way home. Also, she got me in with the Doctor right away when I arrived so I didn't have to wait in the waiting area with my cast on. I didn't mind either way, but I thought it was very considerate of her.

Dr. Jaibaji said I was healing very well, and related that my surgery had presented no issues. He said I have strong cartilage in my nose and that it was easy to work with. I remarked at how well I was breathing already from my left nostril and he confirmed the spreader graft and straightening had gone very well there and he thought I should see marked improvement. He asked me if I had been in any pain post surgery and I replied that besides the antibiotic issues, the only aggravation was pressure, but that pain was not really an issue.

The doctor said he was going to go ahead and take the cast off/stitches out and I had taken some Tylenol in case it hurt. Honestly, the cast removal didn't hurt at all, but the stitch removal was a bit uncomfortable. Dr. J was very gentle, but the inner nostril stitches were very small, and a little tough to get. That said, it was all forgotten when I got to see the initial result. I had prepared myself for huge swelling and just general unease when confronted by a nose I couldn't recognize. Imagine my relief when it still felt like "my" nose, only tailored. ;)

Dr. Jaibaji completely listened to my request not to look pointy or overdone. I didn't want a marked depression or slope. The soft looking curve of the tip is already visible, in spite of swelling, and the hump reduction was executed perfectly (for me). The doctor explained that I still had some swelling high on the bridge that raised it a bit, but honestly, even if it isn't perfectly straight I will be pleased because I think a small degree non-linearity makes it look more natural. Lastly, I also had some fear of significant difference in my nostrils given the work he did there. They are fine. Even with the swelling, they look like they belong together.

I'm going to sign off and recover but I will post pictures at appropriate intervals and would be happy to answer any questions others might have about my experience with Dr. Jaibaji. I haven't figured out how to update the price, but it was $9,500. I feel it was very well spent.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I have nothing but good things to say about my interactions with Dr. Jaibaji to date. He is a skilled surgeon with a comforting presence who has never failed to take time to answer my questions. He is very patient and communicative. I think he has a wonderful eye for how a "natural nose" should look and will give you the best results without the hard angles that to me always seem unnatural. He and his staff are very kind and respond right away to any inquiry.

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