3 weeks to go until a newer me!

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Hello all! I am an avid stalker of Realself. It...

Hello all! I am an avid stalker of Realself. It has even put Facebook on the backburner! ha!
I am 35, but refuse to believe that. I have 3 boys, 16,11,and 4. I have been married for 17 years to a military man. I have been waiting for 16 years to have a TT done. My oldest son was an emergency c-section. I tried doing to much right afterwards and ended up opening up my insicion. Well they had to sew it back shut again and I ended up with an uneven stomach. I am only 5'3 and all of my babies have been over 8 lbs and full term. I looked like I was carrying twins with each one of them, so ultimately my stomach is a big blob of..well blob! So I am super stoked I am finally going to get it done! WOO!!

I had a BR done back in 06'. They were DDD's and I had headaches, backaches, rashes, you name it. It was such a relief to have them gone, and now the ? is WHY would you get a BA if you had a BR done?? Well the answer is simple. I want some nice cleavage, and something for me to have fun with *wink wink* and besides there is a huge difference between pancake-armpit boobs and nice perky silicone boobs.

I about had a heart attack when I was getting ready to write this review, because it asks for the surgery date! HOLY MOLY!! I actually have a date! I am so happy there is such a great website that is full of real experiences and knowledge. Thanks so much to all of you who take the time to give your advise and knowledge. I will be posting pics in a few weeks. Those are the best part, right!!!

Tomorrow makes 5 weeks till my MM! I am so excited...

Tomorrow makes 5 weeks till my MM! I am so excited. I went out today and bought a few supplies to start building up my MM box of goodies. My husband and I had so much fun looking at bras and trying to guess what size my new tata's will actually be. I picked up a DD bra and he was like, "WOAH those are huge!" I had to remind him that I was a DDD at one time. It's been so long since my Reduction that he has forgotten what bigger boobs look like.. Poor guy! haha!! I don't want to go out buying a ton of stuff so I just showed him examples of stuff that I liked so he could get them for me if I needed them (like the really soft cami's to wear under my CG). He had way to much fun helping me look for a zip up bra. He's such a kid sometimes :-)
I started printing out pics for my Poster I am taking to the PS. I told my kids if they see boobs laying around the house that is why. They must think I am cray cray. My oldest, he is 16 and we are really close. I am a hands on, in your face type of mom and never hold back from them. It makes for some interesting convos sometimes. While driving him to school the other day I asked him, "So what size boobs you think I should get?" He busted up laughing and said, "So not a question I want to answer MOM!" HAHA the poor kid.
I am starting the 17 day diet tomorrow. I really want to be in the 140's for the surgery. I'm 160 now. I have done the diet before and lost 11 lbs. Kept it off to. So I know it works for me.
Did I mention I am so excited?? I know there is going to be pain, and swelling and all the good stuff that comes along with this surgery. BUT I am so ready! 16 years ready!!
Happy Healing all!!

So today brought me the question once again, "Why...

So today brought me the question once again, "Why am I willing to put myself thru this huge operation?" So many answers. I finally narrowed it down to one. I want my outside to feel like my inside. I want the happy, outgoing, carefree person that I feel inside to show on the outside. SO yeah. That's my update for today. Happy Happy hump day.

29 Days and a wake up! WOOOO!! I am down 5lbs this...

29 Days and a wake up! WOOOO!! I am down 5lbs this week and trying to hit the 140's before my surgery~today is def a feel good kind of day!

I think I have started the nesting period, without...

I think I have started the nesting period, without the cleaning part :-) I started stocking up on the essentials. Got the anica gel and tablets and the Bromelain. Spent $22 at GNC for all 3. I found a walker on craigslist for $15 and am now on the prowl for a shower seat. Think I will be ok without the toilet seat, my legs are pretty strong and I am short so I'm closer to the toilet than some ha! I'm getting so anxious now. Pre op is next week. I am not looking forward to the payment part. My husband said that he could buy a new car with the money I am spending. My son replied to that, "Mom is going to be your new hot rod!" Hope everyone is healing well..Happy thoughts make happy people!

3 weeks to go! YIKES!! I haven't been sleeping,...

3 weeks to go! YIKES!! I haven't been sleeping, driving my husband insane and my poor children are being tormented with coming home to boob obessed mom! I am so excited I just can't contain myself. My husband told me I needed to relax and not stress about it. He clearly is the one that is insane. IF I didn't love him so much I might have clobbered him over the head..HUMPH tell me to relax. Does he not understand how long I have been waiting for this??? When I married him I was 110lbs, my waist was a size 23 1/2 and I had abs. He still thinks I look that way lol. Blinded by love. Good thing I love myself to not be that blinded lol. I tried out the rice sizers last night while my husband and boys went to the mall. I left the ones in that I am thinking about getting and my husband came home and was like "WOAH, I like that size." They were 550's. I haven't yet decided if I want saline or silicone. I like the real feeling of the silicone, but hate the thought of not knowing if it ruptures. I have gotten most of the stuff that I need. I will be sleeping in the recliner downstairs and my hubby said he will sleep down here with me. He is taking off from work, so I am so thankful for that. Did I mention he is fantastic? My preop is the 18th, and I will be glad to get in there and really nail down the exact specifics of the surgery. From having the BR done, I scar really well and didn't have any bruising from that. You can barely see my scars they are so thin and white. I am fairskinned so I am sure that plays a part. Thanks to this website I feel like I am totally prepared for what's to come, so thanks to all you ladies for letting me have a glimpse into your lives and recoveries!
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