27 year old mommy to 3... Tummy Tuck and Sientra Silicone Gel implants 505cc! San Diego, CA

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Let me fill you in a little about me I am a 27...

Let me fill you in a little about me I am a 27 year old Mommy to 3. My youngest is 11 months, i also have a 2 year old and a 10 year old. I have been patiently waiting to have a mommy make over done since my first was born 10 years ago. The day is finally almost here and i can hardly wait. I have so many emotions going on now that i'm 2 days away from the big day i'm of course so excited, nervous, scared and totally cant wait to see the final result and my new and improved Body. I will keep you updated as i continue on my journey and how my recovery goes.
Monday 11/24/14 is the big day.

Tomorrow's the big day

Well here I am sitting in my recliner getting ready for bed and thinking about how when I wake up in the morning it's my big day. I'm definitely nervous, anxious and really excited. I know I'm in good hands as I found a great doctor but it's still a huge thing for me and I'm finding it a little difficult to settle in for sleep. Hopefully I will be able to sleep soon as I have to be at the surgery center at 5:45am for a 7:00am surgery. Thank you all for the kinds words and well wishes. I will update you all sometime tomorrow once I'm home and settled in.

Pre op photos

7 days post mommy make over

Well here we are 7 days post surgery and life is slowly becoming a little more normal everyday. I can snuggle my babies, walk on my own, get most of my own food, I still require help getting in and out of bed (our bed is really high) but other then that I'm almost totally self sufficient. That's a huge relief! I also weaned off my pain meds yesterday. I had 1.5 and that was it. Now I will just take it as needed for my back. As really the only pain I'm having is my back and the area where the drain tubes are inserted are very tender. So at this point in my journey to recovery I can say it was totally worth it and I still cannot wait to see the final result. The first 3 days I was ABSOLUTELY miserable. Woke up to pee and take meds and slept the days away hoping the Misery would be gone when I woke. Finally day 4 came around and viola I was finally feeling a little bit better. So again it's a journey and make sure your committed. I see my plastic surgeon tomorrow and I'm really hoping he takes my drain tubes out and gets some of this extra gauze and padding all around me off so I can really start to feel like myself again. I feel at this point the only thing making me still feel down are the drain tubes. Happy Sunday! ????

Ok so here we are 1 week Post Op

I'm feeling amazing today! It's been a great one. I had my one week post op visit with my doctor. While Walking through the parking lot with my walker I was cracking myself up it was my first time out in public with is and I knew how silly I looked so I stopped and had my hubby snap a few pictures of me cracking up at myself. Then while at my appointment I finally got to see my amazing new body! My stomach is so flat and my twins look amazing! I was so happy. Then my doctor decided to give the ok to have my drain tubes taken out! Yes!!!!!!! So stoked! I really hated those dang things. They were so tender. Doctor just ask that I still rest lots and stay in recovery mode so we don't have any complications with the drains coming out. So here I am back home from my wonderful outing and resting on the couch hanging with the family. My doctor have me a beautiful vase of flowers as well. Thats always nice! : ) I seriously feel amazing. I no longer need my pain meds. I take them once in a while for Comfort or if my back hurts from hunching over but really there is no pain. I will say my tummy feels very funny, touching it was the weirdest sensation. It's numb but not.? Haha. Then at one point I touched the tape along my tummy incision line and it tickled my tummy up high. I'm guessing the nerves. It really was a weird feeling and made me and the hubs laugh! I'm feeling like myself and loving my new look. Just gotta take it easy and rest for the next few weeks. I will keep you posted as I continue on my journey to full recovery.

2 weeks Post Op today.

So here we are 2 weeks post surgery and things are coming along great! I feel good and am healing up well. Just been following doctors orders and staying seated, hunched over when i am up and moving and Just resting as much as I can so my body heals up quick and I get the best results possible and can get back to my daily routines as soon as my doctor gives the ok. So for now it's rest rest rest and the occasional walk to prevent my mind from going crazy being in the same spot all day everyday. Fresh air and sunshine do wonders when your feeling cooped up! Today they took the tape off my tummy incision so I got to see the incision and it's looking good. I Can't wait to see the final result as I know it will look great! I already feel so much more confident when I do get to take a peek at my new body. Today I was told I can start gentle breast massages. Thank goodness for sappy romantic Christmas movies! They are great for keeping me busy and keeping me in the holiday spirit while I am in recovery mode.

Hello RS friends

This whole recovery process has become a little slower these days as I had a superficial opening on my tummy tuck incision at 2.5 weeks post op and thought it was getting better but looked at it again today and am not so sure of it is getting better or worse. Any ladies who have had healing issues after tummy tuck any words of encouragement or advice would be so appreciated! Than you in advance.

I found a wonderful plastic surgeon who exceeded all of my expectations. He is professional yet down to earth and keeps it light with a little added humor. All of which helped make my experience this far, perfect. After all the reason i am at his office is because i am not comfortable in my own body anymore, however Dr. Tom J. Pousti, his amazing staff and all of his patients i have had the pleasure to talk to one on one and hear about their journey have all made me feel so comfortable. I seriously forget about all of my insecurities! Knowing they will soon be history and i am in good hands tops it off. I highly recommend Dr. Tom J. Pousti Once you walk in the door to his office you will know you've found your doctor! :)

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