Happy Momma's Day to Me!! BA & TT Here I Come!! - San Diego, CA

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Here I am on the count down to my transformation.....

Here I am on the count down to my transformation...I'm super excited, nervous and overall happy I'm actually going through with it. I met with Dr Alavi in March, this was my 2nd consult with a PS, the first one I liked but I just loved how comfortable Dr. A made me feel, his opinion was relieving, turned out I didn't need as much work as the first PS told me :D I'm 34, mother of a beautiful tween girl, a handsome 2yr old lil fella, and my sexy 42 yr hubby. I knew at 25 at some point I would reward myself with a makeover. My first round of consults was back when I was 30, and surprise surprise I found out I was pregnant a month after lol. As 2013 begun I knew this was my year to do it, my man has been totally supportive and excited to see my new boobies of course lol. The best advice I can give anyone contemplating a MM, is first and foremost know that this is for you and you only, I love my body and if I didn't have the means to do it I would still love me with just as many scars and flab lol.... don't let no debbie downers out there talk out of it, trust me you'll be surprised when you mention it to your "close" friends and you get their negative opinions!! do your research and know this is not a walk in the park, get familiar with the procedure, recovery and know exactly what you want...pics pics and more pics :) and if you live in SD see Dr Alavi....you'll be glad you did. Stay tuned for pics!!

4th day post op

Ugh!!! I just wrote my update and disappeared!! here are my pics before and after please let me know your thoughts because im happy but not quite I see yet what I was expecting :(
More pics to come

Post op day 5

So here's day 5 after my surgery feeling much better getting around boobs dropping a bit yee! Has anyone out there gotten cabin fever? I swear im anxious just to be at home....here are some new pics pls tell me what you think?

Drains may be coming out today!!

Bye bye drains today!! Well maybe lol....its been a heck of a battle trying to wear clothes to conceal these things!! I'm still draining though which pretty much tells me don't get my hopes up. Today is day 9 po, getting around, boobs dropping
veeeery slow,
n healing well but very itchy.

Drains and stitches out yestrday

Aaaaaaahhhh, drains and.stitches finally out at my 2 week po visit. I feel relieved! Dr A reiterated to wear the binder religiously day and night for the next wk....."its a crucial time" for fluid retention, he said do very lilttle to prevent the muscle f rom ....'filling....fluid......so i.have

still draining, wound looks ugly and am I putting on weight???

Hi everyone....I need some input....my drains were taken out 2days ago but my left side still draining, its actually saturated the gauze and went through my pants...should I be worried? Another thing is I
Before my surgery I read the wound may raise...is this true I really worry about it...and last, I feel heavy!!! I miss the gym and I won't be cleared to go back for another 4/6wks....

.meanwhile I feel like im packing on the weight....
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

From the moment I walked in I felt the serenity and welcoming from staff, Gia super attentive . Dr Alavi as well as Patricia Klier have been wonderful since my first consultation. Upon my first visit at their office he made my world a difference, very down to earth, kind and attentive. He knew what I wanted and felt very comfortable talking to him. Patricia Klier, very sweet and supportive....not one time did i feel persuaded or as if they're in it for the money. It was almost as if they knew what I looked like before before my children and the image I was trying to get back into. Very glad I chose them for my transformation :D

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