43 Y.o. Wants to Take Control of my Midsection

Mommy Makeover is scheduled for 11/30/2016....

Mommy Makeover is scheduled for 11/30/2016. Getting nervous, but feel I am pretty well prepared. Dreading those first few days especially, followed by the dread of 6 weeks of taking it easy and losing all my strength/muscle tone. Oh well, as long as in the end, I am happy with having a flat stomach, and perkier girls, it will all be good. I am having a full TT (to include diastatis recti and umbilical hernia repair) and BA with Dr Jeffrey Umansky in San Diego. Going small for the BA 300cc high profile to try to attain my original size or just barely larger (full B, smaller C).I hope I am choosing the size wisely. I went for consultations with Dr Pousti and Dr Kearney before settling on Dr Umansky. I am feeling brave today and decided to post my before pics...


My first consultation was with Dr Robert Kearney. He recommended a BA and coolsculpting for my stomach. I read about results of coolsculpting vs lipo, and it didn't seem worth spending so much to do non-invasive if I was already doing the BA. I called back and asked for a quote with lipo instead of coolsculpting and it took them awhile to return my call and provide the quote. Ultimately, I found Dr Kearney very informative, however I felt overwhelmed by how fast he talked, and felt like it was rushed. Part of the problem could have been that it was my first consultation, and it was just too much to take in. (I should mention that I was attracted to the no tummy tuck option)

I went to my next consultation with Dr Tom Pousti. I was ready to hear about BA and lipo, but Dr Pousti said I wouldn't be happy with the results if I only did lipo because I would have loose skin, which could potentially be less attractive than my poochy belly. I thought Dr Pousti had a very nice demeanor, and I enjoyed the meeting with him. While in my consultation, I got to meet with 2 other women who had recently had BAs, and one assistant in the office who had a TT. Although meeting with other patients made my consultation very long, it was nice to talk to women who were happy with their results. The one thing that was odd was the big posters in the rooms with lots of women in tight tank tops with statements like, "I see you've met the twins" and "Body by Pousti" across the chest. I was turned off by that. Later I heard from some people that Dr Pousti is known for BIG boobs, and then the poster in the office made more sense. I read another review about Dr Pousti who mentioned his assistant Daisy. I second all the positive things said about her. She was so sweet and helpful.

My last consultation was with Dr Jeffrey Umansky, who was low key, didn't speak too fast, and just made me feel comfortable. He also recommended the BA and TT instead of a BA and lipo. I am so scared of the TT, but between Dr Umansky and his assistant Terri, I was put at ease and ready to move forward. I went for my pre-op appointment a couple weeks back, and met with the nurse who will help with the surgery. I wish there was a little more hand-holding, but maybe my nerves have me being overly needy... We'll see how it goes on Wed (fingers crosssed)!

Pre-Op Freak Out

I really hope I chose the right size implants. I really hope recovery goes smoothly and I am happy with the results. I feel so guilty about spending so much money on myself... ugh! Can we fast forward to 2 weeks post op?!

The big day

Went in at 7am today, back home around 12. No idea how it went because I was out cold, and aside from short walks, haven't even gotten out of bed for even looked in the mirror. Things are tight! Just lifting my head to get a sip of water engages my core and is really painful.

My husband helped me get up the stairs to our bedroom. Just figured I would be more comfortable in bed than on the couch. As I lay here my stomach is very noisy. Not concerned about it, just an observation...

I will wrap it up here. Energy is waiting..

Post Op Day 1

I'm getting around surprisingly well. Getting in and out of bed is a b**ch, and I'm walking around hunched over like a little grannie, but that's to be expected, right? I went for my first post-op appointment today, so I got to see my belly without the binder and the girls. Things are looking pretty good. The doc said the implants are already dropping and said I don't need to wear the bandeau. Feels like there is a lot of swelling to the sides. I am icing out wide to help with that.

I moved from bed to the recliner today which was a nice change of scenery. Still taking pain meds pretty regularly (2 every 4 hours). I plan to start cutting back tomorrow. I can get around walking without support, to include getting up and down the steps. I even sat at the dinner table with my kids tonight, but that really wiped me out. Mostly I just need hubby's help getting into and out of bed. I am drinking a ton of water and peeing a lot. I started taking Miralax a few days before surgery. Hope to see things moving on that end maybe tomorrow.

I have swollen glands on both sides of my neck. I asked the nurse about it, but she said it was nothing. I felt feverish on and off throughout the day, so hopefully it will go away on it own and is not indicative of an infection.

Guess who got to take a shower today?

Hubby helped me take my first post-op shower today. I can lift my arms, but it would have been a challenge to try to wash my hair and rinse it myself. Body is sore, and now I can see the bruising and it makes more sense why my hips and upper legs have been feeling sore.

Boobs are still pretty wide, but hoping they'll settle in soon. They feel swollen on the outside, but otherwise pretty normal. I did feel short of breath today, but not sure if that was related to the implants or not.

My waist looks SUPER short in these photos because I am so hunched over. Also looks like I either have bigger love handles on one side, or the swelling is worse on one side. I guess time will tell...

Incision aches

I'm sore today, really sore. I was up and around a lot yesterday, and may have overdone it. I loved feeling more independent and not relying on my husband for everything. I'm also trying to wean from the prescription pills, so that's probably playing a role too. Yesterday I went from taking 2 pills every 4 hours to 2 pills every 6 hours and felt good. Today I am down to 1 pill every 5-6 hours. Doctor prescribed oxycodone acetaminophen. But my question is, can I take a Tylenol with my 1 prescription pill or is that too much acetaminophen for me? Weaning from pain meds without using OTC pain meds is proving really hard. My incision in particular is really painful today. My bruising got considerably worse in the last day too, but I guess that is to be expected.

Doctor suggested Spanx for compression post surgery but I chose to do a binder so I wouldn't need my husband to take down the Spanx every time I needed to go to the bathroom. With incision so sore, and binder contributing to soreness, I am reconsidering the spanx. Suggestions on incision pain with binder (and drain)? Right now I have a tank top between my stomach and binder in hopes of helping the incision...
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