32 Year Old... 3 Pregnancies but a Mommy to 4 Beautiful Kids. San Diego, CA

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I'm not one to usually post on any sites, I'm...

I'm not one to usually post on any sites, I'm usually just the reader picking up information wherever I can, but I figured with all my fears and insecurities maybe I can tell my story from the beginning and take you along through my journey. I am 32 years old I have had 3 pregnancies but I am a mother to 4 beautiful children. I am 5' 2" tall and I currently weigh 145 lbs. I have been wanting a breast augmentation for a very long time but I always knew I wanted more children and to be honest I was and still am very afraid of surgery, not the surgery itself but the recovery time and pain! the tummy tuck didn't really pop up in my head till maybe 3 years ago (after I had my last baby) I've tried loosing weight but honestly my stomach will just never go back to normal with exercise alone. Both my husband and I have talked about a "mommy makeover" for a very long time and I've finally built up the courage to just go for it! I have my first consultation tomorrow with Dr Dennis Bucko (la Jolla) and another consult the following day with Dr Vincent Marin (La Jolla) and I'm nervous about that for some reason. I will try to build up the courage to show you guys pictures as I go, but for now I will keep you guys updated on my consults and how they went :)


Ok.. so I've gone to 2 consultations, one yesterday and one today. I think I found "the dr" for me! Yay! Both Drs are great and both agreed on the best procedures for me (breast lift, breast aug, tummy tuck with lipo) the dr I saw today just made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease. I've read so many reviews where people say "I just knew he/she would be the dr to perform my surgery" and thats exactly how I felt today. I didn't even have to wait to leave the office I knew right there and then that he was "the dr" haha! I will continue to do my best and keep you guys updated every step of the way... :)

Surgery date has been scheduled!!!

As you guys read on my previous post I found the perfect dr for me, and today I called to schedule my appointment which will be on February 26th 2016! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time! I need advice from you guys what should I be getting together to prepare my self for surgery? Any suggestions? Anything that helped any of you ladies to facilitate the recovery time? And here are some pics my goal is to hopefully loose 10lbs before surgery let's see if I reach that goal

Surgery date changed...

My previous surgery date was scheduled for Feb 26, but I have changed that to March 10th 2016. Nothing much has changed, as of now it's just a waiting game I've just been trying to change my eating habits and I've been working out daily, I am hoping to loose 10lbs before my surgery date (fingers crossed)

Lately I've been feeling kinda silly posting on this website since I haven't really had any responses to any of my post :( I know I asked in my previous post if anyone had any suggestions on what I should be doing or what I should be prepping to make my surgery recovery a more comfortable recovery but I've yet to get any responses. Anyways I will attach a picture of my procedures in writing

Is a recliner really necessary?

Ok I've read a lot of reviews that often include a recliner as a helpful thing during a tummy tuck recovery? My question is, is it really helpful/necessary for recovery?


yes my date changed back to the 26th... Oh gosh I'm scared, nervous, excited, anxious! It's getting real now,and scary! Hoping and praying that everything will go well.. I paid extra to get exparel so I'm praying to God that, that is of BIG help... I will continue to do my best and update through out my mommy makeover journey -xoxo

3 more days!!!

I can not believe how fast time has been flying this past week! I have been feeling stressed and anxious I also find my self "nesting" reminds me of when I was prepping for my babies to come. I have been washing blankets sheets, cleaning windows dusting anything I can get my hands on... Im honestly just scared not of the surgery its self but the pain associated with the surgery. Praying that I will be able to tolerate any pain that I have following the surgery and praying to God that that exparel I paid extra for works miracles!

1 more day!!!

Tomorrow is the big day! And surprisingly I'm not as nervous as I thought I'd be... I've been keeping myself pretty busy today, praying I can get a good nights sleep tonight and that I don't panick right before surgery tomorrow morning... Here are some more before pics...

Today is the day!!!

On my way to get my flat belly and bigger boobs... I'm just about freaking out right now... I am so nervous scared excited... Hopefully the wait and anticipation is the hardest part of the surgery. I will try to update after my surgery .

Post op day 2

Hi guys sorry I didn't get on here earlier I've just been sleeping a lot... Dr said he was able to get 1 liter of fat (Lipo) and about 3 lbs of skin. Not sure what profile implant he used I forgot to ask him but as far as size goes I have 450 on my right breast and 400 on the right... Let breast needed a lollipop lift... The Lipo area hurts like hell breast are not that bad I just feel engorgedwith mild discomfort tummy hurt every time I have to stand up or sit down. And this is with the exparel. I can only imagine what the pain would be without it.


Took a quick shower with the help of my husband I felt so anxious taking a shower it was ridiculous just wanted to get out and back in to my bra and compression garment

Post op Day 3

Feeling a little better today definitely easier to get on and of my recliner. I keep getting this sharp zap on my right boob and that hurts... ouch! I also feel like I have trapped air in my belly (if that's even possible) but that's how it feels.
I got a glimpse of my belly button today I'll add a picture with this post

Post op Day 5

I have been doing so good considering it's only day 5 of my recovery I haven't taken any percocets since yesterday morning, only taking extra strength Tylenol as needed... I got my drain taken out today as its only produced less then 25cc's in 3 consecutive 24hr periods. I thank God every day for my recovery for surviving the surgery and for doing so well each day that goes by

1 week post op!

I can not believe that it's already been 1 week since surgery, thank God it's flown by... I'm am feeling so much better now. Back is a little achy here and there but Tylenol takes care of that, my boobs still feel super tight and hard (can't wait for them to soften up)

Here are my week 1 pictures :)
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