30th Birthday Present to Myself! 5'1 115lbs Petite Frame - San Diego, CA

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I want larger but natural looking full breast. I...

I want larger but natural looking full breast. I have my pre op next week and I am going with a 350cc anatomical. My question is this, anyone have them and not like them? What were there reasons why someone would choose round vs. anatomical? I really like the way anatomical looks, but haven't actually met anyone to ask them. I will upload pics soon. I am currently a 34 A looking to achieve a full C or Small D.

Pre-Op tomorrow

Tomorrow I do my pre-op and decide on final size. I am thinking of going to a 400CC. Not sure yet. Any advice?

1 week to Boobstown

I'm in my last week until surgery!! I'm nervous I'm not going big enough. My body won't accommodate more than 350 cc without chances of rippling. I am going with mentor tall moderate plus. (Gummi bears) I'm at the point where I will take any pre op advice. Any advice that you found out after your surgery that you wish you knew? I know I'll be happy with my results because I have NOTHING there so any is a gain lol. I did email Dr. Park with concerns and his office called immediately to respond with what they could and Dr. Park called later to address my other concerns. Needless to say I have found a GEM here in SoCal

Twas the night before boobstown

So it's the night before I'm finishing laundry and getting my bag together. My husband gets a bag of goodies while I'm in surgery lol and making sure I have everything for the ride home as well. My nerves keep ramping up and I keep having to calm myself down. I've walked my poor dog a million times since I won't be able to for a whole month. Its kinda our little bonding time. Since he's 100 lbs it will be a while.

One question after surgery did anyone feel like going on a small shopping trip 2 days post op?

Today is the day!

Waiting in my room the girl at the reception desk was not the best otherwise everyone else has been great! Photos pre op dress

day after

Staying on my med regiment. That helps a lot!!! After surgery it is a little hard to breath. I assume it is from being all wrapped up and pain being at a good level. Today I have a good range of motion and I'm just tender and sore. Plan on walking in a few hours. So far so good. They were swollen this morning so they were really high but feeling good over all :)

day 1 after my shower

Tender but not overly painful. I know they aren't dropped and fluffed, so I am expecting all the craziness to start. They are riding high today.

day 3

Well honestly I started cutting back on my pain meds yesterday. I still take my antibiotics, only take my pain meds 2 Times a day and plan to cut them out by Sunday. As far as healing well to me right now they look amazing! My right arm has. Almost 100% range of motion back and my left around 75%. I'm right handed. Morning boob is real lol and it's freaky. You I Never think your chest could be so tight. I tell my friends when they come over I'm going hulk smash something lol the first day is painful but after that I think recovery is a breeze.

Now I've only had 2 major issues. 1. Constipation soon intake stool softener and drink prune juice. Not the best flavor but it helps!
2. Sleeping on back. I'm ma side sleeper. So my neck and back are killing me. I have a clay pack for my back and a rice pack for my neck. Ice packs for my boobs.
I strongly recommend icing your boobs. It helps a lot. I hate icing any part of me. However I tried it with my boobs and it helps so much with pain and swelling.

Sorry if I'm rambling but I want this to be as detailed as possible for those following.
I showered alone no help needed the day after and two days after my surgery I showered and could reach enough to was my hair :) I was so happy about that . I've also been walking half a mile the last two days. I'm not swinging my arms but walking a leisure pace. Also DO NOT WALK ALONE. Sometimes you will get a little lala loopy. You have medication in your body even if you haven't taken it in the last 24 hours between the surgery and meds you can still have moments.

I'm returning to work today and I'm honestly nervous but excited. I've laid around for 3 days. It's time to move around now. I work I recreation and with it being memorial day weekend I have a big weekend ahead of me.

One question though. I have elbow pain. Has anyone else ever experienced that post op? Pics today follow later :)

day 3 after work photos

Excuse the bloated tummy

day 3 after work

Excuse my bloated tummy. Bruising looks terrible

day 5 before work

I'm feeling so much better. Morning boob is a normal thing for me now. Bruising is subsiding and so is the pain. Swelling is just prone to how much movement goes with my job. I'm getting boob greed but I keep myself pretty well in check. I'm satisfied and I know I'm proportional. Still bloated though

day 8

I'm a lot less sore. However a sneeze could be your worst enemy lol. My bruising is subsiding a lot and they are rounding out more. My only problem now is nipple chafing. Will add pics after my shower. I'm very pleased so far!

day 8 pics

Not too bad for the bruising.

2 weeks!

So I'm two weeks out and every day gets better and better. The tenderness and soreness still lingers, nothing bad just like overexerted muscles. This is truly one of the best decisions I've ever made! I'm very happy with my results so far!!!

3 weeks

Tape is off I'm rocking out clothes and feeling so happy and confident!!! I mean these ladies look awesome!!!!! Over all I give my Dr a 100 out of 10. He's just so awesome!!! Pics will follow later

3 weeks

Incision reveal and I have developed mondor's cord on both breasts. No worries doctor says they look great and I agree

Just over 3.5 months

Well oddly the settling brought me to a VS triple D I started out clearly NEVER knowing my true size prior to the surgery. I'm still so happy with my choice to have a BA and to have chosen such an AMAZINGLY surgeon. I'm so thrilled to have had him and his entire staff!!! Brittany and Elizabeth I couldn't leave you guys out :)

Now back to my size. Since the surgery I just KNEW I was going to be a Full C and possibly a small D. I went to VS and measured 6 weeks after surgery and I was a C. Over the last few weeks though my boobs were hurting a lot! With regular bras. Felt perfect in sports bras though. I got back in and tell the girl who has measured me when I purchased them last time and showed her wear the bras were irritating and that I felt like my nipples wanted to play peekaboo all the time. She said I know you won't believe this but your size is WAY OFF. I've been wearing a 32 D since I was cleared to wear bras. June 19th ish and came out tonight wearing a 32 triple D. This may seem dumb but now I feel like they look better and really FEEL BETTER:) my scars are healing nicely and my Mondor's chord is healing and almost completely gone :) my husband loves them and my close friends who knew about it said they look great and still NATURAL:)

Photos 3.5 months

Tan is the new correct size as you can tell the peach one no longer fits and it was my favorite :(
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I actually connected with him from GO! I went to another consult with my husband and we liked the surgeon but he just wasn't for me. We scheduled another consult and it was with Dr. Park. He answered all my questions, and even opened the floor to my husband's concerns. He made me feel 100% secure with my choice! Very detailed!

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