Long awaited mommy makeover- San Diego, CA

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I had my first child in December 2006. I had...

I had my first child in December 2006. I had already been a little more heavy set when I got pregnant and once the big news came that I was going to have a baby, I got more concerned about my weight. I had my son and at 2 months post pregnancy I started hitting the gym. I lost the baby weight and about a year later worked to move beyond just baby weight and burn more fat. I accomplished my goal in May 2008 and was at 135 lbs, 5 lbs past my goal, and about 20 lbs less than my prior average weight. I was very happy and very proud of myself for this accomplishment, but along with losing weight, I lost quite a bit of volume in my breasts, my once full C's were now B's. My stomach was flat for the most part, with the exception of the small pooch from being pregnant. Overall I was happy with how I looked and new one day I would want my breasts fixed up.
About 6 years down the road my second son was born. Time went by and my son was born in January 2013, I worked once again to lose the baby weight. Since I had stayed healthy after my first son, the weight seemed to fall off. Once again, along with the weight loss, I lost even more volume in my breasts which took me down to an A maybe small B, depending on the brand. My stomach was still kinda flat but the pooch got worse and no matter how hard I worked I could tone up everything, except for that pooch. If I lost weight my stomach looked bigger, if I gained a few pounds my stomach looked proportionate. I couldn't win.
At this point, I don't like how my pants fit, I don't like how my clothes not fitting right affects my workouts, and I cannot stand how I look in my uniforms for work. Everything seems to fit just right till I get to my upper torso area, my chest area is baggy and stomach area is tight. Definitely should be the other way around.
Through out a couple years, even once before my second child, I had consults with different plastic surgeons. I obviously wanted to fix myself, but after each appointment something told me to hold off. I ended up deploying for about 7 months in 2014 and had plenty of time to think, to plan, to contemplate, and make sure I am ready mentally and physically to make this decision when I returned home. Once I was home I had a consult with a surgeon that a friend of mine had seen. I was excited and wanted to go for it, but I held off. About 2 months later I scheduled a consult with Dr. Pousti and everything about the appointment just felt right. I went home that night and thought and looked into the important factors to make sure it was the right time to do this. I called back the next day and scheduled the surgery for breast lift, augmentation, and tummy tuck. November 5th was the date and I couldn't wait. About a week went by and some things came up that could prevent me from doing this right now, so I canceled with the intention of rescheduling at a later date. I waited two weeks or so before making a final decision on saying yay or nay. I talked to some family and friends who knew this was something I had been planning for years now, and I decided to call back and reschedule. So now, November 10th it is! I can't wait, my mom came out to help me with my boys, my sister in law is here to help as well, I've purchased items to help with recovery, and now a day and a half prior I'm just waiting.
More to follow....

Night before surgery and can't sleep...

So here it is, November 10, about 4 and half hours before I have to leave my home for the surgery center, and about 6 hours before I go under. I've taken my last shower, it's after midnight so no more eating or drinking, paperwork is complete, and I can't sleep. I have a mixture of nervousness, excitement, and anxiety running thru me. My biggest concern is my youngest son and how he will handle his mommy not being able to pick him up or let him sit on me or worst of all, not being able to put him in his crib at night. I just want to get past this first rough spot, how ever long it'll be, and really start to heal, so I can begin to g wit my life back with my kiddos.

day after surgery

So here it is, about 28 hours or so after the surgery. It's been rough, but I've had amazing help from my family. Even my youngest who I thought would continously try to jump all over me is doing a perfect job at understanding that he needs to be carful. He comes up to the side of the chair and gives me a kiss. I love it. I still need lots of help getting up out of my chair to go pee and the sitting back down. The drugs are keeping me pretty well under control. I make sure to take deep breaths and move my toes and feet around. Just within the last hour or so I've felt ok enough to go further than just to the bathroom and back. I sat outside for a little bit and was in the kitchen for a few min. Now I'm sitting on my ottoman writing this update. At this point the hardest part is the getting up and down, oh and walking hunched without the walker, even for just a min, is horrible. My back muscles start to hurt pretty bad and I gotta grab the walker again then I'm good. I keep getting hot so right now I'm simply wearing bandages, binder and panties and I feel glorious lol. My older son is doing a perfect job at helping me as well, he's become such a man from a little boy of 7. I've been blessed with great family and friends, there is no way I could have dobe this without them.
As far as Dr Pousti's office, I have received 2 or 3 calls from them today, call from the surgery center as well ,and they called yesterday and talked to my mom since I was out of it. We are both very impressed with the amount of attention and care we have received from them. I can't wait to see the results. I feel very confident with Dr Pousti's professional demeanor and the same with their entire staff.

No med's today!

So today is friday the 14th, that makes it 4 days post? Yea sounds about right. I haven't had any med's today other than my antibiotic. I wrode with my mom wednesday, thursday and today to go to my kids' school, Dr and dentist appts. They were a little rough till today. Today wasn't fun by any means, but definitely not as bad as the last couple days. I haven't wanted any pain meds, I hate the way they make me feel. My Dr's office has called me everyday since surgery. Up to a few times a day, which is very reassuring since I've actually had a question or two the last day or so they've called. My Dr visited my house on wednessay I think it was, and said so far I'm looking great. I have my first in office check up on Monday and I cannot wait! Maybe get my drains out, no more pain pump, I'll get to see how I look at this point. Just from the sneak peak when Dr Pousti opened up my binder I think I'm going to be extremely happy with the results. 2 more days and it can't come soon enough.

picture day of surgery

At home in my chair

Laughing after my tummy tuck...

Has anyone else had this problem? Basically I'm a very happy person and I laugh alot. My youngest son is a riot and makes me laugh all the time. Well yesterday was the 1st day is happened where he did something that just made me laugh so hard and the pain is like an Indian burn inside my abdomen, like an old school Indian burn from childhood times. I happened maybe 2 tInes yesterday and then a couple times today. Is this something I should be concerned with?? It only hurts for a few minutes then goes away.

1 week post op appt!

It went awesome! I look amaxing for 1 week out. Still some swelling in my stomach, but nothing to write home about. Not nearly as much bruising as I expected. I feel great, aside from still having the drains in still :( but that's just a small hiccup with this glorious process in the works :) Here are a few pictures my mom took today, 1 week post MM. Once I receive the before pictures I will post those to show the changes made with my life upgrade.

Finally got my before pics.

It really has been a big change after comparing my pictures. I'm still slightly in disbelief that I've actually gone thru this. But the pictures tell the truth, and I'm still super excited!!! So here they are, my before pics!!!!

small update.

So I gave in today and took off my bra and binder to get washed. After 11 days they needed it. My mom gave me a sponge bath, a little more than I'm able to do on my own so that was nice, weird but nice. I feel very very paranoid about not having my securities on, the bra and binder. I don't want anyone near me. 3 kids running around my house and I'm freaking out if they get within a couple feet of me. Washer and dryer need to hurry. Other than that. I've been careful when walking around, staying hunched, eating healthy, staying moving, getting enough rest, drinking water and protein shakes. That's about it, nothing exciting is new, and I still have the drains :( oh well its for the best, they come out on Monday anyways, I still bug Daisy when she calls each day about removing them early :). Not much longer. Slow and steady wins the race. Well here's a couple new pics, no change really.


Binder and bra finally back on. I feel so much better now.

2 weeks post op.....

Had my 2 week post op appt today. It went awesome! Had my drains removed and I feel like a whole new person just from that lol. I got to see the rest of my stomach incision, stitches come out next week, so it's not very pretty looking just yet. I was shown how to massage my breasts to get the implants settled. I'm now allowed to wear compression garments instead of a binder, very exciting! That's pretty much it, it feels like it's been well over 2 weeks since I had surgery. I feel great and I'm doing surprisingly well at being patient with recovery. I knew it would take lots of time, but I'm a pretty active person, and being limited isn't a good thing for me. So I'm really happy and proud of myself for not doing more than I should and not stressing bout rushing this proceas. This is an amazing permanent change and the last thing I want to do is ruin it.

2 week post op pic

Stomach is healing nicely, stitches come out next week and then it'll start smoothing out to be really pretty :)

19 days post... cooked thanksgiving and went shopping!

I'm at 19 days post surgery and I am still fairly swollen around my stomach and fupa ????. Even being swollen I can tell that as long as I heal well, I will have amazing results and I cannot wait to see them. I wonder if ice would be beneficial for that type of swelling? I don't have much feeling in my stomach area either, actually pretty tender to the touch from the nerves being messed with hopefully it doesn't last too long. Another question for my Dr. on monday when i go in to get my stitches out, then hopefully I can get an idea of how my scar will look once the skin smooths out. I started massaging my breasts this past week too, I think the implants are starting to settle. Atleast when I asked my mom her opinion, she agreed that it looked like they are ha ha ha. Sleeping has gotten a lot easier, I can't sleep stretched out of course. But even being on my side is alot better, I can sleep on my back as long as I have my legs propped on some pillows or blankets. Sleeping in my recliner is still a default choice if I wake up and feel a little too sore or can't get comfortable. Showering is still miserable..............cause I can't shower lol. Therefore, bird baths will continue so I'm getting quicker and a little more efficient with them. And I feel like I took an actual shower once I'm done. I haven't really had any of the ups and downs that is said to come with this type of surgery. I get discouraged at times, usually when it's something specific, like wearing normal clothes ha ha, or playing with my kiddos. I'm a positive person for the most part, so that helps alot I'm sure.

new pic

Changed my bandage today, so I took a new pic. Scabs are starting to fall off from my stomach and looking better every day :)

4 weeks post :)

So I've made it. I'm at 4 weeks post op and I feel great, minus the healing scab part on my stomach. It makes me nervous having the scab starting to flake off and leaving fresh fragile skin showing. I'm definitely making sure to take extra precautions with that. But over all I feel great, sleeping is getting easier, moving around is easier. I actually wore a pair of jeans for a few hours yesterday, a pair of old jeans that aren't too tight that is lol. All my stitches are out now so the skin is smoothing out nicely. Here are a few updated pictures.

Tape came off the boobies

Got the tape off my boobies yesterday. Kinda nervous, yet again, on messing up the incision with the massages, so I'm taking it easy on them till they are healed a bit more. But, coming along nicely so far. My stomach is for the most part scab free, with he exception of two small areas that are trying to shed the last bit of scab, but all it does is stick to the bandage and pull, so obviously not ready yet. But I put a pic of my right hip up! It's the most healed part of my stomach as of now, but everything else is following closely behind it. I can stand up straight now, for the most part at least. Kinda stiff when first getting out of bed or standing after sitting for a while, but it's cool. Swellin is still there but I think it's getting better...? Ehhh who knows lol. I'm happy so far, hopefully it continues on the same path of getting better.

6 weeks post op

Today is my 6 week post op mark. It seems to have gone by so fast. I can sneeze without dying from pain, it feels more like I did a good ab workout, the swelling is going down quite and bit and the incision is starting to flatten out. There's a couple of small scabs still but look like they'll be coming off soon. My boobs are still kinda sore, maybe from the massages? Still settling? Not sure really. It's not too concerning yet cause it is getting better all the time, just curious. I can sleep flat on my back lol. It's glorious. My little guy can sit on me without it hurting very much and I'm pretty sure the feeling is starting to come back a little. Other than that there's nothing really interesting going on. I've had a pretty easy and simple recovery so far, so I can't complain. Hopefully the swelling will keep going down. That's about it for now! Anyone else have any advise or info on breasts settling after and lift and augment? Thank you!

Merry Christmas!! 6.5 weeks post op

I'm running out of things to update on lol. Yesterday I bought my first two Victoria secret bras in possibly EVER. I've always wanted top shop for bras from there but I hated shopping for bras period since it always made me feel depressed, so I avoided it. I loved being there this time, they measured me as a 34c, but those were too small so I tried on a D and it fit perfectly! I bought two of them. Can't wait to wear them lol. I'm starting to feel like I'm going back to normal, still minor swelling in my stomach area, but it's getting better. Moving around is getting a lot easier, picking up my baby hasn't been much of a challenge for a while, wearing my normal jeans is about the only issue but still not that bad. I just gotta be careful with my stomach healing and not messing or irritating the scar and couple little scabs that are left. That's about it. Here's a few pics and Merry Christmas!!
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

From first meeting with Dr Pousti and his awesome staff I have felt comfortable and confident with choosing their office. Other offices I went to had great reviews and were very professional, but the overall atmosphere just wasn't enough for to feel comfortable. They cover everything and then cover it again. There has not been any pressure to make a decision and nothing has been done to get me to get more. I will speak more on the actual day of surgery and after once the day comes.

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