Liposuction of the Abdomen for Fat Transfer to Breast. San Diego, CA

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40yr old Fit mom of 4. 5'5 130 lbs 8days post op....

40yr old Fit mom of 4. 5'5 130 lbs 8days post op. Liposuction of upper lower abdomen, flanks & Fat transfer to breast on top of 700cc silicone hp implants. I gained 8-10 lbs for the transfer. The transfer was needed for the rippling in the center and also for more coverage over the implant. This was needed to repair low body fat in the chest area and also the implant after working out my chest to much didnt cover the implant. Plus its a large implant as well.
The Implants were covered with 150cc on each side. They took over 1300 of fat from all areas. The Dr took every little bit I had. Which is fantastic, but does anyone know how much fat should I expect to keep in my breast? I'm totally flat on my abdomen but, I have lumpy hard areas on my abdomen as wel. Is this normal? Can I do anything to help with this? How long is recovery/pain? How long for taking meds for this? I still hurt pretty bad, but trying not to be a baby. When can I start back to the gym/cardio?
I hope some one has answers. Ive been through a lot this past year with cosmetic procedures and Im ready to just be healed up :) I will be posting pics of my progress..

fat transfer from abdomen to breast

After this surgery the implants were way to big for my frame and pockets. Apparently the old implants he took out were a lot smaller than he thought @ 480cc overfill, although he had my chart from my old doctor. Not sure how that happened.. regardless that would not put the new 700cc implants at the same size as the originals with just a little fuller look on top. They were much bigger!

The 700cc implants were coming out from under the muscle. They also had a lot of rippling. As well I had a facelift at the same time do to the fact that the lipo he did 6 months prior to that did nothing. (the neck lipo is how I came to this doctor. Surgery #1) He said I needed a lift 6 months after the neck lipo, so a lift is what I did along with a needed Breast augmentation#2.. another revision another paid surgery,,, and was dealing with it all.

Doctor suggested a fat transfer to cover up the areas effected by the way to big implants. So I was booked for surgery #3. That didn't work at all, and was a total waste of money and time. I was in a lot of pain. They were also heavy and pulling in the center of my chest and on my neck.
Doctor set up another surgery#4 to replace the 700cc. I was to pay for it with a 10% discount. We decided to take them out and replace them with 580 uhp silicone. (a much better fit to the original ones taken out)
He also suggested a breast lift. I was very concerned about the lift since I never needed one before. These had only been in less than 6 months. As well the price in surgery was about another 5,000 on top of the other cost.
I decided against the lift. (Ends up it was unneeded thank god, and I'm grateful I didn't do that on top of everything else)...

After surgery #4 "the girls" were back on track and doing better, However I was then booked for yet another surgery, surgery #5 for a lipo revision of my stomach from where he took the fat transfer out in the first place for the 700cc cover up to be paid for with 10% discount.

I had horrible lumps and waves from where I once had a great looking 6 pack and no loose skin. I gained about 8lbs to have the fat available for the transfer to my breast but my tummy looked great. I was told after this surgery my tummy would be smooth again because he would use a nice technique and small cannula.
I started healing, however I lumps and waves and pain back.. uggg the nightmare started to get out of control and that surgery did nothing and was a total waist of money...

Fast forward to now looking at surgery #6 and major depression... my stomach is in horrible shape from the unneeded lipo fat transfer. Lumps and bumps and waves Its awful!!.
I have paid for each surgery, starting with just the lipo under my chin that then turned into a facelift, that turned into the breast augmentations to the many lipo revision surgeries that have turned into now needing a mini tummy tuck..
I'm tapped out financially after paying for every surgeries. Physically I'm drained from all the surgeries, and the need for wanting my body back. Emotionally the stress, and sadness is overwhelming .
I'm looking into a loan at this point. I think I probably do need a mini tummy tuck now, although I didn't before..
I am seeking second and third opinions.
The Facelift with this Doctor went okay. I'm not happy with the scarring which even he agreed was harsh. He gave me injections in the scars at this last visit where we discussed this now needed mini tummy tuck.
Had I not had all this other stuff going on, I would be more concerned about that to.
I like the doctor as a person, but he hasn't listened to me and has blown off my concerns in short visits.
I can't just take 6months and years off of my life for constant revisions. He told me in a less than a 5 min appointment that he would see me in a few months to see me about my tummy tuck. This after I went through countless surgeries and downtime. Like I was going to be back for service on a car or something. In that moment I was breaking inside...
I hate to talk badly about anyone but I feel super emotional and upset over all of this. I feel I have no emotional support from the doctor. I feel that when my life has actually physically changed and the doctor is smiling, running off to the next client and I'm about in tears, I get a sense of I'm not important, and Its a horrible feeling...
I feel I have spent SO much money for a less than happy outcome. Worse off than where I started with my stomach, and unable to wear a bathing suit or want my husband to see me.
Making other arrangements for our annual vacation because it is on a tropical beach.
When my stomach was something I took much pride in. What am I supposed to do?
At what point does a Dr not charge you for revisions? At what point does a Doctor say he's going to fix this for you because he cares for you, and you need a good result, because you have already gave him all your money.. Or at what point does a doctor say he just cant do the job or follow through?? As far as the staff and nurses go they were all very wonderful and caring...

Before fat transfer/lipo I had a 6 pack after I'm dealing with a nightmare. Read last update for details.

Before and after pics to last update. I had troubles up loading pics. I had a nice looking tummy until I went through all this..
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