28 Years Old, Lipo and Fat Transfer to Buttocks - San Diego, CA

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I'm 28 years old, had one child, 5'3 weigh 169 the...

I'm 28 years old, had one child, 5'3 weigh 169 the day of surgery. I had lipo to the chin, upper and lower abdomen, flanks, waist, posterior bra (annoying fat under armpit that always seems to spill out of bras), pubic area, and I believe it's called coucket which is the fat on top your butt area. I went with Dr Sasaan Alavi in San Diego. Oh and he also transfered the fat into my buttocks.

Post op

I couldn't eat or drink 8 hrs prior to surgery. Ok, so surgery day, my surgery was at 10 A.M Thursday, April 24th. All I remember was Dr Alavi marked up the areas he's going to lipo, Carol (Anesthesiologist) put me to sleep and my husband picked me up and walked me to the bed in our hotel room after. I was laying on my stomach and I was pretty much out the rest of the day. I remember being extremely nauseated and dizzy. It was around 10.45 p.m by the time I was finally up and starving to death. I ate everything I could get my hands on, my husband thought it was hilarious. Pain from scale 1-10 was 13!!! I was in a lot of pain, my back was extremely stiff.
Oh I have a few tips that I found very helpful, buy a throw away shower curtain(got mine from target, it was only $2.50). Lay it on your bed, so that your sheets won't be ruin because you'll have some drainage from the lipo. I drained quite a lot, but only the first day. Also step stool is very helpful to get you on the bed. Take your Arnica pills to help with the bruising, for me I hardly had any bruising. Take your Antibiotics and pain killers. Don't forget the boppy pillow under your thigh for sitting , and a pillow behind your back (I have those two everywhere I go). I lay on my stomach most of the time, but when I need to sit I always have those two handy. Ladies, the key is to put all the pressure on your thighs when you're sitting down and not let your butt cheeks touch the seat.

Post op 2nd Day April 25th

Today is going to be your worst day, for me I have a post op appointment with Dr. Alavi at 12.15 p.m. I was pretty much up every 3-4 hrs to go pee the night before. So was still extremely stiff and a lot of pain today. The ride to Dr. Alavi's office was painful, eventhough it was literally across the street from the hotel. So they removed all the pads for the drain when I got there. Dr. Alavi gave me another girdle wrap, but this one is just for the stomach on top of the garment that I'm already wearing. He gave me some aftercare instructions to do before I left, he told me that I can take the garment off the next day and wash it, I can also take a shower. Sorry I didn't take any pictures after the surgery, that was the last thing on my mind because I was in a lot of pain.

Post op 3rd Day. Flight home

I felt a lot better when I got up this day, took my garment off with the help of my husband. I handwashed it and he threw it in the dryer for me, while I was taking a shower. I felt like a new woman after the shower!!! Lol. All of that was very exhausting for me though. And then comes the worst part, putting the garment back on!!!!!! My husband took his time and was gentle. But I thought I almost passed out a couple of times when he gets to my butt part, and had to pull it up. It took my breath away!!!
So it's time to fly home, I have a connecting flight, each one was 2hrs and 20 mins, total of 4hrs and 40 mins. I was in a wheelchair and got a front seat on each flight. The first flight was nice and smooth, I have no problem, I was sitting up right and my butt didn't touch the seat. But the connecting flight was miserable, I was in a lot of pain, couldn't feel my thighs and legs, but all I care about was not letting my butt cheeks touch the seat. Next update is going to be some pictures.

Some before and after pics 4 days post op.

I'm still swollen everywhere, but i really don't see much of a difference. All my rolls are still there, maybe I just have to be patient and let all the swelling goes down. :-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(

Dizziness 6th day post op.

I have been feeling dizzy off and on yesterday and today.. Overall I'm feeling much better today, didn't wake up with much pain, just stiffness still.

8 days post op

Back to work for 2 days now, driving was very uncomfortable, haven't really had any pain this last two days though. My lower abdomen area is very stiff, more like numb. Pubic area is still very hard, bruised and swollen, nothing abnormal though. Dr Alavi said that the compression garment is pushing all the fluid down there, but the swelling will go away overtime. Here goes some close up pictures, sorry for the mess in the background.

15 days Post Op

Swelling is going down slowly but surely... I'm itching like crazy!!!!!! I feel like I want to rip my skin off. Benadryl and a lot of lotion helps though. My figure starting to show a little... I know it takes time for all the swelling to go down, but I'm so impatient and the itch doesn't help.

Update 6 months post op.

Ok here it is. Hey girls, I'm 6 months post op. I know it's going to sound crazy but I still don't fully sit on my butt, because part of me is still scared that I'm going to lose volume of my butt. I'm very pleased with the result as far as how big it is, because I made it very clear to my dr that I didn't want to have a huge abnormal looking booty. I just want a round cute one. And he gave me exactly what I wanted. I'm going to have tummy tuck done with Dr Mel Ortega in January 2015, but I'm going to post a separate review for that. I just wished I could've found Dr. Ortega first because it would've saved me a lot of money, and he does an amazing job.
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Alavi and his staffs were really nice, he answered all my question and always called me back whenever I left a message. I'm an out of town patient, so that is really important.

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