Tiny Hairs in Only 5 Days!!! Bald Spot Filling In! - San Diego, CA

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I have been reading reviews and did my research...

I have been reading reviews and did my research prior to my purchase and was very excited! I am glad to say that if you look around and call a few places, you will eventually find a great deal! I found a Med Spa place thru the Find a Doctor option on the Latisse website who was offering a free consultation and had a special. $80.00 per bottle, minimum three bottles. They also sold it for $99.00 per bottle. I did the three bottles for $80.00 knowing It would last me about 5 months, if I used it correctly, once at night (this website does not allow my to post any cost lower than $100.00, so that is why it says $100.00 in the box above)

I am very excited, got a great deal and have only been using it for 5 days and my bald spot on my right eye is growing tiny little hairs in only 5 days! I can only imagine the results in 16 weeks! I have had that bald spot for a few months and even went for a period where I stopped curling my lashes and did not use mascara so it could fill in, and nothing! I accepted this and just tried to fan out my lashed when I put my mascara so it would not look noticeable and it worked, but took up my time trying to fan out my lashes. If in only 5 days I can see tiny little hairs then I know this stuff is amazing! I am looking forward to the full results 16 weeks and will keep you posted!

I am also aware that most of the negative ratings are from people who expect it to work over night. It says full results in 16 weeks and to use it nightly. I had no expectations and was going to wait until the 16 weeks to post a true review, but when I noticed only after day 5 that my infamous bald spot is growing little tiny hairs I could not help myself and posted my excitement.

I hope that this motivates people to be patient because we are all different and this stuff works at different rates on different people. If I did not have a bald spot, then I would not notice anything right now, cause it’s only been day 5, so please don’t expect anything by day 5. I am sure I will notice better results in 2 more months and great results in 4 months, so I will keep you guys posted and remember patience!! :)

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Free consultation, good specials on product!

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