Labia Reduction - San Diego, CA

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6/13 I met with the doctor for my consultation...

I met with the doctor for my consultation today. I had been to a consultation before, a few years ago when I was considering the surgery in my home state, so I felt I knew what to expect.

Dr. Pousti and his team were so much different than what I had experienced before. I felt very comfortable and not at all embarrassed about considering the procedure.

The exam was quick - literally less than a minute - so there was not even enough time to feel uncomfortable about it. Again, this was not like my prior consultation where photos were taken within 5 minutes of my arrival.

I was so impressed with everyone there that I booked my surgery date immediately. It sounds strange, but it's in two weeks and I cannot wait!

Night before surgery 6/29

I was so impressed by my doctor tonight as he called me to make sure I was feeling comfortable and if I had any other questions. I've had a few surgeries in the past for various reasons and this was a first for me!

Surgery day!

I woke up feeling excited and nervous - excited as this has been a long time coming, but nervous because it's surgery and that comes with the territory.

Once I got checked in the nurse did the routine questions and explained how the process was going to work. The doctor then came in and did his markings and showed me what he was planning on doing. He made me feel at ease and assured me to make me look as natural as possible.

Once I met with the anesthesiologist and answered a few basic questions, it was time to go! I was still feeling strangely calm and the last thing I remember after they started the anesthesia was talking about an upcoming vacation.

The next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery, I felt no pain, and my biggest concern was whether or not I had been sassy while coming to, as that typically happens after I am put under. The nurses assured me I was fine and continued to let me sleep until I was fully aware of my surroundings.

Once I was able to start drinking water, the nurse called my friend to come pick me up. We discussed the amount she was going to disclose to my friend as keeping the details of my surgery quiet was important to me. She was very good in explaining only what kind of post op care was needed, and I appreciated that.

I've been taking it easy all day, only getting up when necessary. I am still not in much pain, more uncomfortable than anything. The plan is to be on bed rest for the most part for the next couple days, so hopefully I am feeling well enough to get out and about to celebrate the Fourth of July!
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pousti was very personable and made me feel very at ease. He was open to any questions I have and also let me know if i have any other questions or concerns leading up to the surgery that I to feel free to call him, or come in if necessary.

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