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I realize that I am writing this review a bit...

I realize that I am writing this review a bit prematurely (there is a long road of healing ahead), but I am too excited to not share. I had my procedure two days ago, and I am IN LOVE with the immediate results. I was always self conscious about the way my labia looked. I was embarrassed to change in front of my friends, and it would take me months before having sex with the lights on with a new partner (and even then, I felt awkward and uncomfortable the entire time). During sex, I would have to "move" my labia out of the way, and even during daily activities I would experience soreness and discomfort. This was a struggle that I kept to myself. I never told anyone how much it bothered me. I had never had surgery before, but as soon as I discovered labiaplasty I knew it was just what I needed!

THE PROCEDURE: It was so fast! I was in and out of the hospital in five hours, and the surgery itself took less than an hour. Here is the one thing that was different for me from many of the reviews that I read. A lot of people said that they did not feel any pain when they woke up. I, however, immediately felt a sharp pain down there. It was not too excruciating, and it went away after I asked for more pain medicine. I was home around 1pm and I felt like a champ the entire first day.
DAY 2: I woke up at 3am in so much pain and could not go back to sleep. I consider myself to have a very high pain tolerance, and I was crying for a couple of hours because it hurt so bad. It was a sharp throbbing pain, and it would not go away with the prescribed 1 percocet every 4 hours. I spoke with a nurse the next morning and she told me to take 2 percocet every 3 hours, and voila the pain was relieved! Going to the bathroom was a little rough. I had to waddle over extremely slowly, and sitting down on/getting up from the toilet was quite uncomfortable. I slept through the night with no pain.
DAY 3: today I woke up with minimal discomfort. The site of surgery is swollen, but not too bad. I am experiencing soreness in my back and abdomen, but I am presuming that this is due to the fact that I have been in the same position for three days. When I stand up, there is some throbbing pain down there, and I still have to waddle to the bathroom. But it is a world of a difference compared to how much pain I was in yesterday.

The healing process is just beginning, but so far it has been SO worth it!!!!! There is still swelling and blood in the area, and there will be for a while, but I can just tell that it is going to be beautiful. I love my new vajayjay!! :)

Before (in the operating room)

Day 4

And On the Seventh Day, She Walked!

Alright ladies, here's my update one week post-op! I'm not going to lie, I have experienced lots of different kinds of pain "down there" over the past week. From shooting pain, to throbbing, to burning. Some people heal very quickly in 3-4 days, but I am definitely not one of them. Today was a breathe of fresh air as I was able to step outside and walk with some friends!!! WOOHOO. Things are starting to look way better as the swelling goes down. I don't think I will see the full results for about a month or so judging by the rate I am healing. I will post pictures again when the final results are in!

2 weeks post op

Still experiencing discomfort, and some minimal pain at the end of a long day, but it's starting to look fabulous down there. My surgery was pretty extensive because of the clitoral hood reduction, so I expected the swelling to take a bit longer to subside. I think there is one infected stitch, and there is a bubble right under the clitoris that is expected to disappear within the next couple of weeks according to my dr. The clitoral hood is still swollen and funky looking, but it is healing more and more each day. Looking good so far and I'm very happy I did it :)

2 weeks post op

3 weeks post-op

One month post-op

Yayyyy I made it to the one month benchmark!!! I am finally noticing that the area around the clitoris is softening and looking more natural. there are still some bumps/teeny tiny holes where the stitches are dissolving, and there is still some tenderness for sure. I wouldn't feel comfortable working out at this point (I usually run, lift weights, or yoga), but I did try having (very VERY slow) sex and there was still some pain. I anticipate being 100% at 6 weeks, but boyyyyy do I love what I see :) My doctor is THE best, and so is his office staff. Ladies, if you want someone who will give you wonderful results AND will make sure you are taken care of, go to Dr. Pousti!
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pousti is amazing!!! He made me feel comfortable from day 1. After reading his incredible reviews online I knew that he would be great, but after I met him I knew right away that I would trust him enough to perform this very personal procedure. On the day of surgery, I can honestly say that the minute I walked through the doors to the hospital, I was no longer nervous. The nurses were so sweet and caring, and Dr. Pousti took time to discuss exactly what I wanted as he drew the surgical markings on me. I highly recommend him to anyone considering labiaplasty, or any other procedure for that matter. He is the best of the best!

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