At Home TCA Peel 25% for Sun/Age Spots - San Diego, CA

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This is my first peel that I did with Skin...

This is my first peel that I did with Skin Obsession 25% TCA peel. It worked wonders. It was a miracle. After having Dual Fraxel Laser twice and and a cosmelan peel, (NONE didn't work), I decided to take things into my own hands and do my own TCA peel after so much frustration. I have stubborn age spots/hyperpigmentation from the sun on my face. I ordered the TCA peel and did my first peel. I took a risk not knowing what to expect. I did 2 layers. After a week my skin peeled and the stubborn pigmentation age spots were gone! What a miracle! I saved so much money just buying a 1 oz TCA 25% peel and doing it on my own. I spent over a $1400 on laser plus $600 on cosmelan peel and didn't see any results. Wish I should have done this sooner and would have saved so much money. I have a little bit of age spots left and I will spot treat those starting next week.

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