32 yr old Mom of 2 Angels looking to get my body back

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Hello ladies, I am rather new to this and any and...

Hello ladies, I am rather new to this and any and every bit of advice I can get along the way is definitely appreciated. After years of being overweight and unhappy with my body, I've decided it's time to do what's right for me. I'm still undecided on what exactly I'll be getting done but I'm leaning towards a bbl/fat transfer w liposuction or a TT. I still have so much to research but I will be 100% confident in my decision before its all said and done. I will be adding more photos.

Looking for a doc in San Diego

Hey ladies. So after looking at sooo many reviews about a couple of docs in Florida with shady business, I've decided to stay close to home and find a board certified surgeon. I'm eying dr Hughes as well as Hazani. Any info on a doctor in Cali that can give me a bubble is greatly appreciated. Will be adding pics soon.

Still undecided on what to get done...

Don't look if you've just eaten... Jk. ;). Here's a few pics... The strength I needed to upload these pics chile..... Smh. I've learned to put the self pity aside and suck it up. Now is the time I make me right.

Breast lift/tummy tuck $16000?

So I just received a quote for a tummy tuck and breast lift that will be 16,000. Is that the normal price range for this type of procedure? im aware that you oay for what you get for and Ive set aside a decent amount, I just want to make sure I'm not being quoted an extreme amount compared to what I've seen on here.

Second Thoughts.. Surgeon Recommendations?!?

Ugghhh... I don't know ladies. After reading all kinds of reviews about complications and deaths, I'm starting to wonder if it's all worth it?? I'm dieting and seeing slow but small improvements. I'm not willing to risk my life but I want this done. Have any of you ladies felt this way??? Just tired of a "pretty face". Want the whole package... I know research is key and have axed out the DR and Miami. (No offense to the dolls who have chosen those two). I just can't seem to find a decent surgeon close to home whose pricing and work is on point..

Finally found a Dr I'm satisfied with :)

So I haven't updated in a while just trying to lose more weight and find a doc who in an 100% sure about. Well I decided I will be going with Salama next year around June for a tummy tuck w lipo and maybe a lil fat transfer! I'm so damn excited I just received a quote and now on to securing a date. Progress is key.


I'm on Instagram more than here but will update closer to my SX date. Follow me ???? Newbodieewhodis
Dr Moises Salama

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