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I have already shared in part my breast...

I have already shared in part my breast augmentation issues on my profile. I also wanted to share how I'm doing with the rest I have not yet shared. On 10/6 I also had a facelift, and fat transfer. Yes at 40. I am 5 days post op. I was in surgery for 6+ hours and recovery for 3. I was put on pain medication Percocet, steroids in a low dose for 3 days , muscle relaxer and antibiotics which I am still taking. I had a drain for 1 day. Today I started to put arnica on my bruises around my neck and on my breast. I will keep posting pics and how I feel about the recovery. I have taken 4-6 weeks off to get through this.
I decided since I had to do the revision, I would go through with a facelift. Some may say, wow you're only 40 what are you thinking, and others may simply agree. But this is why I've decided to share.
Is age just a number? Does genetics have its role to play? And how to know whats right for you, and your personal situation? How will people judge me is what I mainly thought. Here I hope no one judges, and used my experience to help guide them to do what's best for them.
I love how realself has helped me, and I'd like to help others. I am also not new to having procedures. Having had breast augmentations in the past, 2 repairs from a car accedent, and breastfeeding, liposuction (body sculpting) and fraxil.
I feel that it can be used to help ones self in many ways, as long as you are realistic with expectations, and knowing what you will, or will not gain physically and mentally.
I think the facelift has been the biggest decision I've made when it's come to this. Mainly because of my age. I've heard that most people get them after 50. However, I've known since I was a teen I would eventually want one, do to the genetics in my family. The turkey neck would not skip me.

Well now at 40, my two oldest children are out of the house and in college. My youngest are in high school. My husband and I are done having kids. While most of my friends are now planning to have kids, I'm now thinking about the next 10 years and beyond. I would like my outer appearance to match my inner appearance, and age.
I am fit, healthy, and take pride in my healthy lifestyle. For myself, and for my husband. Although he says I'm beautiful and I don't need to change a thing.
The decision for me, and how I felt was not really a "if" but when.
After carefully thinking about this for sometime, and talking with the best doctors, the choice for me was now. I had to have the breast surgery. And I was prepared for the downtime. If I waited 10 years or did it now, the outcome for me is the same. Only doing it now I could start to enjoy the benefits from the surgery much sooner than waiting.
In my personal situation I would benefit from the facelift. I am also prepared for the outcome and recovery, and I have personal and financial stability to get me through this.
Being 40, for me is just a number, as I am looking to just maintain a youthful natural appearance.
Im looking forward to feeling better as this surgery is a serious procedure and it should not be taken lightly. You need the down time to heal. You need support from someone to help care for you in your first week or two. You need to have a list to be prepared and comfortable. I will be happy to post what I do to stay comfortable if anyone needs it.

Facelift at 3 weeks

I will be posting pics from the past three weeks tonight
I'm still sore but doing really really well. I notice that by the end of the day I have more swelling if I don't wear my compression garment. I try to wear it for a few hours a day, and night to help with this. My Dr told me it is not necessary to wear it but can if it makes me feel better.
I am numb around my ears, chin, and neck. My Dr told me this will eventually return to normal.
The scabbing in front of my ears is completely gone. The scabbing behind my ears, and at the incisions in my hair line are almost gone. You cant see the scar at all! I am very happy about this. I notice that the scabbing along the incision in my hair mainly comes off in the shower. I still need to be extremely carful in these areas, as it hurts if scratched.
Ice also still helps. Its comforting to my skin and I still sleep slightly elevated.
I have not yet returned to "full" activities. I am still taking things one day at a time, and taking it slow. There is no reason to rush. I am however very much missing the gym at this point. I am thinking I should start going for long walks??? My breast are doing good, but they are going through changes and need some healing around the incision. My left is still bruised a lot, The left areola seems higher as of now. The dr says I need to be patient. I had a lot of work in there. Over all Im happy with them and they look much better. I love Silicone!!!!

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4 week facelift scar pic update

Healing up. The scars are looking better everyday. The ones in front of my ears are hardly noticeable. The scars behind my ears are still sensitive but healing great. I still have some swelling. More so at the end of the day, and more at the bottom of my chin check area. Ice is still soothing. I use it at night, just under my chin for about 20 min. Very happy with my results

9 months

I'm unsure how I feel about my facelift. I'm unhappy with the scaring around, and behind my ears. I also have a fat pockets under my chin, and one side seems to be less tight. The dr has given me steroid injections in the scars. I hope this helps. It's like this on both sides. I've had major issues with the fat transfer from my abdomen to my breast from the other procedure so I will have to no get a tummy tuck as a revision:( This after many revisions. I'm hoping I do not need a scar revision on my ears but they are not healing well going into one year now. Also I'm wondering about the tightness under my chin? Will that need a revision? Ugh
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Highly recommend. I'm only a few days post op, but I would highly recommend Dr Soltero.

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