56 Year Old with 66 Year Old Eyes

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I'm just starting to look into this - have thought...

I'm just starting to look into this - have thought my neck was bad but recently realized it's my whole face! Seeing an ocular guy rather than plastic surgeon - am scared of doing things to my eyes that will make them uneven or look weird....
Is it better to do this or to just bite the bullet and go full face -- I think I'm too afraid for that yet. And it seems like the down time for this is less.

November 15th update

So, I talked to a RS-recommended PS, who was marvelous (I'm going to do it! with him at the knife - gulp!). I also talked to an ophthalmologist (also RS-recommended and obviously very talented). The PS seemed to say he could do some skin tightening on the lower lids (really - not the lids but the troughs I have below my eyes). The ophthalmologist is much more conservative and would only do uppers. The O showed me the botched surgeries from other doctors that he's corrected (so, in my head I thought "well, if mine turns out bad, I'll be back"!)...

The reason I'm not going with the O is that he is in an eye center that handles lots of patients and the coordinator never called me back, and when I called she didn't really have things organized at all - I'm afraid I'd fall through the cracks after the surgery is done and they have their money. The PS staff, on the other hand, are in their own suite and are much more involved (or so it seemed) with the patients and the recovery process. The price quoted for both doctors was just under $5k. The surgery times - the O doctor - 30 minutes, the PS - 60 minutes. Both quoted for NOT full anesthesia. I'm not a fan of getting put under (ha - I'll hold off until I do my neck/face!)... so this is a huge plus for me. I'll update after I talk to the coordinator tomorrow.... I'm going to get it done, I think, on Dec 7th. They said recoveries vary, but 1-2 weeks, back at work.. so I figure by Christmas I won't be completely hideous any more...

Date is on the calendar - December 7th

Ok, so I'm going to jump in. I'm really nervous/scared because I know what "could" happen - you see all the perfect pictures and then the disaster pictures... but, looking in the mirror, and feeling like you look older than the people 10 years older than you.... it's time to take action.
I'll keep you posted...

Clock is ticking, nerves are rattling

So the doc recommended starting 1000mg of Vitamin C 2 weeks out (which is Wednesday). I'm going to get some fresh arnica tablets and cream. Trying to think of any other "anti-bruise" things to get. Have lots of little ice packs - am wondering if I need something to hold them in place... also trying to figure out audio books... sitting still is NOT my forte - I know the first 3 days will be hard for me to just chill. And yipes, how not to obsess when you're chillin'!
Thanks for all the encouragements!!! @ania1972, yes, my lower "troughs" have been going on for a solid decade, but just seemed to get much worse recently. I think they're almost (!) worse than the lids - really show up when I smile...

Today was the day!

Well, I'm lying on the couch looking through little eyes. Is that normal? I took a Valium as it was uncomfortable afterwards.
The worst part was the shots. Everything else was ok. It just feels super weird...

There's got to be a morning after..

Nice accessory

I thought this was stupid when I found it at Marshall's, but it is comfy... Also getting the $30 wedge pillow was a good decision. Was able to sleep comfortably elevated, even somewhat on my sides

Is today really only day 2? Or is it 3!!

Ha, wondering if we count the day off surgery as the first day. Always trying to hurry things along, aren't we...
Am still thankful of the wedge pillow. Took 1/2 Valium to ensure a good sleep and it was. Still super swollen. But I can feel more now, like the super long ends of the stitches... I have to go mail packages today. My son said I look like a puppet...

Day 3. Seems like day 100!

Had a good no-drug sleep last night. I'm not a drug taker, but the first day and 2 nights warranted a little help. Yesterday I walked the dog a bit over an hour (we both needed it) and felt really good in spite of appearances! Remember those sun-darkening glasses (I'm blind as a bat)? Well, boldly going in to get a few groceries led to the long sideways glances in the checkout line as the glasses de-darkened! Ha...
This morning seems a bit less swollen. Still taking vitamin c and bromelain. Got another fresh pineapple.
Eyes get fatigued at night and if I try to read too much. The lids feel really tight and I can feel the stitches. But it doesn't hurt, it just feels tight.

Oh, it is day 4... Stitches come out tomorrow!

So this tight feeling is just plain weird. Took Tylenol last night to sleep just because it felt tight. My face is still swollen, no wrinkles!!! But, I still look freakish with stitches...

Stitches out! Whew!

Just got the stitches out. Dr. Edelson said no strenuous exercise until this weekend. Forgot to ask him about contacts, but probably can figure that out myself...

Every day is a new day

Slowly getting used to how this feels... Getting better at make up, going to try my contacts tomorrow... Dying to put mascara on. My eyes look really small to me! And one is a bigger stitch-scar than the other.

One week after, finally squeezed my contacts in

I hate glasses.
Once I got them in, my contacts feel fine. But getting them in was hard, partly because the skin is numb below and partly because my eyes seem so small (the openings). I know the pictures don't show it, but they seem 2/3 normal size. They aren't particularly swollen any more, but maybe the amount that they are swollen is what it is.
Every day I have better eye mobility. The first few days I wondered if I had made a mistake.

On the mend

Went and saw the doctor today because one eye was aching and really red (the white of the eye super inflamed). He prescribed drops that have steroids. It is starting to feel better, finally. Hopefully by Monday I'll be able to wear my contacts and makeup...

Ready for Christmas!

I'm so happy. I'm finally wearing both contacts and mascara. Fell like my old, I mean, revised self. Eyes still a little tight. Taped the irritated shut the past 2 nights and the irritation finally subsided. I suspect it isn't closing completely at night and is getting dry or irritated..
Anyway! Yay. I'll post the pictures from the doctor if he gives them to me in a couple of weeks. I can't believe it has only been 17 days...

Super happy nearly 4 weeks after

I must say that patience pays off. I'm still a bit numb around the eyes but all in all am thrilled with the results.

Nearly 4 weeks after and happy

Love the results. Still numb around eyes but am very happy. Worth the 2 weeks of weirdness.
Ron Edelson

He knows what he is doing. No nonsense, and his staff is wonderful. Not as much follow-up as expected, however, he was always available to answer questions.

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