Not 100% satisfied with my dr. Mommy makeover in mexicali with dr luque - Mexicali

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I am interested in getting a tummy tuck, breast...

I am interested in getting a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and lipo under my arms. However, I have not seen any good or bad reviews on this website for for Dr. Charles Sarosy. I have two girlfriends who have gone with him, one for a BA and the other did a TT. They both were very happy and had no complaints about him. they have relatives and friends who went with him and they too, are very satisfied with his work. I am on a roller coaster of emotions doing research on other doctors and finding an affordable one. He has a MM special of $8995. I'm interested but at the same time I want to hear from other women out here who have heard from him or know of his work. Please help.

Consultation today with Dr. Manjarrez in Mexicali, Mx!

I have a consultation today with Dr. Manjarrez in Mexicali. I'm very nervous but this is the very first consultation. I have 2 other options in Mexicali with Dr. Gaspar and Dr. Luque at the Almater Hospital.
I have heard lots of good things about Manjarrez. I've heard both good and bad about Dr. Gaspar and very little about Luque. Any tips, recommendations will be so helpful!
***I'm looking on getting a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and lipo on my arms.

My stats

I'm almost 30, 5'5, 170 lbs. Physical activity: run 1-2 miles 2-4x a week. Two kids. Ages 5 and 2 1/2.

We've done extensive research on several doctors. I'm so thankful my husband is so supportive and has also done his own research. I can't wait to meet Dr. Adrian Manjarrez-Cortez today! Here is his website if you'd like to see it:

Consultation Review for Dr. Adrian Manjarrez-Cortez in Mexicali, MX

Total cost for "Mommy makeover" - $9,500


* Breast Augmentation: (recommended for MY body) High Profile 410 (up to 420ccs) Silicone Gel Implants

* Tummy Tuck: cut will be 4 inches above start of vagina and about 2 above belly button. It ends above my hip bone and not too crazy out to the sides of my body as I was worried about. He's also including a little bit of lipo right where my pubic hair starts on that little pouch part and also on the bikini line area to eliminate the "stuck-together-thighs look". He's also including a little lipo on the sides of my stomach by puncturing two little holes.

* Lipo on my saggy arms. He'll be puncturing a small hole on my elbow and sucking out all the fat I have to reduce the sagging appearance.

My husband and I were very comfortable during our consultation. Dr. Manjarrez took his time with us. He spent about 2 hours with us going over any detail, complications, procedures, body type differences, etc. I learned a lot, and he made me feel very comfortable. He is a well known doctor in Mexicali, and I know of a couple people who have gone to him. I expressed to him that I did not want my waist to look so fake that I have a tiny waist to my body frame. I have large hips. So, I'm just afraid that he'll make my waist look tiny. For every concern I had, he had a solution. An answer that calmed my nerves. Every single woman is different. I understand that. My husband and I have spent a lot of time researching before and after pictures of what I'd like to look like. He is very knowledgeable and another thing that I liked was that he explained to me which size of implant would fit me best for my chest. He says I have a gap in my chest and I have them separated. A large implant will only make me look larger and make them look like they are coming out from the sides. He drew measurements on my breast to show which implant would fit me. I'm currently a small 36B. He says a "C" would be my best fit. And a "high-profile" one. The difference from the high profile implant to the "moderate" one is that the high profile pokes out more. For example, the moderate implant looks more flat. Where the high profile implant rises up more and looks like an orange split in half. It's "HIGH-profile".

Downside of the consultation- we didn't see any pictures of his work because he had already spent so much time with us and he had more patients waiting. He offered for us to go again to view his work. Which is fine with me.

As of now, I have another consultation with Dr. Gaspar next Tuesday. We asked Manjarrez what the price difference was between them two and he put it this way, "What do you want? A ford or a Mercedes?" So, we'll just have to see if Gaspar can convince us because we would be saving $2,000.

I'd like to still go see Dr. Sarosy (even though I'm not too happy about how his belly button looks--he worked on a friend of mine and she has "dog ears", and her scar goes down drastically at one end. Her belly button looks bad.)

I hope you find this review helpful. I'm still on a rollercoaster of emotions and very scared. I will post a picture from Dr. Manjarrez' consultation of his markings on my body.

Dr. Gustavo Gaspar Blanco

This man offended me. Let me start off with saying that I was not comfortable with him when he first started talking. I felt rushed and he just drilled me with questions. I am 5'5 and 170 lbs. sure over weight, but not morbidly obese. I work out 2 to 3x a week and on a good week, 4x a week. I went for a consult wiring him to give me a tummy tuck of my pouch from my two births and get breast implants and some lipo under my arms. I don't want to be stick thin. I am happy to be "thick". All I wanted was for him to draw on me and tell me what kind of implant and how he would do he tummy tuck. He kept drilling me about my weight and let me just say I have the intention of losing 15-20 lbs before surgery and don't plan on doing it now, but he just kept drilling me and drilling me about how my weight was a BIG issue. Okay, I understand that. But when he didn't stop and kept interrupting me then I knew this was not going well. The nurse even laughed at me because I was happy I lost 3 lbs. I'm embarrassed to be so upset. We didn't even have the option of asking him any procedure questions because he just talked about my weight. I had to end the consult and tell him I would come back when I did.
We lost $40 and time because I didn't want to sit through another minute of him drilling me about my weight. I GET IT, I UNDERSTAND I need to lose weight. But I'm not losing weight to satisfy HIM. It will be for myself.

EXTREMELY DISSAPOINTED. and even more because my husband doesn't support my reaction. Of course he's a guy. What does he know about hurting a girl's feelings. He's upset about the $40 we lost.

Dr. Gustavo Gaspar Blanco

It's the next day and I'm still furious. His office should tell you you have to weigh 125 to get a proper consultation.

Additional Consultations - Dr. Charles Sarosy & Dr. Brahme in La Jolla

I had a consultation last week with Dr. Sarosy and my thoughts were:
Yea, his office is small and might not look as "professional" as others have reviewed. But, my experience was the best so far and I have friends who have come with him and are happy with his results.
He was very straight-forward with what I wanted and then his assistant helped me try on different sizes (which was REALLY FUN) of silicone implants. He seemed very busy and was actually going in to surgery right after my appointment so we didn't really talk to him much. He didn't really explain the actual surgery procedures or recovery information. Other than that, his prices are very reasonable (which is the main reason why I'm most likely going to choose him).

Dr. Brahme--
My husband and I went to his office for a consult the same day and first of all. WOW! His office is amazing. His boob jobs are great and I really felt very comfortable with the consultation. I saw lots of before and after pictures and he told me to look at before pictures to show him what kind of look I wanted to achieve. I chose a 450 CC moderate plus silicone implant and sometimes he says that he has to change them in the operating room if it doesn't look right (which I really liked. Because once it's in the body it may look too separated, or too pointy). I really did like this. His tummy tuck work however, is not the best. A lot of the scars were crooked. His prices were about $13,500 for just the tummy tuck and breast augmentation and no lipo. Sarosy is including TT & BA with lipo for $9,500.

Today I have a consultation with a Dr. Victor Ramirez in Mexicali and another next week with Dr. Luque in Mexicali as well.

I think I'm still going to go with Dr. Sarosy only because I feel it is safer. My husband really wants to do it in Mexicali, only because we'd save about $3-5k.

No doctor chosen yet.

So two weeks ago I had another consultation with Dr. Victor Ramirez. I wasn't too convinced on his TT's. His method is a bit different from a lot of the Dr.'s I have been researching. I've seen a couple before and after's of Dr. Ramirez's work and I don't like they way the TT's look. The skin at the scar line looks very bunched up. Granted, his work looks good after like a year... but I think I would feel like I wasted money. He charges $5,500 for lipo, BA, and TT. No limit to the lipo. Which is very dirt cheap. He showed us before and after photos of some of his clients, which I really appreciated. He recommended to go over the muscle for my BA, which I'm still very confused and unsure of. I feel like a BA for me would look more natural. I don't like that ball look implants give on some women. You can tell they have implants right away.

On Monday of next week I have another appointment with Dr. Juan Luque who does work at Almater Hospital. I've heard some good things about him. I am very excited and hopeful.

On a side note... I've been working out and watching what I've been eating. I wanna lose about 10 or 15 lbs. I just wanna go in feeling "ready". I'm overweight now. But I'm very insecure about my saggy, wrinkly tummy, my flabby arms and I just want some boobies.

I'm not trying to get a "Barbie" look. I just wanna look a little enhanced. I'm not trying to diet all crazy bc I'm okay with being "thick". :)


I found my doctor! Date set!

I finally feel at peace now! I found my doctor! By this appointment we already knew what to expect. I've scheduled my appt for September 30th!! Ahhhh!!! SO EXCITED! I'll post my before pics soon. I will be having 410 cc high profile silicone BA under the muscle, a tummy tuck with back lipo and lipo in bikini area in between thighs. I really wanted to get my arms liposuctioned but, the dr didn't want to because he says it would be too risky due to all the other work he's doing. I'm so excited.


Here are two befores...

Oops forgot the attachment

Here are two befores

Too bad my arms won't get fixed now :-(

Pretty bummed my biggest insecurity besides my tummy won't get fixed now. Dr says its too risky and my skin will "sag" more. :-( I'll need to focus on weights after I'm well enough from post op.

What do I need?

I'm 13 days away from my breast augmentation, tummy tuck and lipo on my back and inner thighs...

A seat riser for my toilet?
A comfortable sports bra?
Granny panties?
Prune juice?
A skate board so my husband can skate me to the restroom!? Jk!!

Any advice for supplies post op, would be great please!!

Before pics

I'm very frustrated with myself. I wanted to lose at least 10 lbs but its so hard for me to lose weight. I love working out. I know you can't tell, but my schedule doesn't allow it. I love running and started spinning last month. I have been able to fit in workouts 3-4x a week. as far as eating, I'm pretty good through the week but then the weekend comes and my diet goes to shit. :-( here are my before pics. This is my stuck weight. 170. Not more not less. Just stuck here. I hope that with this operation I will lose weight easier. :-(

Feeling depressed about my body.

Another pic

Here's a front view

One week away!

I'm one week away, and very anxious and scared. It starting to hit me and I'm becoming irritable. I've been up late very night on this website just dogging into reviews of TTs and BAs. I even had a dream that I had the surgery but the dr sent me home like that with no instruction on a case of emergency and my husband left me walking alone with people staring at me while I walked slowly.

I read the countless reviews of the pure satisfaction and higher self esteem and I want that so bad! Not just for me but I hate my body so much that it's affected my relationship with my husband.

With this said.... I'm just on that rollercoaster of emotions that everyone talks about. I PRAY that everything goes smoothly and most importantly that I have a sweet recovery.

Help keep me sane my real self ladies!! Time to go to sleep..... Or try to!!

Hospital Hispano Americano

Ok so I emailed the Dr. To ask him what hospital I was going to have the surgery at in Mexicali and he said it would be at the Hospital Hispano Americano. The research I did on him was for another hospital, the almater hospital. I read great reviews on this. Has anyone heard about Hospital Hispano Americano?? I'm just in crazy mode right now all worried and finding excuses to be afraid. Please help! Lol I'm freaking out! 6 days away!

Days away!

Here's a before pic of me wearing one of my favorite pjs... But I hardly wear it because my little boobies don't fill them in!
Can't wait to wear this after!

Am I doing too much??

BA, TT, back lipo, inner thigh lipo he's doing a little on my arms and he MIGHT inject fat into my butt to shape it? My husband insists on the back lipo and more on the butt injection-- a little just to fill in the gaps on the top. On a side note: I have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS been insecure about my arms and most recently about my stomach. So I really don't care to not have the back lipo. And the butt injection thing. My back and butt is not an insecurity and I don't want to come out looking like a Barbie!!
At the same time I feel very confident in my doctor and I am sure he won't make me look "fake" I have insisted on a natural look. I'm not looking for a tiny waist and a big ass. Just take off my extra skin on my stomach and take off that little saggy skin on my arms.

I just feel like it is going to be too much and it will be risking my life and not just that.... Is my recovery going to be worse??? Omg what if something happens to me and I have my two beautiful babies!! I'm just being selfish and going under this makeover for me.... Wait, but I deserve to feel confident in my body and be secure for my husband and be intimate with him.... Ok, I'm freaking out...

One more day and then I will have a new body and be celebrating the birth of my "twins"!! Lol!

Have a great day my real self ladies!

-asking for words of encouragement :-D

Another set of befores just because

2 days preop

Two days post op

Surgery went well. Arrived at 5:30 in Mexicali. I had very little sleep the night before and was quite depressed, full of anxiety, anxious and scared.
When I woke up I feel lots of tightness in my stomach and chest. I remembered looking down and thinking "WOW!" I have boobs!
I slept most of the day the first day, unable to move at all. Thankfully I stayed overnight at the hospital with my wonderful husband by myside. I had a catheter in place until this morning. The moment they removed it, I tried sitting up. All I felt was just immense amount of pain and tightness and soreness. I immediately felt a rush of sweats going on and very lightheaded. I laid back down and repeated getting up to walk around 10/11 am. Not until the 3rd time I was able to get up with much more ease and walk down the hall. I'm a little hunched over but not as much as other girls I've seen. I haven't been able to go #2 tho.

I'm home now. I have a bed set up downstairs and recovering good I think.

Here's what I had done: lipo on back underarms, and inner thighs and fat injected in my butt. A breast augmentation with 415high profile under the muscle silicone gel implants. And a standard tummy tuck with muscle repair.

Here are some after pics.

On a side note: Dr luque had originally placed 385 CCs but realized they were too small so he went with 415s.

Recovering slowly but surely. And hope to have lots of patience too.

Swollen hands!

My hands are so swollen. I went ahead and lipo my underarms and anywhere I had lipo is very bruised.

I'm wearing the complete body girdle and I'm thinking that is why my hands are so swollen.

I just took some stool softener to help me go to the restroom. Hopefully that helps bc even passing gas hurts my stomach so much.

I hope the swelling goes down on my hands. I haven't gotten a response from my dr. I iMessages him yesterday but I'm thinking it's not working because he has an international number???

Here's a pic of my very swollen hands!

3 days post op UPDATE

Feel like a truck hit my body. My back and butt are so sore from laying down. When I sit to rest from my back I feel like my incision of my TT is ripping. I can now get up by myself from my bed VERY VERY SLOwly.

My husband has been so awesome I love him even more. He's been by my side and has even camped out downstairs with me.

I broke down last night. Frustrated with the inability to get comfortable. And not able to take deep breaths because the bra garment is so right. And a bit scared that my husband will get frustrated with me and stop helping me.

I did lots of research and I knew what to expect so I've been trying really hard to tough it out. The truth is, lipo hurts. I can't raise my arms, my boobs hurt and my TT hurts if I'm sitting for a long time. The lipo from my inner thighs and back and butt hurts real bad too.

Using the restroom is very hard. Luckily I have a walker so I've been using that. Sitting on the hard toilet is tough. And to be honest and sorry if this is TMI... When I pee some of the pee touches the inside of the garment where it's open so I'm really wanted to take this thing off and clean it.

I feel dirty, stinky and so uncomfortable with my tight body girdle. My hands are still very swollen.

I'm trying to walk... How often? Like a few steps around my kitchen every hour?

I have little appetite but had my first breakfast today. I've only been able munch on little bits of food and not a whole meal. I ate one over medium egg with two wheat toasted thins and half a banana. I've been drinking the arnica tea but I'm not really seeing much of the swelling go down.

Thank you to any of my realself ladies who read my review and give me the courage to get through this. I love this website and without it I don't think I would have done it.

Finally showered!

My husband helped shower me he did everything. Since I couldn't put my arms up and can kinda barely move. I had a chair in the tub and sat on that while he washed my hair. I washed my garments. They smelled. I feel so much better. My hubby bandaged up my gauze bandages and says my cut looks really good. I rubbed arnica all over my bruising.

Feeling better!

Full body girdle

The full body girdle is so umcomfortable I wanna take it off to sleep at least.

Somebody please help!

My drain started leaking and it's kinda burning from where it comes out on my skin. Should I be worried? I called my dr's office but the girl said it was normal and just to put more gauze on it.

I'm kinda freaking out. Anyone heard of this???!?!!

Day 5 PO more good than bad

Arms are still very bruised from lipo.

I am able to walk without walker. I slept all night with the help of a sleeping aid.

I took off the arm girdle around 6 am for a couple hours.

Drinking arnica tea.

I can use the restroom now.

My appetite is bit better.

I washed my face for the first time.

My husband is going to shower me later. My nurse told me to wet the steri strips so they come off.

Taking ibuprofen 800mg every 8 hours. ?? Lol switched from the tramadol I've been taking.

Dear God hear my prayers and help me recover with less pain, frustration. Amen!

Day 5

Man I felt like a million bucks. Walked without the walker all day. My hubby showered me and applied new gauze to all my incisions.
Started taking the arnica pills.

Every small step feels like I'm closer to regaining my freedom once again!

Time to go sleep. Took a sleeping aid and took off my arm binder because it is SO uncomfortable and very painful at the armpits so to the lipo.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day and I can walk upstairs.

I've been having hard painful pains in my boobs. I guess that's normal.

Can't wait to feel my lower back and ass again!!!

Dear God,
Listen to my prayers in my heart and help our of us girls on real self who seek help and assurance and positivity and good vibes and need a quick and pain free recovery!


6 days post

Feeling SO MUCH BETTER (happier)!

Was able to walk upstairs to grab some make up and dry shampoo.

Applied mascara... Omg a little make up goes a looooong way!

Braided my hair!

Change my shirt.

And now... I'm not due for another pain med for another 3 hours!! Ouch!! My TT cut is hurting!

6 days post (part two)

So after thinking I was normal again I realized I wasn't ready. I did a lot of walking in my house earlier and went upstairs and I was in pain the rest of the day. I was more uncomfortable today than yesterday.

I had a crying spell just feeling some regret because of my pain. My husband has been great but I feel as of he's getting tired of doing everything for me. I hate that my back hurts so bad still and everything is still numb.

I started using my moms ibuprofen 800s twice a day. They work, but at times I feel like I need stronger meds.

I'm starting to feel a little impatient.

I know all these feelings are normal a lot of women go thru this mad later forget about the pin and suffering after they are they're awesome results.

I very slowly and carefully came upstairs to sleep in my bed,


I can't sleep. It's 3:15 am... I used sleeping pills the last two days.

Can u become addictive on sleeping pills? :-(

Incision day 7

Been resting most of the day.. Feeling okay. My husband showered me and on our way to post op appt.

Here's a pic of my incision

Oops forgot the pic


Drain pic

I survived the first week of the mommy makeover!! :-O

It's the morning of my 8th day and I'll say... This past week had been CRAZY!! I had my pain tolerance tested, my patience tested, my emotions played with!

To make a long story short I started off needing help to get outta bed, needed help walking, having every single thing handed to me, felt pain I never felt before etc, etc!

I'm so happy I got past this first week. Thank you God and all my angels up above for having no serious complications (besides the normal side effects: such as swelling, bruising, constipation).

Swelling above butt around hips are pretty extreme still. My lower back is dark purple, bruised still.

My arms feel better. Bruising has gone down.

Taking ibuprofen 800 twice a day still. Gonna try to get off it. Or go to 600.

Slept with NO SLEEPING PILLS! Drank a natural sleeping tea with chamomile and mint.

(and things I learned to make my life easier during the 1st week)

* have stool softner!

* buy everything before! Arnica, vitamins, gauze, surgical tape, bed pads....

*take medication as prescribed. Do not wait until pain comes!


* have your husband/ boyfriend take the first week off of work if possible to help. (My husband stayed with me downstairs and slept on the couch for about 5 days until I was able to go upstairs!)

* have someone else BESIDES your husband to stay with you to help with little things. It's so crucial to have extra help! Our husbands can only do so much and their patience is tested as well!!!

* if you have a two story house, be sure to camp out in your living room.

* wear a thin, cotton tee UNDER body garment.
(I started getting sores and cuts from the tightness of the body garment and it feels MUCH better after putting a tee under it. I cut it below the bra line to help ease the rubbing of the armpits and clamp areas)

Drains removed!

So glad to have my drain removed. I only had one for my tummy tuck. It was so annoying and in the way and also so uncomfortable and painful the last couple days. Went to my follow up on Monday, had an appt today, Thursday to get them removed. I was discharging 25ccs after dr cleaned out tubes from my Monday appt. and he was a bit hesitant to remove them today because from last night till around 6pm today I collected about 65ccs.
I hope I don't develope any seromas. I pray my recovery continues to be well.

I'm also feeling much better. I'm going to attempt to shower myself tomorrow.


I kept saying "CCs" but I meant mls. Lol. Or whatever it is for drains.


Two weeks post!

Still lots and lots of swelling going on in my legs and feet. My lower back is EXTREMEMLY swollen. I've had to get a small blanket and fold it and place it under my garment on my lower back.
I've started using a medicated balm for my incisions
My incisions are still taped up.
Started wearing the bra "strap" on Monday.
Am not able to drive until Sunday.

Almost 3 weeks PO; returning to work!

Hello real selfies,
It's 18 days PO and I got lots of pics for you all.

I'm feeling better but,
Still dealing with swelling and girdle uncomfortableness.

Had a follow-up appt yesterday to check on the bra strap (which is used to push down the girls to make my nipples positioned on the middle and help swelling from the top go down). The boobs are fine. The strap is working and I've been using it for 3 days (since Monday). I have to wear it for about two more days then I'm done with that part.


So, Pilar, the doctor's right hand nurse, suggested to do the warming ultrasound massage therapy every day for 10 days straight. She strongly suggested I get this to help with the swelling. She said not only will it help the swelling go down but I will recover a lot faster and feel better faster. She offered me a free session yesterday and I could tell the difference afterward. Several parts of my body are so swollen it hurts to the touch and feels as hard as a rock. After the therapy session I was able to feel some of my hips and butt. I'm going to do this! It's $200 extra, but if it will help me get better than I'm all for it!!

I start full time desk job work 8hrs a day, 5 days a week starting Monday. Pilar said she really recommends I take another week off. I can't tho. I don't have sufficient time on the books. So, what I'm gonna do is try the first full day and if I'm super swollen by the end of the day I'll take half days off for the first week.

I've really been taking it easy and laying down for the past 3 days. I HAVE to be ready for work on Monday!

Here are a couple of pics I'm posting. I have to apply this ointment dr prescribed me 3x a day to help my scars. It was $40 but they say it's really good.

Keep me in your prayers for a quick healing!

Happy healing and good luck to all looking into getting work done because this is very hard!

18 days pics

Here are the pics

Lipo on arms update....

Here are some pics I have take of my arms. They look better. One side sags more than the other. Don't know if I'm too convinced on the one that sags more and if I'll be able to exercise them when I'm done using arm garment. This is for my realself friend...."working mum losing weight"

What is wrong with the site?

Sort if u can't see "the full pic"... There's a glitch with iPhones to view pics from iPhone. I guess only the desktop works better to view full size pics. I emailed customer service about this already. They are aware of the issue. :-)


Of course I meant "sorry"... Not "sort". Lol

Going back to work 8 hours tomorrow!

23 days PO.

Going back to work 8 hours tomorrow. First day was hard. Went to my massage appt and then to get my girdle altered bc it was already too big for me. It was so right and Tuesday morning I felt like I was gonna pass out. Uncomfortable and felt like I couldn't breath at times. Today was better. I think I'm ready to go back full time, gonna try it out and see how I feel after the end of the work day tomorrow.

How do I feel so far?
Well, I'm feeling better day by day. It sure is a slow progress.
I'm am really starting to love my boobs and my waist is looking small and so are my hips. Loving the shape my body is getting. A little bummed about the swelling but I know this could take weeks and or months! I can't wait to start running and working out again! My dr. Did a great job with my incisions. I love how he's been seeing me several times a week and now that I've been doing that massage therapy I've seen a HUGE difference! Ppl are telling me my body looks slim and great and that even my face is looking thinner!! That feels great!

Feeling happier day by day!

Happy healing to all!

Loving my new body but...

A couple things: the lipo on my left side of my body for example my inner thigh and arms look pretty ugly. My left arm sags more and still looks bruised more than my right. My inner left thigh looks super ugly as if Dr just got tired and said "eff" this side. He says it will get better but idk. He injected fat to my ass and honestly I liked my butt before. My waist is too small for my frame and my hips are huge like Nikki minaj. I haven't posted anything because I wasn't sure how I felt about it. I have an appt with him next week and I hope to voice my concerns to him. My husband on the other hand is so super happy with my results. He loves my new girls the most. :-) that makes me happy. I feel the sex part is awesome too. Sure, still sore and I swell up on my tummy still. Can't get all crazy yet. Lol. I've been sleeping without my body girdle and haven't used the arm girdle for about 2 weeks now maybe 3.
I have to say too though.... I love My flat tummy and the scar is great. There's a little section where it looks a little bad but I was told it is from the stitches. Can't wait to buy mederma or whatever it's called for the scarring.
Out of the whole experience the lipo was the worst. I wish I would have read into that the most.

I can't wait to start working out again and hopefully I can get some tightness on my arms with weights and get my booty and legs toned up with running and squats.

Oh... My size now....

I was wearing an 11 before surgery and now I am wearing 9s but they are starting to fit me big which I love. I would love to be a 6 not smaller. I'm a big girl and if I lose more weight I'm gonna look like an alien with a big head and hair and ass and a small frame. Lol!!!

By the way, I'm turning 30 in two weeks. HAPPY 30th to me!! Sexy 30 woohoooooo haha

To blessedmomma

frustrated and bummed

I've developed what I'm pretty sure is called double bubble on my breasts. When I flex I see this and I can feel my implant on the bottom of my right breast. If I bend over a little I can really feel the bag. I can't sleep without a sports bra still.
I stopped working out entirely because when I started at 4 months PO I started feeling the bag and discomfort on my breast(s). I just went for a run today and my right breast was kinda bothering me :-(

On the lipo....
DONT DO IT OF YOU DONT NEED IT. I have bumps and unevenness in several parts of my body. I've been waiting for 3 months now for my dr to fix an area and he is lagging it! I am feeling that since he's not going to charge me to pay he's not making me a priority.

On the tummy tuck, I'm very happy with it. He did a good job. The scar is a little Wierd like thick in some areas but that's nothing mederma can't fix.

On my back lipo, he took too much so now my ass looks huge. I wanted a normal look not a supermodel look. Yes, really. I think he injected fat in my butt and it looks uneven.

I gained a little bit of weight but that's due to me stopping my workouts due to the sadness of not being able to workout my chest area. I'm a bummed right now.

This is reality. Was it worth it? Idk. I would change some things. Like NOT DO LIPO On my back, lower back and inner thighs. I would have my implants done differently, perhaps over the muscle and the incision through the nipple.

I'm sad. :-(

I have to admit tho. On the outside I can wear more clothes than I would ever wear so that's a plus. My husband is super happy with my body and he knows I'm just being too self conscience. He sees the flaws in the drs work tho.

His right hand nurse is the best

She is the person who has probably been there more than the dr. She is understanding and always a Facebook message away. I am very thankful for Pilar.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Had to remove a couple stars. Dr scores a 9 on TT, 8 on BA and lipo a 6.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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