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I just had my surgery Dec. 21, 2012 at the San...

I just had my surgery Dec. 21, 2012 at the San Diego CC. I received full denture implants, 4 on the top, 4 on the bottom, with teeth extractions as well. Looking at some real pretty teeth right now, of course just temporaries. Everyday I feel something different happening during my recovering. Hoping everything will be alright for me. Had a pretty big scare for me last week so maybe that is why I'm questioning different recovery phases. I had a Hemotoma happen in the back of my upper inside mouth, Dec. 27. Felt pressure mounting in my right sinus area on the 24th and by the 27th turned into pain and swelling. So far after seeing CC surgeon who stopped two days of bleeding I hope I'm going to be ok.

This week I'm doing well. Went to work all week...

This week I'm doing well. Went to work all week and people commented how beautiful my teeth look. Even from all my family on facebook. One sister asked, "what did you do"? With these being temporary I had to make plans ahead of time of what I would eat during the day including any soft snacks if needed. Sometimes I do feel a tightening in the upper denture for some reason, it's not painful just noticeable and then subsides after awhile.
I was told I look 10 years younger, and the lines around my mouth have disappeared. I hadn't noticed it until she mentioned it. So now I'm noticing that my face is looking different around my mouth and my cheeks are looking a little fuller.

Just posted this photo of the temporary implant...

Just posted this photo of the temporary implant upper and lower dentures. I tried to put the before photo's but they are to big. I will try another time. I'm excited and looking forward to when I get the final permanent dentures, hopefully in another few months or so. So far it's been five weeks since the surgery and I'm doing fine now. Feels nice to be able to smile without hiding. Still feels kind of awkward while eating sometimes, can't quite describe it. I eat soft foods some with a little soft texture, so that's not to bad. I drink daily 1 or 2 bottles of the nutrition shake Ensure so as to be sure to get the vitamins I need that I may not be getting with the limitations of eating certain foods and hoping also this will benefit the healing of the implants. My next appointment will be February 11, 2013, I'll post again and let you know after that date.

For those who don't have the money please read the...

For those who don't have the money please read the following:
Gosh, this is not very easy to post because I don't know if I can find the site of where I got my information. After filling out a questioner, it did turn out that I qualified for a grant from the government for $29,000.00, which I did not have to ever pay for to receive denture implants. They have their own dentist's and specialists. This was a surprise for me when I qualified. I ended up though paying from my IRA to go to Clear Choice for the simple fact that it was done all in one day, removal of teeth and leaving with upper and lower (unmovable) dentures the same day. Of course these are just temporary until my implants heal, then I will receive my permante teeth (6 mos) I will try to find the site and if I remember right I think it cost me a small fee to enter the website which I think was maybe $29.00 dollars.

I think I got the internet site for the government grant: I don't remember the details of getting to where I wanted to go on this site except to say I was focused on one thing, finding a grant for denture implants and I was desperate!!!


I went in yesterday and they placed two wax figure (upper and lower) of my permante dentures. I looked at them and requested a whiter color (because I drink a lot of coffee and tea). Plus I requested a few teeth on the bottom and showed them witch ones that I want to look a little crooked (showed them how), and less gum showing showing on the bottom denture. I go back in August to try on again the improved waxed dentures. If I'm happy with them, then I wait 8 more days to have the perms put in. I'll let you know.

Uncomfortable but determined

Hopefully I will be receiving my permanent teeth November 27, 2013. It took some extra time because of the design I wanted for my perms and the doctor not spending enough time with me himself but relying on his staff instead with some of the detail communication. It seemed to me that the doctor is to busy?????? Not really sure what the reason is but my gut feeling. Was fitted with the perms my last visit and my bite was off. Meaning I saw a gap involving (two or three teeth) top and bottom with my bite down and I was able to stick my tongue out through it. Also when I smiled my upper lip was slightly above the dentures gum line and that really bothered me to see that because it meant everyone would know they aren't my teeth. The doctors assistant asked me two different times to just try them out for about 5 or 6 weeks and if I still wasn't happy to come back. My reply: "I don't need to try them out, I'm looking at the problem right now".
Between you (the reader) and me, I paid with one years earnings that took me years to save and I want what I paid for and expected. If anyone's toes are being stepped on because of this post, who's toes are really being stepped on here, the buyer or the seller?? To be con't......
La Jolla Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Learned about them from the internet while searching for answers to the problems that were arising suddenly of loosing decayed teeth, bridges and broken decayed teeth with crowns.

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