Revision Custom oval implants 750cc with Dr. Grawe

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I'm 5ft 4" and 140lbs. I've been wearing padded...

I'm 5ft 4" and 140lbs. I've been wearing padded underwear since Summer 2013. I've been reviewing this site on and off for a number of years. Initially thought of getting butt injections but decided not too. Then thought of getting a BBL but I don't have enough fat. After deciding that butt implants would be the best option for me for a permanent result, as I work out 5 days a week at the gym doing weights and cardio my search for a Dr began. I came across Dr. Mark Mofid on line and saw his videos, medical history and read his reviews and realised that he's the inventor of Impantech implants. I got in contact with one of his previous patients whose also a Real Self member. She recently had butt implants with him and she's very happy, detailed and open with her experience with the Dr and I loved her results. I had a Skype consultation with Dr Mofid on the 25th August as I live on an island, I had a lot of questions and he answered them all. I secured my surgery date with a $500 fee at the end of our conversation with his office assistant. Thereafter I completed the necessary blood work and sent and all the paperwork and details of my post-op meds etc has been emailed to me from the office and are all packed and ready. I'm booked for surgery on the 24th September at 8am for butt implants and lipo to the stomach.

I fly to San Diego on the 22nd September. I have a consultation with the Dr on the morning of the 23rd September upon where we'll decided on what size implants will be best for me. I'm looking for a nice full projected butt. I'll be leaving San Diego 14 days after surgery (8th October).

I would like to thank you ladies for posting your journey as it's been very helpful to me. God bless you all on your journey.

Surgery time

I had a busy day yesterday and I was very tired at the end of the day.

My consultation with Dr Mofid yesterday was very good, I was there longer than I had expected but I did have a lot of questions and he had a number patients. I wanted a nice round butt and told him that but he advised that given my 5ft 4" height and narrow hips that it would look bounder line that I had work and I don't want that look at all. I also went through some before and after pictures with Setara and decided that I'd stick with 295cc Implantech implants. These implants were designed by Dr. Mofid himself. I had my nails done after my consultation (Dr said it was OK) and I brought water and 100% (Dole brand) pineapple juice and a few snacks. I'm here at the hotel on my own but I've hired a nurse ($500) to stay with me after my surgery and overnight. The nurse is someone that Dr Mofid recommended. I slept surprising well last night considering the anxiety I'm feeling. Sorry I forgot to mention, I'm also having a little abdominal lipo and the fat to be transferred to the sides of my butt because I'm flat there. OK ladies, I'll get you posted as and when I'm able to get back online with Gods help. Best wishes to you all.

Post op day one

When I woke from my op, I was shaking from meds. Nurse wheeled me over in a wheel chair whilst resting knees on the chair. Ever time I stood I felt nausea. Had soup and water and I was out until 6amish. Woke up a few times to pee which hard but I managed too nevertheless.

Day 2 - post op

In a lot pain, ordered soup from room service, for lunch and dinner. All I did was snack on crackers drank water and pineapple juice. Dr came to see me today everything looks fine. I'll post some pictures when I can. Excuse any typos

1 day post op

Day 3 - post op

I woke up on Sunday morning and tried to look at my incision as my butt cheeks are still very tight. From the little I could see as I thought my incision had opened up. When I called the Dr he said not to worry its just reflection of the glue showing shiny. He asked if I felt OK etc. Later Sunday afternoon, I had a lot of pain but all I could do was take my meds and relax on the bed and I eventually feel asleep.

Day 4 - post op

I was looking forward to getting out of the hotel and getting some fresh air as I've been stuck indoors at the hotel on my own. I did a bit of shopping before my procedure on Thursday so I had the essentials (fruit and water). For my meals I ordered room service for lunch and dinner which I had soup each time, boring I know but my Dr wanted me to have soft meals.

I showered this morning for the first time as I didn't feel strong enough to shower on my own before. I packed my bag and left the hotel doing a really slow 5 minute walk to the Drs office but it took me about 20 minutes. Dr said my incision looks great and I'm healing well. I asked to lie down for a bit when I got to his office as I felt exhausted after my walk. The Drs assistant organised some more pain killers for me as I was running low. Drs Nurse assistant got the telephone number for the local grocery store so i could call and order what groceries I need and they dropped them off, that's exactly what I did and it was very easy. I got some oranges, water and muffins. I was in a lot of pain when I got back to the hotel as I had been on my feet for a while. Took Milk of Magnesia and fell asleep. Few hours later woke up in pain and took meds and managed to do a number 2. Drinking lots of water and relaxing.

Day 4 - Post op

I forgot to say, my cycle started today

Day 5 - post op

Woke up very early and took my meds. Went back to sleep for another hour, the pain meds make me drowsy. Had my shower still using bacterial wash on my body. I just let the water run off my butt. I dry between my butt very carefully with a clean gauze pad. Took a slow waddling walk to get breakfast across the Street, room service can mount up very quickly. Got back to the room and my butt starts to become achy. I rest on the bed for an hour and do nothing but watch TV and get up to use the bathroom. Forgot to mention, milk of magnesia kicked in 3 hours after taking it yesterday and I was able to do a number 2. Felt a number of shooting pains down my legs on and off today. I spent all day on my stomach apart from when I get up to eat or use the bathroom.

Day 7 - post op

I had another check up with Dr. Mofid yesterday and he stated that I'm healing well. I suffered really bad constipation yesterday but thank goodness for Milk of Magnesia, I got some relief. This morning I noticed when I got up that my left side I only had tightness from the implant. My right side is still a little painful but it's tolerable. I usually take my pain meds every 5 to 7 hours without fail as the pain starts to kick in but this morning I went 11 hours without my pain meds. I did take two as I went out to the shop to get some breakfast just as a precaution. I was getting a lot of sharp (nerve) pain in my legs but they are subsiding and are not as strong.

Each day I feel a bit better. I've posted some pictures that I took this morning.

Day 8 - Post

I've been making process each day. Doing lots of sleeping and whilst awake watching cable. Had another consultation with Dr. Mofid today and he's very happy with my incision and said I'm making good progress. I've stopped all my meds today as the pain is tolerable now. Dr. advised me to get some Tylenol and he also prescribed some stronger pain killers just in case the pain gets any worse and I need something stronger. I'm very pleased with the Dr and his staff, very professional, helpful and caring. I'll be relocating to another hotel tomorrow as I initially only booked the Marriott for a week and the balance of my days I'd be at another hotel about 20 minutes away. Dr advised me to lay on my side in transit or have the front seat laid out as flat as it can go and use a soft pillow to lay on. My last appointment with the Dr is booked for Wednesday 7th October. Happy healing to all you ladies.

DR GRAWE - remove and replace

I thought it was important to post my experience as many reviews on Realself have helped me.

My first surgery was with Dr Mofid in San Diego in September 2015. I had 275cc round Implantech implants placed intramuscular. I had a great recovery and eased my way back into the gym after 8 weeks. Once the implants had settled into place l wasn't happy with the shape and size of my butt, as it was small and very little projection. After several months of reading reviews on Realself l came across Dr. Grawe. I had custom, Aart style 2 oval implants made which are 750cc and lipo of my flanks and lower back, the fat was transferred to my hips and around the implants.

I arrived in Ohio on Saturday 9th July. Did my food and all my essential shopping on Sunday morning and went to the mall on Sunday afternoon for some retail shopping. My surgery at the hospital was on Monday 11th July at 1pm. Dr Grawe and her staff where wonderful. I spent the night at the hospital as l was on my own and left the next day in the afternoon. A member of Dr. Grawe's team came to check up on me the morning after surgery and a different member of staff picked me up from the hospital and drove me back to my hotel, which was about 15 minutes away. She ensured l was settled in my room before leaving.

My implants were replaced intramuscular with custom 750cc and I had 120cc of fat transferred to each hip and around the implants. Thus far the pain is not as bad as my first surgery. l've been staying on top of my meds and eating healthy and following Dr. Grawe's high protein diet. I had a post op appointment on Thursday 14th July, my next post op appointment is Tuesday 19th July. I fly back home on Thursday 21st July. My first flight home is 1.30 hrs, second flight is 2.30 hrs. I have a booty buddy to assist me.

My custom implants, lipo and fat transfer was - $12953 plus $600 for a one night stay at the hospital. My experience with Dr Grawe and her staff as well as the hospital staff has been exceptional, from start to end. Dr. Grawe has exceeded my expectations and l'm very very happy. I don't recognize myself in the mirror.

I wish everyone luck with their surgeries and/or recovery and l'll continue to pray for a good recovery.

DR GRAWE - Before and after

I forgot to mention, l now have 5.5cm projection

7 days post op - 750cc custom Oval Aart implants with lipo to hips and around implant

Around 4 days after surgery

One month

This is my second week back at work, I have a desk job. My first week was tiring as I stood up a lot at my desk or sat for 15 minutes or so with a cushion under my thighs, putting the weight on my thighs. A few months ago I ordered a kneeling chair in preparation for my revision surgery. As I too well knew that sitting on my thighs with a pillow is very comfortable after a while. I assembled the chair before my surgery and brought it into work last week, and it's been a bit easier during the day but I do tend to alternate between standing and using my kneeling chair throughout my day at work. I also use a soft cushion when I'm sitting on my kneeling chair, still not putting much pressure on my butt as I lean forward. I'm still sleeping on my tummy and resting in the evenings after work and the weekends. I'm still wearing my waist compression garment day and night, to help with the swelling of my lower back and flanks.

10 weeks

Hey ladies, I was 10 weeks Sunday gone and I took a few pictures to show you (its a bit difficult to take pictures of your butt yourself). I haven't told anyone about this surgery, only you lovely ladies. Someone asked my about my butt the other day at work (some nosey woman) that its getting big and I said "I know, its because I haven't been training, can't wait to get back in the gym to loose it"..... yeah right!!!! lol

I just wanted to keep you updated on my progress as this site helped me so much before and during my butt journeys. I'm still using my kneeling chair whilst I'm at work all day. I continue to use a cushion under my thighs whilst I'm driving. I went out to dinner a few weeks ago for the first time since my revision (as I've been making excuses) as I didn't want to put any pressure on my butt until 12 weeks (that was something that I decided to do. Dr. Grawe, told me I could sit after 3 weeks. I took my cushion with me to the restaurant and it made things a lot more easier. It was uncomfortable to sit back on my implants so I tend to sit forward whilst I'm out at dinner. When I'm home I'm still lying on my stomach and I continue to sleep on my stomach also. Whilst I was at the beach 2 weeks ago, I felt my incision stinging a bit whilst I was in the sea but I was in the water for a bit. I used a bit of Neosporin that night after I showered and its been fine every since. I still check my incision in the mornings and before bed to ensure its healing OK, which it is now (but my incision still feel tender every now and then and other days I feel nothing). My butt muscles still feel tight as my implants were large so it's take time for my muscles to stretch. I still use my binder at night as I had lipo on my flanks and I wear a waist trainer at work all day. I'm also still wearing a compression garment day and night as it helps to support the implants as they heal. I'm planning on going back to the gym at the beginning of October but I'll only be working my upper body and then ease my lower body into my gym routine.

I must say that some days my butt looks small and other days I'm like wowww.... so it's still healing and it's going to take time. The recovery this time around is a lot longer than my first surgery but that's to be expected as my implants are a lot larger. Overall ladies, I'm extremely happy :).

?3 Months Update?

Hi ladies

I'm now currently 3 months and every day feels easier.

I started back at the gym on Monday but I'm ONLY working on my upper body. I plan on doing that until I'm 4 months and then I'll SLOWLY incorporate my lower body slowly. I'm still sleeping on my stomach, something I decided that I wanted to do until I'm 4 months. I'm also still lying on my stomach when I'm lounging at home. 

I've been out dancing a few times and it's been great (no pain whatsoever). I have a desk job so I'm still using my kneeling chair at work and my cushion under my thighs whilst driving. I do have to adjust myself on my kneeling chair every so often as I'm still putting pressure on the bottom part of my butt as it feels achy after sitting for long periods of time, but I'm still healing so it'll take time. I've forgotten my cushion a few times when I've gone out to a restaurant but I feel uncomfortable for about 5 minutes because I'm focused on "oh no I don't want to fully sit yet" but after that, I completely forget about. The lipo on my flanks and injected around the implants has made a big difference for me I think I have a little bit of shape now (meaning hips) :). Wishing you all well in your journey.

DR GRAWE - 5 days short of 9 MONTH POST OP Revision

Hi ladies, its been a while

Let’s recap – my revision butt implant surgery was on the 11th July 2016 with Dr. Grawe

Aart Style 2 oval – Custom oval 750cc implants, 5.5cm project with 120cc of fat transferred to each hip.

Back at the gym 3 months after surgery only working my upper body. Month 4, I started to work my lower half but no weights just walking on the treadmill. I slowly started incorporating weights on month 5 bit by bit. I also started using the Elliptical machine to get my cardio workout in. I’m now squatting with weights as I was before, between 120lb to 140lb. I started jogging on the treadmill about 3 weeks now (8 months post op), which I do for about 30 minutes max. I did try jogging on the treadmill at month 6 but my butt felt sore with the bouncing so I stopped and waited a few months and tried again, which I can now do without any discomfort.

I’m still babying my butt, not because I had/have any issues but I want to ensure that I’m fully healed without causing any problems along the way. I have a desk job so I STILL sit on an oblong cushion under my thighs as well as whilst I’m driving. Been to the movies a few times and took my cushion with me (I don’t care what people think), as those movie seats are so uncomfortable. The only time I feel discomfort is if/when I’m sitting on a hard surface for too long. I’ve also sat on a plane for 7 hours plus and took my cushion with me and had no problems. Again, I’m using my cushion because “I” want too and will do so until I’m 1 year post op with my revision.

My incision (I had one centre incision), has healed completed, I’d say about 6 weeks after surgery. Again, I did baby my incision to ensure that I do not have any infections and to ensure that my incision healed properly, no sitting on the toilet, no bending, no exercise, keeping it clean. I didn’t sit for 12 weeks whilst at work at all as I used a kneeling chair when I went back to work (see my kneeling chair picture attached). When I’m home I still lay on my stomach whilst watching TV. I wore compression garments for support for about 6 months. Again, I didn’t have any issues but I WANTED to wear them to help with the healing process and it gave me great support. I STILL sleeping on my stomach…..I’m going to do this until I’m 1 year post op because its something I want to do to ensure everything INSIDE is nicely healed.

I went home to see my family in February 2017 (7 months revision post op surgery) for the first time since my surgery in July 2016, and they were all asking me what I did to my butt, even my Brother. My cousins couldn’t help themselves, they were grabbing, feeling, rubbing and asking me how did I my get my butt this size……I wanted to see if anyone could have guessed or felt that I had implants, but they said nothing but.. GOSH your butt is amazing, its nice and firm I want mine like that ????. I said I’ve been working those squats and lunges and changed my diet somewhat ….. they all believed me. If I told them I had implants, I would get lots of negative, I know my family. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it ????

I’d say I’ve gone up 2 sizes in jeans at least. No doubt I’ve had to get rid of all my old jeans before my revision. I’ve invested in two pairs of high waisted jeans and they’re fantastic and compliment my butt nicely.

My hip measurements before surgery was 38”

Hip measurements a few days after surgery was 41.5”

My current hip measurement is 41.7”

I’m very happy with my butt and giving the look on some of the men’s faces who I see out and about they are too ????
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Grawe, was true to her word. She listened to me and told me what I'd expect as we're all made differently and I'm sooooo happy, that I listened t her. The staff at Roxy are also equally as nice and helpful. Thanks Roxy team xxx

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