23 Years Old, Petite W/ Big Breast! San Diego, CA

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Hello everyone! First and foremost I just want to...

Hello everyone! First and foremost I just want to say how much I LOVE this site!! It has helped me be more confident in my decision to get a breast reduction.
Okay, so I am 23 years old, 145lbs, athletic build, small frame with 32HHH/36F breast!!!
Like most of you I've always had big breast growing up. In high school I was 115lbs and a DD. I was very athletic as well, I did cheer and ran track and my boobs was ALWAYS in the way. After high school of coarse every woman starts to gain weight and so I did. But with weight gain my breast got bigger too! And with a small frame I have constant shoulder and back pain!! I would cry some nights just because of this pain.
During this time I would visit my doctor over and over about the pain. She referred me to do so many things like Yoga, Physical Therapy, and work outs to help my back stronger to help support my breast. I did that for a whole year and of coarse it did not work. I lost weight everywhere else but my boobs!!! Then my doctor said my best bet is a BR. So she refured me to a plastic sergeon within my medical company and I scheduled a consultation.
At the consultation, my PS measured me, asked me what I wanted, what were my problems, and took pictures. Another thing I loved about my PS was that he was totally honest with me. He really made sure I was 100% with my decision. Overall I loved how my PS was listening to what I wanted and my concerns. My parents loved him as well which is always a plus. After the appt. the receptionist said they will give me a call when they've sent off my measurements and pictures to my insurance.
2 days later the PS office called to tell me they sent it off and souls hear back soon. At this point I was beyond excited but nervous at the same time.
3 weeks later I get a letter from my insurance. I was too scared to open it so I let my mom open it first. I didn't want to look at her expression so I looked away until she put the letter in my face. It read "You have been Approved for the following procedure: Breast Reduction surgery" I nearly passed out!!! I couldn't believe it!!
I called my PS office and they were so happy and excited for me. It was awesome. They asked me what was a good time I thought I could do it. I said in August a month after I come back from vacation. So we scheduled for Friday August 21st at 7:30AM!!! The office mailed me a bunch of paperwork on what to do before the surgery date as far as Viatmens and keeping my body healthy for a speedy recovery.
So now it's the matter of time to wait! Ugh I can't wait guys! I'm beyond excited! Can't wait to keep you guys updated and let me know if you have questions!!

Next Month!!

Just a quick update.
My surgery is next month(August) !!! I'm beyond excited. I'm mostly nervous about going under and the pain level when I wake up. I've been so active trying to get my body more fit before the surgery. I heard if you take care of your body then you'll have a speedy recovery. Idk of its true but it's nice to get back into working out and eating more healthy. I've also been taking multivitamins every day. My PS recommended taking Viatamin C and/or multivitamins once a day everyday before the surgery, so that it'll help my body heal faster. So yes guys I'm so dedicated to this surgery it's no joke lol. I'll keep you guys updated and until next time.

Quick Question

Hey guys quick question.
There's a concert that my favorite artis is headlining. The concert is exactly a month after my surgery. My mom thinks I'm crazy for buying the tickets already because I don't know the condition I will be in.
So do you guys think it's too early to go to a concert or will I be ok?
Note: The concert is at a NBA stadium so it does have seats, and I'll be returning to work 3 days after the concert anyways.
Please let me know what you guys think. Thanks.

3 more days!!!

I cannot believe my surgery is in 3 days! It went by so fast!
I'm so nervous and excited!
I had my pre op appt last week with my plastic surgeon. He measured me again, we talked about the size, and he answered all the questions I had.
I had asked him and his nurse if I would have to get a surgical bra. They said no and that they will provide me with not one but TWO surgical bras! I never read that in an other review so I thought that was super nice.
One thing that stuck out to me was that my PS said he likes to see his patients the next morning after surgery. Not sure how I feel about that. Like I'm happy he likes to see how everything is the first 24 hours but I'm not too sure how I will be feeling leaving home 24 hours after surgery.
Anyways. I still take my vitamins everyday. Still trying to eat right and trying to be heathy as possible to get my body ready.
Overall, I'm just so excited.
My life is seriously going to change in 3 days. Ahhhhhh!
Any pointers on a fast recovery? Or on scar treatments? I'll update soon! :)

Tomorrow is the day!

I can't freakin believe it! I am on a emotional roller coaster right now. I'll have a moment where I'm freaking out and then I'll calm down and be excited. I'm just all over the place right now.. Reading your guy's comments are really helping so I thank everyone for being so supportive! I'll post more pre pics later!

Last Pics of my big girls

Took these pics tonight. Night before surgery. The sports bra that zips in the front is a size LARGE and as you can see my breast are spilling out.. Hopefully next time I put that sports bra on I'll be able to fit it!! I'm so excited! I've calmed down a lot and I'm more ready than ever. Thank you for all the support everyone!

I did it!!!!

Hello everyone!! I'm just coming in to let you guys know surgery went great! And I feel amazing!! Very very little pain ! I'll talk about my whole surgery in a little because I'm too sleepy to talk about it now.. Thank you everyone for being so damn supportive!!!! Ugh I love this site!

Let's talk about the surgery day!

On Friday August 21st, I woke up at 5am. I had to be at the outpatient clinic at 6:30am and its 30 mins from my house.. As my parents were driving me there I was sooooo nervous. I just didn't know what to expect. We got there 15 mins early at around 6:15. I went inside to check in.. 5 mins later the nurse came and got me and walked me into the peeping room where I had to change into q purple robe and cute purple socks. The nurse had me answer questions, took my vitals, and asked me to pee in a cup. After all that they went to get my parents to come sit with me while I wait for the Anesthesiologist and my PS to come in.. First in came the a anesthesiologist.. Boy he made me so comfortable. He was super funny. He also explained his part in the surgery which was obviously to put me to sleep and keep me sleep. It was great talking to him. After he left my PS came in. It was so nice seeing him.. He marked me up and said "A C cup right?" And I said "That's right" after he was done he talked to my parents a little bit then he shook my hand and told me he was going to make me look great. After that, the head nurse came in to get me. He put a walm blanket over my body and we walked together into the operating room. He was trying to distract me by asking questions about my life and what I do..
As I walked into the operating room, I was so so so scared, they had me lay on the table and the doctors in there were making me laugh so hard. All I remember was them making jokes about each other and I was cracking up.. The antastegiologust started putting the stuff in my IV and he told me this is it. And I said "Woah I feel it" then I was OUT! I don't even remember falling asleep.
Next thing you know, I was in the recovery room. I woke up sooo loopy and out of it. The nurse asked my pain level and I said a 7 so she gave me meds in my IV. I don't remember but I think I asked for water and food cause I was starving lol next thing I know I seen my parents walk in. I was so happy to see them.
They said my surgery lasted 2 hours and 45 mins and I slept for 2 hours in recovery. I was still out off it at this point and kept dozing in and out.
Next the nurse came in and said I can get dressed and head home.
When I first stood up I felt like a baby first walk.. I felt so off balanced and my top part was so light. The nurse and my mom help me get dressed in my sweats and zip up hoodie as my dad went around to get the car.
The car ride was bad at all. I brought a pillow in the car and it helped so much!
As soon as I got home around 1pm I went straight to bed and slept most of the day.
My parents have been so helpful in this process. They are amazing. One thing I hate is getting up to go pee.. OMG it hurt so bad to get up but the pain is bearable. I'm about to head off in 30 mins to see my PS as he likes to see his patients the morning after surgery.
My biggest concern is that my right breast hurts a little bit more than my left and the right has been draining more than my left. I hope this is something not to worry about. So wish me luck. Thank you lady's for being there for me and being at every step of the way. This is a long process. And I can't wait for it to be over lol

Day 2 Post op

Day 2 kicked my ass yesterday.. The constipation started and my stomach is so big and bloated. I took Maralax but no results yet. The constipation hurts worse than my boobs.
I cried for the first time in this process last night as I felt my whole body aching.. Although I rested the whole day yesterday, I was exausted by the end of the day. I took two Oxy that was prescribed to me to help me sleep and omg it helped! It's 3 in the morning right now and my mom helped me to go pee. So has 3 days post op creeps up, i am feeling a whole lot better than yesterday.
I read so much about the drains and boy were those people right! I HATE the drains. They are just so annoying and I still have 6 more days with them on. Ugh! My boobs are not even draining that much but honestly I think I would have the drains instead of having them at all. I just gotta suck it up.
The wedge pillow I bought on Amazon was a life savor. I really recommend that so it helps you sleep propped up.
I got to take a little peak at my boobs at my appointment yesterday.. I freakin love them!! They're so small and perky! My PS said he took off almost a total of 5 pounds to make me a C cup! Crazy right?!?!? Well let me go back to sleep as sleepiness is kicking in.. Happy healing everyone!

Quick update.

I am 3 days post.. This recovery is so frustrating. The wait process has gotten to my head. I love my new boobs and I just want to have fun with them already lol I'm just being a little impatient brat. But I have been resting and not pushing myself so hard which is a plus.
I don't have anymore pain. I do take one pain killer at night and one in the morning but that's it just to keep the soreness away
I've been having headaches with blurred vision.. My mom called my PS and he said nothing to worry about. He said its either all my medication or its my body's adjusting to just laying around all day and me getting fustrated so he said walk around the house more often. So I've been walking around (not too much tho) and it helped. I don't have a headache anymore.
I've been feeling little zaps and tingling on my breast.. I've read those are normal. Those aren't painful it just sneaks up on you and makes you hold your breath for a few seconds.
I have not had a bowel movement yet :/ I've just been having a lot of gas. I've taken maralax, are fruit and not I'm drinking iced coffee. So maybe that'll work. My stomach doesn't have pain tho.
I get my drains out on Friday( in 4 days) I cannot wait!!! Hate those stupid things.
I'll keep you guys posted. So until next time!

1 week Post op tomorrow

I am 6 days post! Past 2 days have been much better than my first 4 days. I was feeling down and out yesterday from being bored in the house so my dad asked if I was up for riding down by the beach.. I live in Sunny San Diego so the beach is only about 5 to 10 mins away. So riding down by the beach was the most exciting thing ever! I took a pillow just in case for unexpected bumps in the road. It was the highlight of my day. I really needed that.
Anyway. My 1 week post op is tomorrow and I can't wait! I get a chance to really look at my new boobies.
I am also TERIFIED!!! I will be getting my drains removed. I can't wait for them to go away but omg I'm so scared! I have read they hurt so bad when being taken out.. I plan on taking a pain med before the appointment. Any advise to prepare me for the drain removal??

1 week post op!

Just left my 1 week post op appointment and I am beyond happy with my results!!!
The drain removal was no bad at all! I took pain killer before going to the appointment. The left drain removal hurt but still wasn't that bad. And I barley felt my right drain removal. I feel 10x better with those out.
The nurse then put steri strips on and a new more comfortable bra, answered more questions I had and I was done!
I had to schedule another appointment 2 weeks from now so my PS can look over me.
I didn't get a chance to take a pic of my boobs before she put the steri strips on but I am healing so fast and great!
Im still swollen and have some bruising but that's expected.
Overall, I'm in love with my new body and I feel so much more comfortable. Until next time!

1 week and a day

I'm just loving my new boobs. I notice I still slouch like I have big boobs. I feel so much lighter though!

3 week update

So I had an appointment today with my PS to get the remaining stitches out and tape off. He said I am healing great. I return to work in 3 days which I am so excited about. I miss having a set schedule.
I did have a small opening on my left breast near my nipple. Not too worried about it cause my PS said its nothing to worry about and he put I believe "Sugical glue" to help close it up and the glue will peel off in 5-10 days.
My PS said I can start working out in a week. I'm still swollen and a little sore but nothing to complain about.
I still sleep on my back which is a pain. I still can't sleep all the way thru the night without waking up. I can slightly go to my side though but not for long.
Now onto scar treatments. I'm going to try "Scar away silicone gel". So let's see how that goes.
Overall I'm in love with my new body! I can't wait to get my 6 pack back and workout without back pain.
I don't have to see my PS for another 6 months.
I'm so excited to start this new journey in my life!
Happy healing to everyone and if you're thinking about the surgery, it is soooooo worth it!

1 Month/6 weeks update!

Hello everyone!
I am 6 weeks post and everything has been great!! Just been adjusting to my new lifestyle with smaller boobs.
Still best decision ever! I havnt had any back pain since my surgery, I no longer feel heaviness on my chest.
I did have an infection scare about 2 weeks ago. My incinsion was red and was causing so much pain. I called my PS right away. I went in and it was no infection. It was just leftover sutures that was irritating my skin. The nurse took them out and the pain was gone the next day. Although there was some leftover sutures/stitches on my incision , I'll take that any day over an infection.
I believe I'm healing great! The scabs are still there but I massage them twice a day and each time I see them fall off on thier own. I did have a couple of scabs that feel off and I had small openings. I put antibacterial cream on them and they healed on their own.
My nipples/areoles seem to be a little different sized from one another but it doesn't bother me not one bit.

I'm sick and tired of sleeping on my back. I've tried sleeping on my side but I woke up so stiff and uncomfortable. I do sleep kinda slanted to the side which does help though.
I got cleared to begin working out at 4 weeks but I felt like that was too early for me so I began working out this week as I feel completely normal.
I had fun at target the other day and tried on bra's. I know your not suppose to until like 6 months but seriously who could wait that long to try on bras? I ended up fitting comfortably in a 38B and 36C!!! Talk about amazing! I know the size will change over time but it's nice to just see where your at.

One thing I havnt heard anybody talk about yet was how your boobs react to your menstrual cycle. Holy shit were my boobs sore and swollen! Felt like I was at week 1 again(pain wise). Ugh I hope that's just a one time thing.

I love my new boobs though. I know I keep saying that but honestly I do. Even with my scars and everything. It was well worth it. My confedince has sky rocketed. I feel like my face is not hidden behind my pre post breast. I love my new body.
Again, anybody that is thinking about this should just do it. It's now or never.
Happy healing everyone!

Happy New year! 3 months update

Finally 2016! Wahooo!
Everything has been going great! I feel like I'm fully healed and feel normal.
Scars are improving. I use cocoa butter with vitamin e to keep them moistureized as I notice when my scars get dry they tend to get tender and hurt a little and/or itch. Nothing too major, it's just an annoying feeling. Being African- American I did develop a keloid on my right boob. And some of the scars have risen. I still don't care how they look. I've never been so confident.
I bought my first Victoria secret bra the other day! I was ecstatic! It's wireless so it does not irritate my scars and super comfy. I tried on all sorts of sizes and I could fit 36C comfortably. I did fit into a D with a little room in the cups though.
It's an awesome feeling to be able to walk into a clothing store and know for a fact you can fit anything shirt and it'll look good:)
Btw going bra-less is AMAZING!!! I wore a cute crop top the other day and didn't have to wear a bra and my friends total thought I had a strapless bra on cause my boobs were so perky ha!
I still have sensation in my left nipple and still no sensation in my right. BUT I would get these stinging shocks that last for like 5 seconds in my right nipple, then my nipple goes back to no feeling. It's wierd lol but I know it's normal.
I sleep on my sides comfortably now. Still not on my stomach though.
Working out is amazing! Running and cardio is so much better!! But a good cardio sports bra is good to have because it is very uncomfortable for your boobs to go up and down.

My biggest concern right now at 3 months post, I'm terrified of my boobs getting bigger. I always have to look at my old pictures to reassure myself that they are not big like that anymore. I do feel like they've gotten slightly bigger since surgery but I can't tell.
Umm please let me know of anymore questions and I really hope I have helped some of y'all out there to make this incredible decision. Again, it's so worth it!!!
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