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I'm a 25 year old mother of one, and I've always...

I'm a 25 year old mother of one, and I've always been unhappy with the size & shape of my boobs. I breastfed my daughter for 15 months and now they're even more sad than they were before! :/ After a LOT of research I had a consultation with Dr. Pousti in San Diego, CA and it was a great experience. I met a few patients who were at their post-op appointments, and both of them had great results and we're happy with their experiences with Dr. Pousti. I also felt that the office staff were very polite and respectful and they made me feel comfortable during my visit. I tried on 450 cc sizers and I was really happy with the look so that's around the size we're aiming for! Dr. Pousti and I agreed that I would benefit from a minor lift in addition to my implants. My nipples are a bit low on my boobs, and I have some asymmetry so I hope I'll be happy with the results Benelli lift! Dr. Pousti is confident that he can lift my left nipple a bit higher than my right and put a slightly larger implant on my right side to even then out :) I'm scheduled for surgery on July 1st, & my pre-op appointment is June 7th! I'm super excited, I've been obsessing over goal photos!

Almost pre-op time!

My pre-op appointment is in a few days and I'm so excited! I've been obsessing over before & after photos. I'm excited to talk about the type of silicone implants I might be getting! I've been researching but I know that dr. Pousti will make the decision of what will fit my needs best. I took some more "before" pictures in clothes to do comparisons after my surgery. I'll be paying the full amount for my surgery at my pre-op appointment. Less than one month to go!

One week out!

I'm having my surgery next Friday and I'm so excited! I'm a bit nervous but mostly just can't wait. I've wanted this for a long time and I'm finally doing it :) I have all my meds and a few zip up sports bras ready to go & my mom flies in on Thursday night to stay with me the first few days & help me out. Added a few more wish pics! :)) so excited to see how many CCs I end up with. Getting Mentor smooth round probably high profile because the Benelli lift can flatten projection.


Tomorrow's the day!

I can't believe my surgery is tomorrow, this day has come so quickly! I'm incredibly anxious. I'm excited and nervous, feeling a lot of different emotions. My mom is flying in tonight to spend the first few days with me & help me out with my daughter. Surgery is set for 10:15 AM, need to be at the surgery center at 8:15. ???? Ahh!!!

It's all over!

Had my surgery this morning. Im in pain and it hurts when I try to take a deep breath. The oxycodone doesn't seem to be helping much. It's so hard to
Sleep sitting up and on my back even though I'm so groggy. I hope it doesn't get worse.

Day 2 post op

Day 2 has been better. I've been keeping up with all of my meds and that definitely helps. I was 1 hour late on my oxycodone this morning and was in quite a bit of pain so in trying really hard to be right on schedule. The meds make me drowsy so I've been taking short naps here & there. Overall I'm feeling decent today. Very glad I have my mom here to help take care of me. :) my first post op appointment is on Tuesday, 7/5 and so far someone has called me to check in yesterday & today. :) I peeked in my surgical bra & I think I ended up with 400cc ultra high on the right & 375ish on the left. Can't wait to see them!

Getting better day by day

Each day has been getting better & better. I'm hoping to start cutting back on my pain meds tomorrow. So incredibly anxious to see my new tatas! I'm nervous about the ultra high profile but I know the Benelli lift can flatten projection so they shouldn't end up having that ultra high profile look. Today I went down to the pool with my daughter & my mom and sat in the shade while they played in the water. I've been up and about (still taking it easy though.) and feeling pretty good! My neck & shoulders do hurt from the way I'm having to sleep, which is shitty. :/ overall, if this trend keeps up I think I should be great to go back to work on Thursday!

First post-op appointment

I had my first appointment today just to check & make sure there were no complications or signs of infection. They just peeked inside the bra. I made my next follow up appointment for Monday (6 days from now) and then they'll take the bra & the dressings off & I'll get to see them! The steri strips around the areola will stay on a few more weeks but I'm excited for the appointment.

Dr. Pousti also gave me some beautiful flowers to take home, that's a very nice touch from his office. :)

10 days post op!

I had my 10 day follow up today. I got to take the gauze off and see my boobs for the first time! I'm so excited about how everything is going. They look great for 10 days post op, and I started my massages today to help the implants drop. They're still high up. The steri strips need to stay on my areolas for a few weeks & I need to wear the surgical bra for a few more weeks. They're having me wear the strap up top now to help them drop as well. While I was in the office I met 2 girls in for consults and showed them my boobs and talked to them about my experience. It's so funny that just a few months ago, I was the one there for a consult, meeting patients at their post op visits! :)

I can't say enough great things about my experience so far! I know I still have a ways to go to see my final result but everything has gone better than I could have expected. I only took my pain meds for 3 days, I feel great, I'm back at work.

I also got my implant card today! Super official ;) lol I got to shower and wash my hair today which was like a dream, just had to be extra careful not to get my boobs wet, but having clean hair is amazing. Next visit is in 3 weeks and I believe I get to burn the surgical bra at that point. Lol

2 weeks post op

I'm so excited about my new boobs! I'm doing my massages as much as I can to help them drop. 2 nights ago I started having painful swollen lymph nodes in both of my armpits & it made me a little nervous, as swollen lymph nodes can indicate infection so they had me come in yesterday. Dr. Pousti said its a normal reaction to surgery so I'm not going to worry.

I also took some "after" photos today in the same bikini I posted the "before" pictures in and comparing the photos is just amazing, I'm so excited to see my final result. A little nervous to see my incisions at my next appointment but fingers crossed they heal quickly & scar well. :)

4 weeks post!

Everything is going great! I have an appointment in a few days & I think it's going to be the big incision reveal & "burn your surgical bra" appointment. lol. I went & bought a new no-underwire long line bra from VS so I have another option besides sports bras. & I am posting a comparison photo from when I first got my dressings off & first saw my boobs & now. Everything is progressing wonderfully, I am very happy. :))

5 weeks post op

So I went in earlier this week for a follow up appointment and they gave me the green light to start wearing sports bras instead of my surgical bra! Yay! They still want me to keep the steri strips on for another 2 weeks though, so I'll get them off at my next appointment. I was bummed because I am SO anxious to see my incisions but I can wait if it means a better outcome. Trying to be patient. Lol

Anddd they gave me a shirt for sharing my experience with a woman in the office for a consult. :) everyone in the office is so nice, I haven't regretted my decision to go to Dr. Pousti even once. Everything is going great, and I am incredibly happy with my results so far!

6 weeks post op & doing great

I had my surgery 6 weeks ago yesterday. I am super happy with how everything is going, I still haven't seen my incisions but regardless, so far I've been feeling like this surgery was one of the best decisions of my life, I'm ecstatic. I do feel like my right is still a bit smaller than my left & it could have used a slightly larger implant, but I really can't complain. I knew that complete symmetry probably wasn't realistic, and it's definitely an improvement from my asymmetry pre-op. My next follow up is in 6 days (at 7 weeks post) and this tune it's definitely going to be the incision reveal! Lol what I've been so anxious for.
The steri strips on my left side are still completely perfect but on the right they've started to come up a tiny bit on the upper part & I can see in a little. I just see some dried blood, can't see much.

Can't wait til Friday! I'm on pins & needles. So excited and anxious and nervous! I've seen many post op incisions while browsing this site & there's such a wide variety of what seems to be normal during the healing/scarring process. I just have my fingers crossed that I'm healing well in there! My next update will be the big one! Lol ;)

Incision reveal!

Today I'm 7 weeks post-op & I had my steri-strips removed at my follow up appointment today. I have been so anxious for this day! I didn't know what to expect and I know that with the Benelli lift, some people get less than ideal scarring.

Well I am incredibly happy to say that my incisions have healed BEAUTIFULLY! I have a bit of scabbing that needs to come off and then I can start using my silagen scar sheeting, but even without them, my scars are already looking fantastic. I can't even explain how happy I am with my new boobs, with my entire experience with Dr. Pousti, his office staff, the surgery, my recovery. Absolutely worth every penny.

Before & after photos!

Got an email today with my before & after photos from Dr. Pousti's office! :) just wanted to add these! Before on the left & right after I had the steri strips removed on the right.

8.5 months post op

Just stopping in to say I'm still very happy with my results & post an updated picture ;)

Happy happy happy!

Just over 9 months post op & I'm so very happy with my new body. It was worth every penny. I'm so much more confident & comfortable in my own skin now.

1yr post op

It's been over a year since my surgery and I'm still totally happy with my decision. My left implant never dropped as much as my right, so my breasts are a bit uneven, but I went into this knowing I couldn't expect perfection, just something better than I had. & that, I definitely got. Its not noticeable in clothing, but you can tell when I'm topless. Also, the scarring isn't too bad. My scars lightened up pretty well. Better than I expected after reading about benelli lifts! I couldn't make it in for a 1 year post op appointment due to my crazy schedule but I wanted to post an update with some photos.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pousti was always very professional and kind. He is obviously very knowledgeable and experienced, and I felt incredibly comfortable with him through everything. He has a very calm demeanor that just puts you at ease, and I think that's very important in a plastic surgeon!

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