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I have to say that I wanted this for quite a while...

I have to say that I wanted this for quite a while after breastfeeding my kiddos. Once I started interviewing doctors and once I put in the downpayment I was totatlly getting wet feet. I was thinking this was crazy but once I took a look at my befre pictures I remembered why I made this decision.
Arrived at 7:30 went to surgeryroom and waited for doctor. He arrived at 8:30 and ready for some anesthesia. I have to say I was terrified of the anesthesia but man that stuff is awesome. I was talking to lovely urses and after a while I passed out. When I woke up my throat was very sore and got some ice chips. The ride home was fine considering I coudnt remember anything. I ate some crackers so that I could take my pain meds and man do I hate Oxycodine. As soon as I took it I was nauseus and eventually threw up. For my next dose I ate more crackers and a whole bananan , that didn’t help it was the same result. My entire stomach was emptied. Pain was there but not unbareable but I refused to take more thatn 1 pill because I was scared of throwing up. Eventally I decided to just take ½ a pill and that somewhat helped. I was in more pain but at least my stomach was not botherin me. I slept propped up through the night with only ½ a pill.

Days 2-5 (a little late)

Day 2
It was extremely painful getting up from bed but man all the squats and exercise before surgery helped. I had my post op appointment today and that was great because I definitely wanted something else for my pain that wouldn’t tear up my stomach. Nurse was awesome and prescribed me Vicodin and Valium for spasms. My right hand was tingly which freaked me out a bit. They had me starting my exercises of lifting my arms and this was so much easier with my new meds. Today was SOO much better than Day 1 with my new pain meds. I could actually move my arms , get up, and even put my hair in ponytail without horrible pain. Night was same, I wake up at around 4am due to pain so I get up, eat something, wait a while and take my pills.
Day 3
Once again, so much better. I feel better walking around than sitting down. Seems like when you are laying back and then sit up straight you can feel implants readjusting and its somewhat uncomfortable. Not much to report feeling great, wanted to do some squats but since they said no exercise I just did 5 or 6, don’t want to hurt anything.
Day 4
Husband went to work and I was by my lonesome. No issues, I am able to cook some breakfast, warm up things in microwave and do most things on my own. The only thing I definitely cannot do is open my darn meds. Those things are on pretty tight. I was told right side is higher so I have been massaging and pushing down mostly on that side so that hopefully it catches up to the left side. I am happy with size but hope the swelling went down sooner. Good to know that time will take care of this, I just have to be patient.
Stopped taking pain medications except for Tylenol every so often. Only thing I need to keep taking is Valium per doctor instructions. I’m pretty sure that’s the reason why Im so sleepy during the day. I’m able to move around as normal and doing my exercises as well as pushing down on my righty so that hopefully it goes down and catches up with the lefty.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

During my first visit everything was excellent. Went with my gut feeling and decided that same day to go with Dr. Chaffoo. Now my follow ups are very short and quick. I guess since I am having issues with one of my implants (CC) I am freaking out and they are very calm about this whole process. I would like more reassurance or time from them thoroughly explaining the whole process and what the game plan is, if there is one.

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