26 YO, 1 Child(Breastfed), Want Bigger, Perkier Boobs (Tubular Breasts)! - San Diego, CA

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Hi All, So, let me start by saying I have wanted...

Hi All,
So, let me start by saying I have wanted bigger boobs and smaller areolas since high school, pretty much since boobs "mattered to me." I only developed into an A cup, after my child I moved to a B cup! I went to see Dr. Pousti located in La Mesa, CA, to see what he can do for me after reading all of his reviews. The consultation was $100. What I liked most about the consultation was I was able to meet someone, feel her boobs, and chat with her about her procedure, a BA/Lift, which is the same thing I am getting done, a benelli lift to be exact. I saw her boob and immediately wanted mine to look the same. I know her body is different than mine, but they were gorgeous, Dr. Pousti did an amazing job. I went to my pre-op appointment two days ago, paid all my fees, and got my surgery time and prescriptions! I am so excited, the nervousness hasn't caught up to me yet. I have less than three weeks and I will have some silicone gel implants under the muscle!! I am hoping for a strong D, not a DD, just a full D. I cannot wait to wear bras that are not extra padded!

Almost at my two week pre-op date!

So, the nervousness still hasn't kicked in yet, probably because I am enrolled in two classes right now that end April 30th, and my Navy physical readiness test is the week after next (I scheduled it that way). I have gotten a few things done so far, I did go and get all my prescriptions filled, but I still need some hibiclens to shower with before surgery. Any suggestions on things that helped after surgery that made you more comfortable are more than welcome. :) Will add photos soon.

Pictures Finally!

15 days until BA/Lift. I'm really excited about smaller areolas.

Nervousness has set in!!

Why are you doing this to me, nerves?!?! I know why, because of all of the things that can go wrong with going under the muscle, my main concern is muscle flex deformity. Oh my god! This would happen at m 2 week mark exactly, my nerves have been bad all day, it could be due to the onset of my period, I'm hoping so, because I do not want to spend the next 2 months a nervous wreck, I want to feel overly excited again!
Anyway, besides all of that, when I wrote about my consultation and pre-op appointment, I never mentioned the staff member in Dr. Pousti's office that helped me. Her name is Daisy, she is very informative, answered all my questions, asked questions that i had not though of yet, and was very pleasant to me both office visits. She makes you feel very welcomed and comfortable! If you are thinking of going to see Dr. Pousti soon, I recommend you ask for Daisy! She's awesome. :)

Side views

Almost Time

Well time sure did fly by quick! I'm still more excited than nervous though! I expect to be happy and satisfied with the outcome of my surgery! :)

Surgery Day

At the surgery Center all ready to go! I'm still so excited????

Got my Boobies, y'all!!

Hey everybody! Today was my surgery and what can I say? The nervousness never came because I was still so excited. I arrived to the surgery center 2 hours before operation time (my surgery was set for 9:15 a.m., required arrival time was 7:15 a.m). When I got there I had to take a pregnancy test, then after a short wait, i was taken to the back to prep for surgery. I was given compression socks, a hair net, non-slip socks, and a paper gown. After I put all of this on, my IV (for fluids) was hooked up and blood pressure taken. Once that was all done Dr. Pousti came in answered whatever questions I had and spoke to me about what I wanted, he also created his roadmap on me, then the anesthesiologist came in and asked me a few questions as well. Once she was done, one of the nurses came to get me and escorted me to the operating room where it was really cold, but I was given warm blankets and then I was gently put to sleep via IV, with an oxygen mask over my face. Next thing I know, I hear someone calling my name asking me to "wake up sweety." My first question was how much CC's I ended up with and the second question was did I have any drains. The CC question couldn't be answered but the nurse assured me i did not have any drains. YAY! I can see HP 450 CC on my right beast but can't be sure what the left one says. I will update you all as soon as I know myself at my post-op Friday afternoon. Once I was home, after a few hours, Dr. Pousti and his staff called to check on me, and gave me my 1st post-op appointment date and time.
Breast Augmentation with Benelli Lift, Silicone Gel implants, Under the muscle, will update CC'ms later.

Get off my chest baby elephant!

The only time I feel pain/pressure is if I move my upper arms too much or I am trying to get out of bed after laying in a reclined position for a long amount of time. Taking deep breaths and walking around helps with the pressure and the pain. I was given Percocet (OxyCodone/acetaminophen) and Valium (muscle relaxer) to help with pain, which is working perfectly. If you have any other questions, pls let me know. Also, before the surgery I washed and straightened my hair so it will be easier for me to manage it after. I had it in a high bun during surgery and now it's just in a ponytail.

Day 2

Wow I woke up feeling great, but by midday (around 10 ish) I felt pain and pressure that I found to be the worst so far. I immediately layed back down and took a nap. I know a lot of people take their bandages off so they can see and post pictures, but I'm going to follow the doctor's orders and leave all mine on, until he takes them off/out at a follow up appointment. I attached a pic of day 2, all wrapped up.

3 Day Post-Op Visit

Today was my first post-op visit and, what can i say? I was a little saddened by the fact that I could not take off my bandages but other than that, everything went extremely well. When I first arrived one of the office clerks called my name and escorted me to a private room where she asked me to remove my button up flannel and asked me to put on a gown (she helped the entire process), where my boobs can show through the front. After this she gave me my implant card. Then she took a peek (inside the bra and under the bandages) and noticed nothing bad seemed to be going since the bandages and bra were placed on me after surgery. I expressed how there was a bit of old dried up blood on my left nipple and asked if the bandages were going to be changed, another nurse, as well as Dr. Pousti assured me this was okay, and that the bandages will not be changed, until our next visit, due to everything being sterile. When i walked in they all mentioned how i did not look like i had surgery just 3 days prior, due to my hair and make-up. :) After Dr. Pousti seen and felt his work he then again assured me everything looked and felt great. After all that, I got dressed (with help, of course), and was asked if i would like to see my before and after pictures, I immediately said, "YES!" We stepped out of the private room and behind the front desk where I was shown the before (while asleep), and the immediately after surgery pic (while asleep)! I was ecstatic because they looked so beautiful!!! This was my first time seeing my entire upper body since Tuesday morning (the day of the surgery). After I seen my after pics I went around to the front desk of the office and made a follow up visit for the "7-10 days" visit. Once my appointment was scheduled I was given some beautiful flowers in a vase, which brightened up my day even more. So much love is given at Dr. Pousti's office, I was and still am so excited to see my boobs for the first time, after surgery, without being all wrapped up, because i didn't cheat and sneak to peek lol.

5 days Post

Since I couldn't take my bandages off I took a little peek-a-boo pik!

Okay, so I peeked

Hi, ladies, not even a week post-op yet and I'm loving my new boobs! Pain and pressure has majorly subsided ????????. This is just a quick update, will post more at "7-10" day post-op visit.

Tubular Breast Implant/Breast Lift

Hi everyone! I am a week and a half post-op and feeling lovely! Dr. Pousti and his staff are amazing, calling me everyday to check on me, making sure I am okay and not going through to much pain. Dr. Pousti did a wonderful job on my tubular breasts, you would never have known that they looked how they looked before, I am beyond overjoyed. Didn't experience pain at all during or after surgery, only major pressure, a little sharpness and tightness, nothing I can't handle. Doing Massages 8 times a day a minute on each breast relievers all those aches at the same time. :)

Less pain than I thought

I can definitely say that throughout my entire experience I never once felt any pain. I have only felt major pressure that has subsided each day, little sharp pains that subside with massages (this is normal) and complete joy with my new girls. Since I started my massages my breasts have softened up quite a bit and also dropped a little from being right under my chin. As of now, I am not on any pain medication, not even ibuprofen. I go in for my 4 week follow up appointment May 25th, hopefully I can see if this tape can come off, so I can start using something for my scars around my areolas. As of right now I do not have much feeling on my nipples (hot, cold, pinch), I hope this subsides and the feeling comes back. Other than that, nothing new to report. Will post pics soon.

Am I 3 weeks post op yet??


Really quick update! Everyday, almost throughout the entire day, I feel prickling and tingling feelings on my nipples, sometimes irritating. I looked it up and read that that is your nipples getting sensation back! Yay! I also confirmed this with my Dr.'s staff.

Quick update!

All my sutures are still covered with sterical strips so this is what I have to do if I want to take a shower instead of a very careful bath! I have another follow-up appointment on Wednesday, will update more, if I don't add more pictures by then. I am loving the outcome, just have to use my left hand more because my dominant side(my right) seems to be dropping faster.

Three week post-op appointment

Today I had my 3 week post op appointment, and it went very well! The doctor removed my sutures and I was able to see my areolas for the first time since "the immediately after surgery" photo they showed me. I was so excited and in shock with how small my areolas are now versus how big they were then. Also, the office provided me with some silagen gel sheets for the areolas to help with scarring ($55). I was hoping that I could start using those today and have already started. Today i had my first real shower since the surgery because my PS gave me the "ok" to shower and let my scabs fall off on their own, to not pick at them, and to not scrub them. After my shower, I made sure my breasts and areolas were dry and immediately applied the silagen sheets so I can wear them for 12 hours while I'm at home and asleep versus out and about during the day.

Progress update

Updating to post new pictures! Some of my scabs decided to come off on their own so I have light spots around my areolas! Still using my silagen gel sheets daily for 12 hours a day.

10 weeks +1 day post op

Oh my gosh! It has really been a while since I have updated, but nothing has changed since my last post except more healing and they may have settled a little bit more. I am extremely pleased with my results! No discomfort, I will get a little tingling feeling around my areola, but that's not surprising (still getting more sensation back).

Loveeeee these boobs!

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

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