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Planning surgery for Friday. Dr. Pousti and his...

Planning surgery for Friday. Dr. Pousti and his staff seem very friendly.

Nervous about vertical scar, anesthesia (he uses general), and I like the really round shape for breasts ("bubble"), and I am nervous it won't look like that when finished. Also, that nice, round bottom curve on the breast I think is really sexy, and I am worried that with a lollipop it might flatten.

Having lipo too, and I am concerned that he will be more reserved than I like for concerns about skin loosening. That is a concern, but the lipo is my real motivation for the surgery. I am a size 5 or so, but pants are always long and waists too big because of my thighs which I have always hated. I could be in a much smaller size if it weren't for my bad gene thighs :).

I am the most nervous because I have had exactly opposite advice from each doc I have consulted (about 8 or 10, total). I never had anyone tell me I shouldn't lipo flanks till Dr. Pousti.

But the bottom line is that overall, his ratings are the best and he has spent the most time introducing me to other patients, etc. I can't find an unhappy patient with Dr. Pousti, and so I am praying I have made the right decisions. He did not recommend the anti bruising stuff. Would love to know if that is really important, or not.

Ordered my garment and the reality set in that I am spending three weeks in that thing in the dead of summer. Not attractive. :)

Would love to hear from other Dr. Pousti patients. And thank you for sharing all of your stories! They have inspired and encouraged me!

Up all night with anxiety about this. I so envy...

Up all night with anxiety about this. I so envy all the brave women on here who just make a decision and go with it. Can't sleep at ALL and have a huge, busy work day tomorrow. I keep reading others' posts and making endless lists that will only stress me more. Also, Dr. P asked me to make a poster of what I want and don't want. I don't know how to find any pictures! Refuse to go buy a Playboy but don't know where can I get pics otherwise...

I sent him files of pics and so he scheduled another consult tomorrow to discuss. He never prescribed any of the anti bruising stuff. I am surprised. If I should get it, I would love info about where to get it for a good price. I am so amazed how much time he takes with each patient. I can't help but still question if I should go across the border and get this all done for so much less money. The stories on here about women who have make it all sound so nice and easy. I went for a consult over there and was a little horrified. I saw Dr. Sanchez, I think. Nice people, it just felt so different than the US.

I love the accountability of a Dr. who is local, advocates RS, and lets me talk to his other post op patients, even privately. I am a black and white thinker, who is always sure there is ONE right answer. That is my problem here. So much to think about.

Plenty of help on the other side of the surgery, so at least I don't have to worry about that. I am mostly just worried about the money, the outcome, and the anesthesia. But that is enough! haha!

And it's Friday! So much to do to prepare and I am awful about lists and organizing like that.

Still not sleeping and just thought of another...

Still not sleeping and just thought of another question--I am still debating silicon or saline (the oldest question in the book!). I like the bubbly look of saline, but I am afraid of the sloshing and rippling and I sleep on my stomach! I would think they would be less comfortable to sleep on. Any thoughts on that appreciated too. Need to make some real decisions with only four days to go!

Feeling SO much more peace, now! Dr. P met with...

Feeling SO much more peace, now! Dr. P met with me again yesterday and it helped so much! I am actually getting excited and slept all night last night! The site has been so helpful.

Got all my stuff today. Wshew! Spent about 300...

Got all my stuff today. Wshew! Spent about 300 dollars, and I didn't get some of the recommended apparatus, like a recliner. Don't have one. Will have to make do. I don't know exactly how I am going to arrange things in bed, but I put all the stuff by my bed. Dr. P did not say a word about buying a bra so I guess he provides those. That's nice. Bought nighties that are cute little button fronts and a couple of tank style with boxers. Could not find any old lady button downs, but that's ok because I might be too prissy for that anyway. Still feeling pretty chill but I will tell u that walking into CVS to buy Depends and mattress covers was a trip. And I am shy about buying laxatives, too. But I bought everything tht all the pro's on the site recommend, and more. Wonder how I will feel tomorrow. Getting marked up tomorrow eve. That might make me anxious again, but now I have the valium to help with that if need be.

Big night. Doesn't feel big though. Got to watch...

Big night. Doesn't feel big though. Got to watch a beautiful sunset over the water, made me happy. Got everything ready but I have NO idea how on earth I am going to remember to take all those meds. If you read this, please say a prayer, for my family, my surgeon and his team, and for me and the results. Thank you so much! :)
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Every day I wake up and can't believe I hesitated. I am so, so pleased with Dr. Pousti and his staff. Words fail me. I just feel so so blessed.

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