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I am having my breast implant surgery tomarrow(Jan...

I am having my breast implant surgery tomarrow(Jan.14.2013) and I am so excited! I am 25 and I have wanted to do this since I started developing because I have always been small chested. I now have 4 children that where all breast fed untill they where a year old. So needless to say my breasts are now not only small but droopy and saggy also! My husband thinks they are fine the way they are but understands that I am very self consious because of my breasts and he supports what I am doing to feel good about my self and my personal appearance. I do have anxiaty and usually with something big like surgery coming up i would be very worried and nervous. Right now it is 10 hours till my surgery and I am only feeling excitement about tomarrow and I want to give thanks to everyone here who shared there experiance as well as Dr.Pousti and his awsome staff for that. They made me feel comfortable and made sure any questions or concerns I had where answered. I am confident I will be very satisfied after my surgery tomarrow. I will keep you all posted :)

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I chose Dr.Pousti because of his amazing reviews and after meeting with him and his staff I was cofident he could give me the results I was looking for.

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