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Since puberty, I knew my breasts were different...

Since puberty, I knew my breasts were different than other girls and I knew that later in life I was going to have some revision. It was something I've always wanted, I just wanted to make sure it was the right timing if not close. Anyways, Since 18 years old, I've been to many doctors, consultations, and had researched a lot before proceeding with any surgery. There were a few things I wanted: NO lollipop scar; I was OK with scarring around the areola but NOT down the areola nor anchor. I also wanted the implant to be UNDERNEATH the muscle. Some girls want that "fake" look of implants where as I wanted totally NATURAL.

Lastly, I wanted to feel comfortable and confident with the doctor. This is SERIOUS stuff, and you don't want to fall into the wrong hands of some surgeons out there. All I'm saying is don't just go cause the doctor is a friend of a friend or that you'll get a good deal or whatever, this is YOU and YOUR body. YOUR LIFE... YOUR DECISIONS. My life seriously, no lie, has changed 100%. I should say my confidence 100%! I have no shame and I LOVE MY BREASTS. Most of the time I feel like I've always had them. 1 thing I wish I knew before hand; I was in the middle of losing weight and just becoming more fit.... I had my procedure and I wasn't able to workout i.e. sweat pouring all over; HOWEVER I did not eat the cleanest either which contributed into me gaining some pounds! After a good solid 5-6 months I was able to do whatever. You have to remember too that everybody (every-BODY) is different! Healing process and different surgery could be shorter or longer, it all depends!

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

From the moment I met Dr. Pousti, I knew this would be a done deal. His energy and poise is magnetic and he never fails to put a smile on your face! He fulfilled all the things on my checklist! He is all about being REALISTIC outcomes. Also, Dr. Pousti was one of the only doctors I found who specialized in my condition, "turberous" breast.

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