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Hi! I am 35 and the mother of two sweet boys, ages...

Hi! I am 35 and the mother of two sweet boys, ages 5 and almost a year and a half. I used to be a small but perky A but now am a not-so-perky almost nothing. I wear a 34 A but don't fill it up at all, also have a few 32 A. My BA goal is a full C, and my biggest BA fear is being too big. I am 5' 8" and 115, very long and lean. I would rather wear a push up when I want more (imagine: having boobs to push up!) rather than go too big and be top heavy and ridiculous-feeling.

My surgery is scheduled for early January and I am super nervous. Feel a little selfish, I would freak out if my husband wanted to spend this kind of money on something like this. Also, I am happily married and in my mid-30's, not like I am going to walk around showing my body off, not interested in that. Just want to feel sexy with my hubby and look nice in clothes again, not worry about bending over to pick up my son at the park and my nips showing cuz I don't fill up my bra!!

I know many of you know how I feel. Just hope I am doing to right thing and won't regret it. :/

My first nightmare

I already had a boob nightmare! I dreamed I went into surgery and the doctor couldn't fit the implants in there, he tried and tried but my skin wouldn't budge. I woke up from the anesthesia with two big incisions and my same tiny boobs. Ha ha, let's hope it isn't a forecast of things to come!


No update really, just waiting. Less than two months to go now. I am nervous about lifting my 18 month old in and out of his crib, I know that isn't going to work for a while and there's no way I am putting him in a toddler bed yet. He is a tornado! I will have help for about 6 days but after that its all me until the next weekend. I will have to figure something out.

My pre-op is in about three weeks. Looking forward to doing sizing again and I have heard they have a 3D imaging machine now, which they didn't have when I went in for my consult. That will be cool.

I have lost a little weight due to some personal stress going on, really need to put it back on before surgery. I really just need my personal stress to resolve, that would be lovely!! Was thinking of postponing my surgery because of it but decided that this is for me and I will be glad I did it regardless of whatever else is going on in my life. I just wish being a grown up wasn't so hard ha ha.

I have been following several of your journeys, thanks for your updates and pictures. It's a good distraction and good prep for me!

Nipple sensation

So, I have to wonder in regards to nipple sensation after reading lots of reviews. Before kids I enjoyed my nipples during sex, that sounds weird but you know what I mean. After kids, I just haven't really been enthused about it. Not just because my boobs changed but because I nursed for a long time and it just hasn't been the same. Like the feeling didn't turn me on anymore? Anyway, reading reviews about the sensation returning or not, I just don't really care that much. Do/did any of you feel the same? Or once we have beautiful boobs and feel sexier overall does that change the way you feel? Am I alone here? :)


Hurry up, I am ready to have boobs already!!

6 days until pre-op

Only six days until I go in for my pre-op. Hoping to settle on a size and get my instructions and Rx's. Not sure what else they will do, measurements and such I guess. I have been busy getting ready for Christmas and dealing with some personal things. I think the personal things are improving, hard work and time will tell I suppose. Thanks for the happy wishes on that front, feels good to read your posts of encouragement!

I ordered three Coobie bras last night, looking forward to receiving them soon. I think I will do before and after pictures with them since they stretch. Can't believe that in 25 days I will have boobs! Eeeeek!

Not much else to report, just the waiting game and trying to work things out. Looking forward to hearing what my PS has to say about supplements and meds and such. Hoping I won't need to order much, we have several natural grocery stores and the like here. I wish we had a TV in our bedroom, would come in handy for surgery week! I have always preferred not to, too many distractions in life already, would rather not have another in my bedroom. :)

Hope you ladies have a fabulous weekend! My mom is taking the kids for the night tomorrow so I can relax for a change (hubby not home this weekend). Planning on sitting my butt on the couch, eating ice cream and having a Breaking Bad marathon ha ha. And spending way too much time on this site following your progress of course!

A few before photos

Tried on some things I used to wear before kids, want to wear, or now wear with strapless bras (but still don't look great). Thought I would take some before shots to compare after. I like seeing everyone else's before and after pictures, you all seem so excited about the change. I am getting more excited every day. :)

Pre-Op is tomorrow!

I am super nervous about my pre-op. Paying in full, getting my Rx, signing all the papers. No going back! I wish my husband could go with me but he has to keep the kids. I made a boob poster last night, felt like a perv ha ha! I will take that in. Any suggestions for questions or any tips? Thanks Ladies!

Pre-Op Complete!

I had my pre-op on Friday. It went well, got all the info I was expecting, everyone was very nice as usual. They did the Vectra imaging, it was really cool! I decided I am going to go with 380cc, liked the look better than the 350. Also looked at 410 but it seemed too big. So, going into surgery hoping for 380. Two weeks from today!

Merry Christmas ladies!

6 days!

It's getting so close! I am more and more excited but the reality of caring for my 20 month old is setting in. I am going to e spending the next few days making freezer meals for my family and trying to figure out how I am going to handle my toddler by myself after a week. He fights when I change his diaper and is still in a crib. HawaiiGirl34 suggested putting a stool inside the crib when it's time to get him out, great idea! Need to devise a way to get him in, and step him into his car seat, and other stuff. Any advice on how others handled this stuff would be much appreciated!

A few more supplies

I bought some Smooth Move Tea, Vitamin C and some immune health tea that I am going to drink until my surgery. Figure it can't hurt! I also bought some gauze pads and "no hurt" tape. I read some women used that if their nipples were really sensitive, as a shield of sorts. I am having My incisions at the nipple so not sure if that will be the case.

Only five days to go, wow! My excitement is growing. Keep looking down and thinking, "Only x more days of tiny boobs!" So weird!

Less than 24 hours!

They moved my surgery time to 11:15 from 9:15, won't have to get up early and I will be able to get the boys off to school and the sitters ourselves. I am so excited!! Hope I have everything ready, making one last freezer meal today and taking care of a bunch of random things. Wish me luck!

Today's the Day!

Eeeeeek! Just a few hours until I am at the surgery center! Have to get the kids off to school and the sitters and get ready. My mom is bringing me a daily pill box thing so I can organize my meds, thought it might be hard to open the bottles. Also going to download a medication tracker for my iPad. Found one last night but it wasn't very good. Not long now!


I did it! Tired and hurting, just took pain pill. Eating dinner now, not nauseous any more. Will write more tomorrow. Happy! All wrapped up can't see much but what I can looks great. He ended up doing 320cc silicone under the muscle. He does temp sizers inside and that amount is what gave me my wish look I guess.

Been in bed but kind of dozing. This upright sleeping is going to be tough. Anyway, super happy, I HAVE BOOBS!!!


I got to the surgery center about 9:05 and they were running behind so I didn't go into the op room until almost 12:30. Was so ready to get it over with! Everyone was really nice and Dr. Pousti put me at ease, went over everything, marked me up and we looked at my photos and discussed the look I s going for again. I liked 380 from the Vetra machine but he said that might be. Little large for the look I wanted, he would see what looked best during the procedure. I told him my biggest fear was being too big and he completely understood. Said not very many women end up feeling too big but the ones that do have my body type, tall and thin. That really made me feel less anxious,

Surgery went really well, my nurse Kate was really sweet, held my hand and talked to me while i went under. that was a weird feeling. i felt myself slipping under ans said "here i go, goodnight!" ha ha

Surgery took about and hour and then I was in recovery about two hours. I was extremely groggy went I woke up and in pain. They gave me a couple vials of pain med through my I V and then two kinds of nausea meds too. Then a Percocet pill a bit later. I was pretty high ha ha,

My husband took me home, just live about five minutes from the center, awesome. My kids and mom came in to say hi and give me kisses and I got in bed and dozed for a few hours. Set my alarms for meds and took those with bananas or crackers. I had. Light dinner and fet fine, ate in bed. More dozing. I was in pain but not bad, just extremely sore. Moving my arms, shifting positions trying to sit up just using abs all hurts. Taking Percocet, Vicodin, and Zofran for nausea. Taking exactly when I am told, woke up during the night to take when scheduled. Not messing around or tring to be superwoman. I feel tired and silly sometimes but I don't mind. I have two kids, when do I get to lie in bed and nap and watch Netflix? NEVER! Taking full advantage of this help while I ave it so I can recover as easily as I can.

Last night after the kids went to bed I wanted to watch shows with my husband so ge helped me walk out to the living room. That add me nauseous and a three up a little but after a few minutes was fine. Even had ice cream after a bit! Went to bed about 10:30,

Woke up still sore and tight, maybe a little worse than yesterday. Not terrible, still on top of my meds. Been in bed all day except to go to the bathroom. Drank smooth move tea last night and took. Stool softener this a.m. To try to prevent a back up. We'll see, I know the painkillers stop you up so am expecting it. Pre-op is on Friday, can't wait to get the bra off and see the results. Look great with the bra and when I peek down. I am really happy so far!

Day Two is no fun

Hi Girls,
Ugh, I have felt like crap all day. Chest super sore, headache, stomach hurts, the whole nine yards. I have only gotten up to use the bathroom. Been sleeping on and off all day. No BM yet but that is one thing that's not uncomfortable yet so I am fine. Drinking Smooth Move tea at night taking stool softners so we'll get there.

My PS office has even calling everyday to make sure I am ok. Post op is tomorrow. My incisions were hurting on the right side earlier, otherwise haven't really had any pain from them. Just feel like a truck ran over my boobs, no biggie ha ha. They feel swollen but I can't really see them with the surgical bra on. It keeps everything tight and in place, not much movement which is fine by me.

My sister and mom said day two was the worst for them so I guess it's normal. Hoping I feel better over the next few days as Monday it's the Mommy Show. May be a day full of Baby Einstein and Mac n Cheese ha ha. Hope you other ladies are recovering well, very gentle hugs to you!

Finally feeling a bit better

It has been a rough few days. I hadn't done much but sleep and try to eat and drink a little since my surgery on Tuesday. I was on top of my meds but they stared making me really sick, threw up several times. Had my post op yesterday and things looks good, said I was healing well and to keep resting as days three and four are the hardest. Last night I had crazy realistic dreams and I think I may have hallucinated some because I kept turning on my light to see if I was in my room and everything was ok. Super Weird.

This morning I couldn't keep anything down and still hadn't had a BM which was getting very uncomfortable. My husband helped me bath and washed my hair, which made me feel more human again. I decided to try an enema as nothing else was working. Thank goodness that worked! I have been able to go twice now and feel much better. I still feel nauseous but its a little better.

My boobs are swollen and up high, but look normal for just a few days out. I am disappointed how hard this has been, not that I thought it would be a cake walk but was hoping I would be so sick. Oh well. You take what you get. I am scared for Monday when I will have mt kids with no help. Pray for me, eeek!

No more nausea

Ok, five days out now. I will post pictures soon, just can't hold my iPad out like that and don't have an iPhone. My nausea is gone, thank goodness. Pretty sure it was the pain meds. I slept till 11am today, yikes! Feeling ok, just sore. My right one is a lot more sore than my left. Which is weird as I am left handed. Had slightly less breast tissue on that side though, maybe that's why.

My friend is coming to visit in the afternoon tomorrow so will have a bit of help getting my son in and out of the stroller and diaper changes. He May only get bathed every other day for a while but that's not too bad is it??

I have the house to myself and all I want to do is take a nap, how sad is that? I just got up and had lunch. Oh well, might indulge as I won't be napping much after today. Hope you other ladies are healing well!

Five days post op pics

So for a few reasons, including job related, I have chosen not to post topless photos. But after my last post a few minutes ago I decided to try on my favorite bikini. I am so excited about how it looks, may be a tad small, especially since I am hoping to drop and fluff but it looks sooooo much better than before!! I have boobs!!!!!!!!!

Feeling better but righty hurts

Morning! My left one is feeling pretty good, can't really feel any pain or discomfort unless I try to use my arm too much. The right one on the other hand is very painful. Feels like stinging or burning or searing pain sometimes, feels bruised to the touch, especially on the outside near my arm. No bruising I an see there. Anyone else have this? Going to talk to the office today when they call. Killing me right now. I am off the pain meds and its almost time for my dose of ibprophen so hopefully that will help. Thanks for your input!

Getting the marker off?

Anyone know how to get the darn surgical marker off your skin? I still look like I just got home, makes looking at them less fun! :(

Photos 7 days post op

Here are a few pictures in my comfy Coobie bra. My surgical bra is in the wash, needed it lol!

More pictures

So every night after my bath (no shower yet, can't wait for that!) I do a little dress up, it's so fun! Seriously I look forward to it all day, how silly is that?? These pics are in a 34C Fredrick's of Hollywood bra my sister gave me. She had a BA a little over ten years ago and still looks amazing. It's bra just didn't fit her right so she gave it to me when I told her I was going for it. It fits! My boobs don't sit quite all the way in the cups right as they are nowhere near dropped, but they are getting better every day.

My constant pain is pretty much gone for the most part. Get morning boob of course and they are still uncomfortable a lot of the time. I get twinges of pain and am trying to be very careful in what I do. But I cared for both kids (5 and 20) months all day alone today and was fine. My mom came over to help with bath as I can't really do that for the little guy with the reaching and lifting. Was fine making dinner and folding laundry, cleaned my bathrooms except for the bath tub and shower. I can sweep some but no vacuuming.

My next appt. is Monday, really really hoping I can shower. Things seem to be progressing and I am still loving them even if they are still in alien mode. :)

Getting softer

I noticed yesterday that they are starting to soften up just a tad. I can squeeze them and push them around a bit. Haven't started massages yet as my next appointment isn't until Monday, assuming they will give me the run down then.

I had a hard time with my 20 month old today, had to wrestle with him a few times to do car seat straps and a wild diaper change session and I am feeling it now. Going to ice them after I take a bath and probably take a muscle relaxer before bed. I am trying so hard to take it easy but life sometimes gets in the way. My husband is off the next two days though so should be a bit of a break.

Speaking of my husband, I think he is freaked out by the boobs. He says he likes them but doesn't really want to look at them or touch them. I asked him to squeeze one VERY lightly to see if they felt a little soft and he was reluctant but did it of course. He says its the "wounds" on them, ha ha. Once they are healed he says he'll be fine. Anyone else have that experience? I think I will have the steri strips on for quite a while right? :(

For some reason this afternoon my surgical bra started driving my skin nuts. Itching and chaffing and so sensitive I couldn't bear to have it on any longer so I took it off to let the girls breath for a few minutes and then changed into my Coobie bra. I know I am not supposed to but I couldn't handle it. After my bath I will put the surgical bra back on. Anyone else have that happen? Kinda weird but maybe my skin was staging a small revolt at not being naked in so long. Never slept in a bra before except when I was nursing.

One more thing, have any of you post-op girls used those petal silicone or fabric nipple cover things? I have a few tops and dresses I would like to go bra less in but need some nipple coverage. Any recommendations? I thought I read on this site about silicone reusable ones or something, it was a while ago. I will Google them too. Goodnight!


This morning I was able to push them together enough so they touched! I will have cleavage!

On a bit of a bummer note, I tried on my 34C bra again yesterday and now it's not quite being filled out, guess I was swollen when I tried before. Darn. I still have dropping to do though, so we'll see what happens. Honestly even if I end up a decent sized B it will be Soooooo much better than before I will be okay with it. I will try to take a few pics after the boys go to bed tonight and post them.

Bikini pics

Here I am in the same bikini top, 13 days post. Still more full on top than I will stay, hoping will project a little more when I drop and fluff.

I have some rippling on both breasts in the outside lower corners, kind of a bummer. My PS said that was most likely going to happen because I am at such a low weight/low body fat right now. Hoping if I can gain a few pounds it will help it. And really, the only ones who will see or feel it will be my hubby and me, and we know they are fake ha ha!

I think I am about the same size as when my milk came in for the first time when my first son was born. I remember being awed that they got so much bigger in a few hours' time. I also remember thinking I should take a picture in case I ever wanted to get a BA, to tell the PS that's what I wanted to look like. I didn't take a picture but its looking like maybe that's what I will have. Kinda funny.

Not dropping as fast I as I would like

I went out with my hubby last night and wore a shirt I haven't been able to wear since before kids. I felt amazing! Is hard to tell from the photo but it just fits so well now.

I am a little bummed that they seem to be taking a while to drop. I am sure I am just impatient. My right is taking longer than my left. I am doing my massages like crazy speed them along. Still in the surgical bra most of the time, cheated for date night and when the bra is in the wash. Here are a few pics, not sure if you can see the right being higher or not.

Have my next appt. on Thursday. Really hoping to get the steri strips off so I can take showers without the waterproof band aides that only work half the time. They are softer but still pretty hard, I can just barely push them together. I have to keep reminding myself it's only been 2 1/2 weeks!!

I was hoping they would be a little bigger, but my PS decided to put in slightly smaller ones. I will probably end up doing push up bras when I want more. That's okay, and they look bigger naked of course. ;)

Better and better

It's been a while since I last posted, and things are going well with the boobs! They are getting softer, slowly but surely. I had so e pretty noticeable rippling in both breasts but as they are working their way down the rippling has lessened quite a bit, awesome. I went to Target today and tried on bras, the 34C's all fit whoo hoo!!! I can't believe how much I love having boobs, doesn't seem like it should be this big of a deal but I feel so much better when I look in the mirror. I feel more confident and way sexier.

I had an appointment with my PS last Thursday and he said they look great, come back in a month. I am taking the tapes off my incisions tomorrow morning in the shower, nervous to see how the scars look. I need to pick a scar cream and buy it too. On the to do list.

Still have dropping and fluffing to do, I am impatient but they look better all the time.

About seven weeks I think

Hi! Sorry I have been MIA! Things are going great in the boob department. I am about a 34 C still, not buying any nice bras until my PS gives me the all clear for underwire. My incisions look great, one you can hardly see already. The right one "spit a stitch" twice and so that took more time to heal. It was freaky, about a month post op and it started bleeding. I called and they had me come in after a few days and he said it was just fine. Did it again a week later but has been fine ever since.

I had pain when I laid on my side at night, mostly In the right one when I laid on my left side. That has mostly resolved. I am pretty much pain free and just enjoying them! It's weird to see they way they move when I flex my pecs so I make sure my hubby doesn't see ha ha.

I am looking forward to getting a bra to give me cleavage for when I go out. They are in good positions but don't touch unless I squeeze them together since they are not that big. I think they look pretty natural most of the time, can't really tell a difference in regular clothes. Well, I can, but no one else probably can since I wore slightly padded bras and my boobs no where near filled them out.

Going back to the PS in three weeks, hoping for the all clear for regular bras. I do my massages, still not dropped all the way but looking better.

Almost three months post op


I had my three month post op visit today and it went great. Things look normal and he said I have pretty much the best result anyone could ask for, very cool! I feel they are almost perfectly symmetrical, a great size for my body and are dropping nicely. I like how they sit but as I am only three month post they may drop more, which would be fine too. They are pretty soft, I have really felt any other silicone breasts so don't have much to compare it to. Mine as the Sientra cohesive silicone, not the gummy bears but much softer I guess. 320 in both sides. Posting a few pics. I got the to ahead to wear regular bras, he just said he doesn't like push up bras or bench presses ha ha.

I am going to try to link my review with my PS, Dr. Tom Pousti in La Mesa, Ca. He did a wonderful job! He and his staff were always very nice, able to accommodate changes in appointments easily, kind to me and did well assuaging my fears. A staff person called every day for at least three weeks, and my calls were returned promptly.

For those that have followed me from the beginning my biggest fear was going too big. I communicated that to Dr. Pousti SEVERAL times and he totally understood. Many of his patients on his website were bigger than I wanted and so it made me nervous. I didn't need to be at all, they really are perfect. Yay for boobs!
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