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So far my experience, like most I would assume,...

So far my experience, like most I would assume, has been really nerve racking. Good but I can't help but get anxious thinking about the procedure. I was a sweaty, nervous mess when I went in for even just my consultation with my doctor. Once I met with him I was completely relieved though and knew he'd be the surgeon for me. At my preop appointment last week I was nervous going into the office again but it was more of an excited nervous. Like, holy cow this is finally happening. I have been considering breast augmentation since I realized I was never going to develop any boobs. I'm sure happy I waited though because now at 24, after two kids, I am left with what I call small skin bags. I have a little bit of tissue but I am still cramming them into the 34A cup that I was wearing in high school. After taking my measurements and trying on all kinds of sizers, my plastic surgeon and I decided to go with Saline implants with a range of 540-590cc's high profile. Tomorrow morning before my surgery I am going to show my surgeon more photos of breast size that I like and I think I am going to ask him to go on the bigger side with them. I really like the look of the 590's on girls with similar stats to me. I am 5'5" and 130ish lbs and currently wear a 34A bra. I would also like them to be slightly overfilled to prevent rippling. But I want to verify first that overfilling will not void the implant warranty.

Anyway tomorrow is my B-DAY(boobie day)!! So excited but so scared at the same time, not looking forward to walking myself into an OR but I'll get over it. And my surgery is not until 12pm and I am going to starve!!!! I will post pics once I'm capable!

Post Op Day 1-

Today has royally sucked. Driving to and from post op appt was not a good time. Very painful with.any movement. Trying to keep my food down with ginger ale and crackers. Doing a pain/muscle relaxer combo that's working well. I think the sides actually hurt.more than my cleavage, maybe from shaping the pocket. The implants he went with were 550 cc filled to 600cc saline high profile. I am very.happy with. where they are sitting on my chest and cannot wait for them to drop and fluff.

Post op day 2

So everyone told me that today would be way better and that I'd feel like a million bucks; WRONG. I feel poop. Terrible nausea and pain on the sides of my breasts. Doing a little better right now from drugs but not exactly moving around the house so well. I'll update later.

Post op day 5

This week has been rough but getting a little better each day. They look so weird but I'm trying to stay positive knowing that they will eventually drop and fluff and be awesome. Been icing and keeping up on my muscle relaxers. Went out shopping yesterday and it totally wiped me out. Just trying to lay low. So far no bruising and the tape it's still on so I can't really tell how the incision is healing. Maybe I will try to post pics to show the recovery process.

One week post op

So I'm feeling way better and I'd say I'm at about 80% normal. I'm starting to experience the back pain everyone is talking about and realize I have been slouching a lot. Able to do light housework now.

As for my photos, I'm starting to get boobie blued. I cannot wait for them to drop. I'm embarrassed to leave the house because they are so high and tight. And my cleavageis still in my throat basically.

Hopefully they start to drop.once I start massage. My ten day post op is on Tuesday. Has anyone waited that long to start massage?

And I totally forgot to ask about the over filling and the warranty. I'll be adding it on Tuesday. It's already on my list for my PS.
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