36yrs, 5'6", 133lbs, 34B Hoping for D - San Diego, CA

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Hello ladies. I am scheduled for BA on 8/10. Preop...

Hello ladies. I am scheduled for BA on 8/10. Preop 8/2. I'm debating between 400-475 silicone, sub muscular, periareolar incision. Currently a 34B hoping for a small/full 34D. I will update my preop tomorrow. Appreciate any tips on things you wish you knew BEFORE BA (meds/activity/returning to work)

Pre-Op today

I had preop today. I liked the way 475cc and 500cc looked. My surgeon said to go a bit bigger bc I will 10% of sizing when going under the muscle. I'm trusting him. Attached are sizing pics. My left Breast is bigger than right and is lower also. He suggested 500cc on Left and 550 on right. Those numbers seem large to me. But he's the expert.

Today is the day

Had BA today. Feels sore and tight. Slept at home the last 4 hrs or so. Gonna try to eat so I can take pain meds.

Post-Op Day 1

Still really sore. Surgeon said swelling is better than expected. I went 8 hrs without a pain pill. BAD idea. Ice has been on my girls off/on since my BA. Hurts to take a deep breath. Any suggestions for nerve pain?

Post Op Day 2

Feeling swollen. Still hard to take a deep breath. Took my pain meds early this am before getting up. I have been icing a lot and I feel like I've dropped a little. No bruising at all. Right side more sore and swollen (bigger implant). Gonna try Tylenol and muscle relaxants during the day.

Post Op Day 4

Feeling really good today. Slept in bed on my back slightly elevated. I slept 7 hrs!!! Hallelujah. Right side dropping faster than right. I use my left arm MUCH more so that's likely the reason. Pain is a soreness now. Right arm with mild nerve pain...when will that go away? When will they drop...2 weeks?

Post Op Day 8

Right side still sore. He lowered the IMF on that side I believe so that is likely the cause. Left side still riding high. I'm so impatient. When will they drop???

2 weeks post op

Not much changing. Left is still higher than the right....which I feel like makes my left nipple droop. Stitches out on Friday. Seems like a long time. But I double checked with surgeon today. Getting more sensation...feels like a burning pain. Wanted to buy a supportive bra but in still stuck in surgical bra.

Almost 4 wks post of

Left side still high. I'm getting discouraged. I've been doing exercises religiously and it MAYBE has dropped a tiny bit. The left side is a smaller implant (500cc) vs 550cc on RIGHT. But it looks Way smaller bc it hasn't dropped. They just look so uneven. What have I done.
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