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Well tomorrow is the big day. I can't believe this...

Well tomorrow is the big day. I can't believe this is really happening! I'm excited and a little nervous too. I know my PS will do an amazing job I'm just really not looking forward to the recovery part. My hubby took 2 weeks off so I hope that will be enough. I'll be curious how many cc's I end up with. I'm hoping for 550-650cc's.

Had my BA and Am at Home Relaxing.

What an experience! Everything went smoothly at the surgery center today. Last thing I remember was getting my anesthesia, trying to keep my eyes open and being out within minutes. I woke up in a lot of pain with a lot of pressure. They gave me pain meds which kicked in quickly. When I feel tightness in my chest I take 2-4 breaths. The first breath is always painful but after the 2nd to 3rd one it's actually quite relaxing. I feel like I should recover pretty nicely so long as I stay on top of my meds. I'm very happy with how quickly the Percocet kicks in.Funny and random story after my surgery. When I was ready to be discharged the nurse wheeled me outside to wait for my husband to come pick me up. As I was sitting there with the nurse a younger woman (maybe in her early 30's) comes up to me and asks if I'm ok. I responded saying "I'm doing ok, thanks." She then asks if she an give me a hug. Odd but I said "ok" thinking maybe she was someone involved in my care that I didn't see. Anyhow, she then gets in her car and as she drives by the nurse and I says out the window, "May the Lord be with you." At this point the nurse asks if I know who that woman was and I said "no". Haha. Very strange but sweet too.Back to my BA though... I ended up getting 590cc's ultra high profile on each side (due to my concave chest wall) and am thrilled! I have a follow up appointment on Friday and hope to snap a few shots of post some before/after pics.I'm feeling very drowsy and hope to sleep most of the day.Stay tuned for pics!

Day 2 Post Op

I am in an incredible amount of pain today. I'm taking my medication as directed but I feel really sore and tight around the outer edges of my breasts. Two more days until I go in to be seen for my first post op appt. I'm anxious to hear what the PS says.

I'm praying this pain dies down quickly though. I'm also starting to experience upper back pain which I assume is normal but the dr.'s office said to just have someone massage it and not use heat or ice.

My sleep schedule is going fairly well. I've set alarms to wake me for my pain meds and I'm so lucky to have my husband around to help out with our two little ones. I feel like all I've been doing is sleeping, eating and watching half of a tv show before crashing again. Haha.

Day 3 Post Op

Today has been an interesting day. My pain started off manageable until I decided to loosen up the strap along the base of my surgical bra because I felt like it was cutting off my circulation from being too tight. Boy was that the worst idea ever. After a couple hours my lowers breasts felt like they were on fire and every breath I took caused an unbearable pain. My husband called our PS's office and they quickly said to tighten it back up and try to angle the straps upward to really support the underneath of the breast. I'm not kidding within minutes my pain was going away! I'm still very anxious to see what my boobs look like. Tomorrow I will be going in so I'll be sure to get a picture and post one up. Everything still seems unreal. I'm so happy I decided to follow through with the surgery. I've already bought some bras from VS's semi-annual sale. I know I don't know my exact size yet but they have a 90 day return policy so if it doesn't fit I'll exchange.

It's almost been a week

Things are going pretty good. It's definitely a struggle being a mom of two and being told to not do much of anything. Yesterday I was cleaning my kids room and went to reach for a toy and felt a tight pull in my right breast. Since then it's been pretty sore but I think I'll be fine. I plan to bring it up to my PS at my next appt.

I've been dying to see what my breasts look like so I took my bra off to take a quick pic. At my first check up all they did was looked at the incision. I guess at my 10 day post op appt is when I will start learning the massage techniques. Ahh I'm so excited so far though. I can't wait to continue to see the progress. :)

Also on a side note... Does anyone else feel completely bloated? I feel like I've gained 5lb in just my stomach in the last week and I haven't been eating much!

2 weeks post op

Yesterday I had my second post op appointment. I was really excited to learn how to start massaging my breasts along with having my steri-strips removed and get the "ok" to being able to fully shower. However I was told to keep the steri strips in place for another 2 weeks and that I shouldn't shower my whole body for another 2-4 weeks! I was pretty bummed I'm not gonna lie but I want the best results with no complications so I'll be following doctors orders.

I also forgot to share about how I broke out in hives last Wednesday. I'll share some pics. It ended up being a reaction due to the fact I was still on Percocet. I began weaning myself off the Percocet and just took my Valium when needed. The hives were gone within about a day.

The breast massages are going pretty good so far. Not as painful as some people led me to believe it should be. My right is definitely higher than my left but it was also the same breast that was more painful/swollen since day 1 post op. I'm hoping some extra massaging on that side will help it drop and fluff.

To be honest I still don't like how my boobs look, but again I'm 2 weeks out and know most woman can take 6+ months to get the end result. I'm remaining hopeful and can't wait to document and share more of my journey. :)

14 days post op

Since my last appointment with my PS I've been now wearing my surgical bra with the band on the top of my breasts vs. bottom. I hate it. I need to keep it tight enough so that it helps my breasts settle but I have to be super careful that the fabric underneath doesn't bunch otherwise I end up with these indents that can be painful from time to time. Also my right nipple is super itchy. I'm assuming it's because things are trying to heal.

Today I went to Wal-Mart to find a cheap zip up sports bra. I grabbed both a L and XL and couldn't help but laugh a little when I zipped the L up and it unzipped itself every time I tried. So XL it was! Haha. It was awesome.

For fun I also pulled out an old swim top to try on. I'll post some pics.

1 month post op

I'd say I'm about 99% fully recovered. If it weren't for the pulled muscle I got 1.5 weeks post op I'd probably be 100%. I'm feeling the need to take it easy but it's something that's much easier said than done. Especially with a two and four year old keeping me busy. My right breast is still riding a little high and I'm guessing it's because I'm right arm/hand dominate. I am thrilled to be able to finally sleep peacefully at night. My right breast bothers me from time to time. Nothing serious but it's way more sensitive than my left when it comes to massages and my overall recovery. I have some older photos to add from my 3 week post op that I meant to but didn't get around to posting up till now.


I can't figure out how to caption these images. The first image is my 4 week post op. Everything else is from 3 weeks.
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