Breast Implant Removal Without a Lift - San Diego, CA

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I'm 46 and my story starts in 1999 when I thought...

I'm 46 and my story starts in 1999 when I thought implants would make me feel better about myself. They did for awhile but I soon started to want them smaller and I found myself trying to cover them and hide them as best I could. I started with a B cup and the implants put me at a high C to a D cup and I started to feel completely out of proportion. 3 years ago I wanted them out and I sought a PS and found Dr. Pousti to do the removal but fear got the best of me and I wound up going smaller instead of completely removing them. Here I am now and I've scheduled my explanation for the end of October and as of right now I'm totally excited but terrified at the same time!

I would like to thank all of you for your stories as they have really helped me so far in knowing what to expect after removal. You are all an inspiration to me. I can't wait to be free!

Surgery this Friday!

So surgery is this Friday and I'm excited and nervous. PS says I don't need a lift and I'm hoping that is the case since I can't so this again. He is a great doc so sure he's right. I'm going to try to stop worring about that and just be excited for this removal!

Update - 5 days after surgery

I had my first post op doctor visit today and the tubes were removed, yeah!!! Recovery has been good all in all. The tubes weren't terrible they were just aggravating to have dangling on my belly. The removal of them wasn't bad either. It felt like a tug on my insides but didn't really hurt.
I have compression bandages for the next ten to twelve days to prevent fluid build up then back to the doctor for another look.
My new / old boobs look just like the old me but older. I had myself all worked up over something that I didn't have to worry about. I know that they are still swollen and the final look will be a little different but I'm happy with the results.
I really want to thank Dr Pousti for listening to my worries and fears of needing a lift and talking me off the ledge. He and his staff are first class!

Almost 3 weeks after surgery

Well I had my doctor appointment today and the bandages came off yeah!!! I just got out of a long awaited shower and I couldn't be happier I did this! The left is a little bigger than the right but not so much that it really bothers me plus I know they will change over the next year as the settle. My left also hurts a little still but I know that will go away. So glad to be back to my old self.

1 year out

Well it's been a year since my surgery and I couldn't be happier! I look back at my profile and I can't believe I ever did that to myself in the first place. I am so thankful I am back to what the good Lord and my momma gave me!! I also want to thank Dr Pousti again because without him I wouldn't be in this happy place with myself! He and his staff are the best!
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr. Pousti! He performed my revision 3 years ago and I'm back with him for the removal. He listens to you and tells you no if he thinks you are asking for something you don't need. He also encourages patient correspondence so if you have questions or fears a fellow patient knows what you are going through. I like that about him! His staff is also very pleasant and friendly.

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