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Hi ladies, I have been diligently stalking this...

Hi ladies,
I have been diligently stalking this website for over a year now and would just like to start by saying thank you to everyone who has posted here; your stories have helped me to have the courage to finally do this!

My story is pretty typical: always had a basically flat chest, couldn't even fill an A cup. Thought I would be SO SO much happier if only I could fill out a bikini or wear those sexy cleavage bearing shirts. So in 2008 when I was 21 I got implants. I told the surgeon that I wanted to be a small C, but of course that never happens, and with 400cc's of saline- I went from a 32A to a 34D. From the beginning I thought they were too big, but I did like them for the first couple of years. As I've gotten older I've started to feel that having breast implants shows a lack of confidence with myself and my body- and they make me feel slutty. I've pretty much stopped wearing anything that shows cleavage and I am more embarrassed to wear a bathing suit in public than I was when I was an A cup!

My husband, whom I was with when I got the implants, never wanted me to get them in the first place. So when I told him I wanted them out he was supportive- after a short bout of told-you-so's; which I tolerated with minimal eye-rolling, because, hey, he did after all "tell-me-so". He also made me promise that this would be it, no more breast aug. Which I wholeheartedly agree with.

After three consultations I have decided to have them removed with Dr. Handler here in San Diego- he is the first surgeon that did not spend the entire consultation trying to convince me to have them replaced. Per my request, he has agreed to do the procedure in his office under local anesthesia (I hate going under), and thinks the whole thing will take maybe 20-30 minutes. He does want me to have drains for a couple of days, which I am not overly excited about, but I suppose would be better than having fluid collect and him having to go back in.

I am tentatively scheduling for the end of October so I can be sure to have a week off work to recover. Overall I am excited, but a bit apprehensive about what I will look like. I hope my skin is not to stretched out and bounces back to something at least similar to what I looked like before... Better go buy some padded bras! :)

1 week preop

Only one more week til A- day and I'm starting to get pretty nervous. Part of me wants to call and and cancel my preop appointment that's scheduled for tomorrow. I have to keep reminding myself how long I've wanted to do this and no matter what it looks like its better than keeping these damn water balloons in my body. I wish I could just fast-forward and have this be over. Or, even better, rewind and never have done it to begin with. Ugghh

no turning back now!

So I went to my preop yesterday and payed for the procedure no changing my mind now! Doc told me to wear very very tight sports bras for the first few days, he recommended buying one size smaller than I used to be, but seeing as I used to be a 33A I don't think that exists! Haha. Oh well, I'm going today to buy something tiny :-)

done and done

Just got home from the procedure. Everything went great but the percocrt I took prior to the surgery is making me sick to my stomach. I'll post pictures in a few days.

post op day 1

Feeling pretty good today. I haven't taken any pain meds since just before the procedure, apparently percocet makes me sick and I know from past experience that other pain killers have similar side effects; so I'm sticking with Aleve, the pain really is pretty minimal anyways. I am pretty flat. Ok completely flat. But ny boobies feel soft and real; hopefully they "fluff" up over the coming weeks.

about the surgery: I got there about 30 minutes beforehand and took 2 percicets and 10mg of valium, which made me feel pretty drowsy. He numbed me up with lidocaine really well. The surgery took about an hour, he actually removed the implants intact- I can't believe those big balloons were in my! The only part that was was painful is when he "roughed up" the inside of the pocket to help it adhere, which he did with his cauterizer and felt like being burned with a curling iron- on the inside. Less than pleasant. Also he insisted on placing drains. He wants them in for a week, but I'm going to call on Monday and beg to have them out. Its really hard to find shirts that are baggy enough around the midsection to hide these damn things.
overall I feel pretty good and not having any regrets!!

ps- this site won't let me post photos from my phone, so I'll have them up when I feel like going to a conputer

2weeks post-op

Well, I am 12 days post-op and feeling awesome. No discomfort at all anymore. At least once a day i look down at my chest and say "I love you little boobies!" and its completely true! Here are some photos, sorry about the bad quality.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

really nice guy, very low key. no sales pressure. perfect for me.

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