They are out! Explant After 26 Years, 56 Yrs old. Silicone Under Muscle 325 Cc - San Diego, CA

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Like many others I stumbled onto this site and...

Like many others I stumbled onto this site and became fascinated with the explant reviews. After reading many, many explant reviews I think I am ready to start my journey now. I am ready to explant and am looking for a PS in the San Diego area. I think I will get consults from two or three first. Here is my back story: I was always very thin growing up and was probably the flattest girl in my high school and was always self conscious about having no boobs. The neighborhood boys called me 'board' as a joke. That was back when it was very popular for girls to go braless. We didn't have all the padded bra options that everyone is wearing today so I really didn't have any options for 'hiding' my flat chest. Anyways, I dreamed about having BA all through my 20's and finally had the job done when I was 30. I didn't want huge boobs, I just wanted to have some boobs. I had the surgery done and over time developed CC. I didn't have pain, just hard, unnatural looking breasts. I went from buying clothes to hide my flat chest to buying clothes to hide my fake looking boobs. After about 15 years I went back to my PS for a revision as my boobs were very asymetric and fake looking. I told him that I was never comfortable with the breasts and could he replace them with smaller implants. I had the revision surgery which included capsulectomies for the CC and replacement of the implants. The PS actually put in larger implants but I was ok with it since they did look much more natural and were softer. So I was happy with them for about a year, then I developed CC in the left breast. I had a capsulectomy on that breast and after a few months developed CC in the right breast and had a capsulectomy on that breast. Then the CC came back on the right breast. At this point I was regretting that I had every gotten the implants in the first place and was done with revision surgeries. I have been living with CC in my right breast for about 10 years now and after reading all the explant reviews on this site I have finally decided to get rid of these fake boobs! Since I started with very little breast tissue and have had a couple of capsulectomies I may not have any breast tissue left. I have a feeling I will have some of the creasing that some women with small breasts have reported, but I will have to just wait and see. I may end up with deformed, misshappen pancake breasts. If that is the case, then so be it. My husband is cautiously supporting me on this. Lucky for me he isn't a breast man! He just doesn't want me to have surgery if it isn't necessary. One thing I have going for me is that I weigh 15 pounds more than when I got the original BA.

Ready to explant!

Here are some pics of my asymmetric boobs. Had my first consult with a PS on Wednesday and will have another today. My third consult is the first week in January then I'll make the decision as to which PS to use. I'm really looking forward to getting this over with. Terrified of a bad result, but prepping myself mentally for the possibility.

Ready to book! So why can't I make that phone call :/

I think I have decided on a PS and I was ready to call and book my surgery today but I just couldn't dial the number! I am scared of committing to this because 1. I am scared of surgery in general, and 2. I'm scared of what my little girls will look like afterwards! I know that explant is the best option for me. It is only a matter of time before I'll be forced to deal with it because of a rupture and I think the sooner I deal with it the better my outcome will be. So, deep breaths... Deep breaths.... Ok, I'm calling tomorrow for sure!

I'm booked for explant!

Ok, I've made the commitment. My surgery date is 1/20/2016 with Dr. Grzeskiewicz in San Diego. My consultation with Dr. G went very well. He sat with me for about an hour and listened to my concerns and what my goal was for the surgery (which is straight explant - without replacement). He went through all the options available to me to let me know what choices I had. He explained the procedure very well and went through what I should expect for recovery. The consultation experience was very comfortable for me. Dr. G. came across as very knowledgeable but not arrogant. I never felt like I was pressured by Dr. G or Eva (his Customer Experience Advocate). I got the impression that Dr. G really cares about his work and wants his patients to be happy with their results. After the consultation I chatted with Eva a bit while she wrote up the quote for me. She was very nice and did mention that she has been noticing an increase in women over 50 who are deciding to remove their implants without replacement. It is all part of the phases we go through in life. When I was in my 20's and 30's having boobs was so much more important to me than it is now that I am older. So I am very happy to get this thing rolling! I am having the procedure done under general anesthesia as I am having the capsules removed along with the implants. Now the countdown begins!

Nine more days...

Nine more days before I am implant free! I am really curious to see what I will look like after surgery. I'm hoping for a good result, but since I had so little breast tissue before the implants I really don't know what to expect. I can feel a small amount of breast tissue over my 'softer' implant, but I can't really feel much at all over the one with CC. One of my nipples is about an inch below the other because of my wonky implants so I don't how that is going to recover. I'll just have to wait and see. I know I will be happy to be implant free. Just the thought that I could have a rupture now with silicon seeping out into my tissues has really been bothering me. I'll be so happy to stop worrying about that! I bought a couple of Coobie type bras in different sizes so hopefully one or more will fit me afterwards. I don't know what size I will wear afterwards and I don't know if I'll feel like shopping early on. I had my pre-appointment and the nurse went through everything with me. The doctor also met with me and went over what to expect again. He does have a very calming and confident manner. They gave me a bottle of 'Clearfast Preoperative Beverage' to drink up to two hours before the surgery. It is supposed to help with recovery. They also recommended taking Bromelain and Amica supplements to help with bruising after surgery. It will be interesting to see if I think they make a difference. My husband says he is going to make me chicken soup :) Now I am just waiting....

They are out!!

I had my explant surgery yesterday. Dr. Marsh, the anesthesiologist, called me the day before the surgery and went through my medical history and went through all the surgery prep with me so I would know what to expect. She also answered my questions. When I arrived at the surgery center the nurse took me back to prepare. I put on the gown and compression knee socks. Then Dr. Marsh came in and spoke with me again. She was very nice and caring. Then Dr. G came in to do a quick exam and discuss the procedure. Then the nurse took me to the OR and I laid on the table. The table was heated and she put a heated blanket over me! Then she started my IV drip. Dr. Marsh came in and made sure I was comfortable on the table. She started administering the anesthesia and the next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room. The nurse asked me how I was feeling and my pain level. I only had some mild pain – not bad. I felt groggy but not nauseous at all. I did drink the Clearfast beverage 2 hours before surgery and that is supposed to help with recovery from anesthesia. Dr. G came in and told me that the surgery went well. My implants were not ruptured but both had creases in them caused by the capsular contracture. The corners of the creases were showing wear and they would have ruptured at those points in time. After the surgery they put me in a surgical bra that hooks up the front with some gauze pads over the nipple incisions and the drain incisions. I have drains that hook to the front of the bra. My husband drove me home and I spent the day in bed propped up with pillows. I've been taking my pain meds faithfully and I'm in very little pain. I feel a general soreness and of course can’t use my arms for much yet. I slept fairly well last night on my back all night. I was propped up with pillows and had a pillow under my knees. This morning I went in for my follow up exam and I got my first look at my new little breasts. The left one looks ok. The right one, that had the bad CC, has an indentation in the upper pole. Dr G said that the muscle had separated and that my upper breast was stretched over where the capsule was protruding through the muscle. This caused the breast tissue to thin at that point. He also said that the capsule was pretty thick. I'll post pictures in a few days after I get better use of my arms. The drains haven't been too bad but it will be nice when they get removed. I am so glad that the surgery is over and went well!! I’m happy with my choice of Dr. G, he seems very knowledgable and I felt very confident that he would do a good job. I'm really looking forward to my new little boobs :).

More pics

Here are some more before pictures and the first 'after' pics. The first ones I posted looked larger than they were. I think the selfie camera on the iPhone has a fisheye lense that made them look bigger than they were.

Here they are...

They are looking a little sad but I have hope that they will recover a bit. I was a little shocked when I first saw them. When they were first unwrapped at the Dr's office, I didn't get the full effect because I was looking down at them. I took my first shower today and got a good look for the first time. Well, this is the 'real' me :). My nipples have the steri strip tape all around them. I am still happy that I had the explant. And it does look like I have more breast tissue now than before I had implants. I can't wait to see how they will look in a few weeks. My husband has been wonderful. He told me that they look better than he was imagining they would look. (He must have had some scary images in mind :)

One week after explant

It's been a week and they are a little bit better. I got the drains out two days ago and that was a huge difference. I became much more mobile. I've been back at work for two days and it has been interesting deciding what to wear. I look super flat in everything. I've been wearing bulky sweaters so it isn't super obvious. I have to say I miss having breasts, but I don't miss the implants. It is like a bad breakup. You know it is for the best but you still miss the good times you had... :). Oh well, I'm still very much in the healing stage. I don't have full use of my arms yet but I can get around pretty well.

Three week update

Well it has been three weeks and I am feeling pretty good. My breasts are still looking pretty sad but I guess that is to be expected. My skin is definitely much less elastic than it used to be and it isn't bouncing back as much as I had hoped. My poor nipples are still healing and they will take some time to recover. I've had four procedures done in total, all through the nipple so they have been through a lot over the years. One word of advice to women thinking of explanting... It is better to do it before menopause than waiting until after. I noticed a definite change in my skin elasticity after menopause. I think I would have bounced back better if I had done the explant before. But, everyone's skin is different and that is just my opinion. I have seen some great results for women much older than me. It just depends on your skin and how much breast tissue you started with. I am much happier without the implants now. I like my slim silhouette and I feel free from the nagging worrying that I always had in the back of my mind before. They are not perfect, but I'm ok with that. They are me :)

6 week update

Well it has been six weeks and things are not changing much as far as how my breasts look. The soreness is pretty much gone. They are simply very flat wide pancakes now. I wasn't kidding when I said I started with very little breast tissue before my original BA. I couldn't fill a AA cup before my BA. I was hoping that over the years my breasts had grown a little as my bras were getting tighter towards the end, and I had gained 15 pounds since before my BA. Well it turns out that the extra fat was back fat, not breast fat :-/ I've also lost about 5 lbs since the explant surgery (not sure how much of that was implant weight). I'm not seeing any fluffing yet. My skin has gotten tighter though and lost the jello like looseness it had. I've been massaging twice a day with some firming cream. I have to keep reminding myself that it has only been six weeks since my explant. It seems like much longer! :). I'm trying to be patient and not make any judgements until I reach the six month mark. Maybe if I gain a few lbs I'll get a little fluffing. But I'm sure I'll gain it all in my stomach! We'll see how the next month goes. I'm still happy I did explant though. I think I look great with clothes on. I'm wearing the padded coobie bras which are really comfortable.

Three month update

Well it has been three months and I have seen some tiny changes. I'm getting more and more used to my new tiny flatties. I have an indention below the nipple on my leftie and an indention above the nipple on my righty. Those indentions are because the implants put pressure on my breast tissue in those spots and the breast tissue thinned out over the years. Not sure if those spots will ever fill in, but we will see. Even though they are not as aesthetically pleasing as I had hoped, I do like the way they look with clothes/bra on. I went on a little tropical getaway last week and spent a lot of time around the pool in my new tankini. It was really nice not feeling self conscious about having obviously fake boobs! I found two great tankinis that look really nice! My Hubby is fine with the "new, svelte" me as he puts it :).

Svelte new pool look!

Love this tankini! I feel much more comfortable poolside like this than I ever did with implants!

Six month update

It's been six months and I really haven't seen much change. They are still saggy flat pancakes. I have a crease below the left nipple and a wide flat indentation above the right nipple. I am getting more used to them and still prefer my natural breasts to any implants. At this point I don't know if I'm going to have any more procedures. I may consider some fat transfer to fill in the dents. My life is pretty busy now so I don't want to deal with any procedures for awhile. We'll see how things look in another six months. All in all I still am happy I explanted. I do have options to improve the looks of my breasts if I choose and I love feeling so light and free.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I'm very happy I chose Dr. Grzeskiewicz. At my first consultation he sat with me for about an hour and listened to my concerns and what my goal was for the surgery (which was straight explant - without replacement). He went through all the options available to me to let me know what choices I had. He explained the procedure very well and went through what I should expect for recovery. The consultation experience was very comfortable for me. Dr. G. came across as very knowledgeable but not arrogant. I never felt like I was pressured by Dr. G or Eva (his Customer Experience Advocate). I got the impression that Dr. G really cares about his work and wants his patients to be happy with their results.

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