48 Year Old with Almost 8 Year Old Silicone Implants. 800cc - San Diego, CA

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I have had problems since I've had the BA surgery....

I have had problems since I've had the BA surgery. I had decent size breasts when I went into the surgery not much sagging but I did nurse 2 babies for a couple of years each. This was my 40th bday present for myself and my husband to enjoy. My left breast was soft but my right breast was hard and developing scar tissue quickly. We tried Accolate for 90 days with no improvement. My PS replaced implant and removed scar tissue on the right breast 6 months after the initial surgery. I was not thin when I got my implants and steadily gained weight after I got them. I've had MRI's & mammograms over the years and as far as I know there aren't any ruptures in the implants. I have had weird flu like symptoms that come and go, tenderness and pain in both breasts and a couple of mastitis like infections with fever. I just resigned myself to the fact that I had made a bad choice. I didn't want to spend anymore money on my boobs. Fast forward to a few weeks ago. My left breast was tender and had a huge zit like thing towards the bottom of my breast. It was hot to the touch and started leaking puss like fluid and there was a small hole when I removed the bandaid I'd put over it. Freaked me out!!! My GP gave me antibiotics and set up a consultation with a surgeon. I have Kaiser insurance which is an HMO. The PS looked at my breast and said the left implant had an infection all around it and he could see the implant through the hole in my breast. He said the implant needs to come out and he will take out the other one too. Kaiser will cover this but no lift or replacement of implants which I'm totally cool with!! I don't care if I have pancakes for boobies when it's all said and done. I just want to feel better and be able to hug people without being embarrassed. I want to be able to sleep on my stomach again and get rid of all the inflammation going on in my body. I've loaded some pictures of what my pre op boobs look like and the hole in my left breast. My surgery is tomorrow :-) I put $5000 for my expected cost but my insurance is covering and I'll have just my copayment of $50.

Today is the Day to say goodbye to my implants.

I actually slept well last night and I'm ready to get this over with! I have to be at the surgery center at 10:30am and my surgery is at high noon :) I'm nervous about general anesthesia :/ I have a slight headache and WANT coffee badly!!

Happy to be on the other side of Surgery :)

Surgery Update:

Thank you all for the well wishes, prayers and positive thoughts. It really feels great to have so much love and support coming my way. I was a bit reluctant to share what was going at first but so happy I did.

Both implants and scar capsules were removed and were sent to pathology. I also had a bad infection on the left side with a large abscess that the surgeon had to cut out of my deep tissue and it had begun to break down my skin. My pectoral muscles had to be sewn back together because at some point in the past 8 years they detached. My right side had quite a bit of scar tissue removed. The surgery took 3 1/2 hours due to some unexpected additional work that needed to be done.

Last night was rough pain wise. I'm not a back sleeper so I dozed in and out through the night. Tuesday I'll get the dressings off and the drain taken out. I'll get a peek at the damage at that time before they put some new dressings on. Sutures on the outside will be removed most likely on Friday.

I provide the gory details in hope that some of you ladies out there will rethink putting foreign objects inside your body. We are beautifully made. My breasts fed both of my daughters and have served me well over the years. I'm very thankful to be on the other side and be my natural self again.

Update Day 2:

I was able to sleep 3-4 hour stretches last night. I'm up early this morning due to all the dozing I did on and off yesterday. My left side is still very sore but that's to be expected from the amount of infection I had there. I barely notice any pain on my right side. I did take a peek at the top of my breasts and they still look like breasts :) I would guess I'm now a a full B to small C cup. I have large nipples/areola which are covered by gauze (I did not have a lift so I'm not sure of the current state/location of my nipples). My BA scar is at the bottom of my areola and my explant scar is at the bottom of breast. Due to the size of my implants (800cc silicone), the infection in my left breast and hole in it and also having the capsules removed on both sides, the PS thought my nipples would look better if we didn't go through those scars again. I'm very realistic in my expectations and I'm not striving for perky breasts. I just want to start feeling better and be healthy. My right breast will most likely droop more than the left due to the breaking down of skin on the left. I've noticed two things since my surgery: 1. I've been peeing a lot and getting rid of water retention that I attributed always to peri-menopause. 2. My face is less puffy and my skin seems brighter. It's like the inflammation in my body is decreasing already. Hubby and I are working out a new menu for us that will be excluding inflammatory foods. He has already noticed a change in my overall well being. I love reading everyone's stories and I'm overwhelmed, in a good way, with the amount of caring and support provided here.

Update Day 3:

I slept so much better last night! I looked at my nipples yesterday and they are a bit sad looking but not inverted. My husband said he thinks I lucked out because they look great to him. Even if he was just trying to cheer me up (which he did) I'll take those encouraging words. My left breast is very tender and I still have fluid draining out. Tomorrow the drain comes out. Yay! Being forced to take it easy has given me so much time to think. This is what's currently running through my head....There is far more right with you than wrong with you. You need love the most when you feel you deserve it the least. You have to accept and make peace with today before you can reach and feel satisfied with what the future holds. The beauty of us lies in our vulnerability, our love, our complex emotions - our authentic imperfections.

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Update Day 4: drain is out & I saw my real breasts

Being completely honest, when I saw my breasts for the first time I cried. I know that getting the implants out was the best thing for me but I'm grieving for my pre BA breasts. The nurse said that my left breast will drop and fill out around the nipple. There was a large cyst that was abscessed and removed in that area. I also lost more breast tissue on the left side from the infection that was there before explant. I guess I need some time to adjust to my new look :-) thank you all for your encouragement and well wishes.
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