35 Year Old Silicone Implants out - San Diego, CA

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After learning that my right implant was ruptured...

After learning that my right implant was ruptured last March my old silicone implants were out within 2 weeks. Procedure was done under a local by my original implanting surgeon. Unfortunately about 6 weeks after my explant I was chased by a dog and tripped and fell and bruised my left breast among other minor injuries. I developed a large hemotoma which consequently walled off some free silicone inside by breast and free calcifications that had formed around implant within my left breast. The left implant broke during removal. This cyst gradually reduced in size to about the size of a cherry but grew overnight to the size of an orange during early August. After much going back and forth with the insurance (they would not allow me to return to my surgeon) I am scheduled to have this cyst removed in 3 days. My right breast has returned to a great size for my body and feels and looks just so nice. I'm so hoping to have a good result from this next surgery too. I originally had small implants, but now with age and some weight gain I am a full C cup. I wish I never had implants put in my body in the first place, but no going back in life. I only wish women who are going in for implants could look years into their future and realize and know that in years to come, these implants will probably be a problem for them.

35 year old silicone implants out - San Diego, CA

Here are several photos of my breasts 6 months after explant and the day before I have revision surgery on left breast to remove large hematoma and free calcium and silicone from implant rupture during removal. As you can see, the left breast is now larger due to the large cyst which formed after I fell about 6 weeks after explant and bruised my breast. I so hope this surgery is the last and that my left breast looks close to what my right breast looks like now. I did not have a lift and happy without a lift.

4 days after revision surgery to remove hematoma and free silicone and calcium

4 days ago I had surgery on my left breast to remove "debris" left over from explant of silicone implants 6 months ago. Implants had been in for 35 years - right ruptured and left broke during removal. After a fall 6 weeks after explant, I developed large hematoma. The cyst that was removed intact 4 days ago was about the shape and size of a good sized lemon. My poor left boob has been through the mill, but looking so much better today. Here is a pic taken after my first post surgery shower. As you can see, shape is different now, but improving and the outside of my breast is still very swollen. I sure hope I'm through with breast surgeries. I will feel as if I have done my job if just one person goes and gets their implants checked and hopefully removed and better yet if just one person decides to be happy just the way she is without setting herself up for multiple surgeries.

New picture 7 months after straight explant and 6 weeks after second surgery

Very happy to report that my left breast is healing very well. What a relief to have that huge cyst removed. Both breast are totally soft and pain free! My original PS had recommended a lift at the same time as the explant, but because of the knowledge I gained at this site, I was confident in declining his recommendations and going with a straight explant. I'm more than happy with my outcome and think I have the best boobs of my life at age 63! Sure can't ask for more than that.
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