29yrs Old, Implants Much Too Large... Can't Wait to Explant! San Diego, CA

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Hi ladies! I am 29... and I had my first BA in...

Hi ladies! I am 29... and I had my first BA in 2012 with Dr. Pousti in San Diego Ca. I had nice breasts before (32 C with a tad bit of sagging due to my love of bodybuilding which had caused me to lose some volume on top) I wanted to have perkier rounder breasts and I knew at the time after doing extensive research that I would need a BA with a lift. I wanted to be a full D cup. Dr Pousti assured me that he could achieve these results with BA alone and that I would not need a lift. I trusted his opinion. Post surgery I could already tell there was a problem. My breasts were already drooping and sagging to the side. I was 500cc silicone - a 32DD. I waited six months to see if they would change before letting Dr Pousti know that I was unhappy. Six months go by and they are sagging more to the side.
I consulted with Dr Pousti about a revision and he agreed I absolutely needed one - which he would perform at no cost ( only anesthesia/OR fees which came out to be 3,000.00). After an extensive talk- he assured me that a revision with saline implants instead of silicone and a capsulorraphy would fix the problem. I trusted him again- of course this time it would be right. Fast forward to post op- I woke up with 700cc saline implants/size 32F. I was shocked by the size but they looked perky so I was happier... I knew swelling had to go down but I was still shocked about having 700cc's ...... I am only 5'5 115 pounds. After the implants I was/am 121 pounds. These things weigh 6 pounds! I am sad and frustrated to say that 8 months later, they are sagging to the side even more due to the size. I am such an easy going happy girl- and I have been nothing but positive and understanding through this whole process but now I am fed up. I just want these balls OUT. I have not only lost 9,000.00 but I really hope I haven't stretched out my skin too much. I hope my breasts will return to their original size and I will eventually get a lift when I am done paying off this debt from these large sacks on my chest. It has only been a year so I think I will be ok.... sigh! Anyway I have a consult on Aug 21 with Dr P to discuss having them removed under local anesthesia ASAP. They have got to come out. They seem to sag more every month. After less than a year, its a joke. I really hope Dr. P can make this right for me and help me. I have placed all of my trust in him before and he is a sweet caring person from what I see. I just don't know what happened. I knew I needed the lift but he swore he could get me the results I wanted without one. He stated my breasts were too beautiful to put scars on. Lesson learned? Get a second and third opinion and trust your gut! I sure hope this all turns out well for me. I am so over this whole process and I want to be able to work out hard again! I can't do anything with these sacks of water. XOXO

New appointment .... Doc personally called me today!

My doc called me personally and scheduled for me to come in August 14th ! I am very happy about that. We are going to discuss my options of explanting. I am pretty sure I will be the perfect candidate to have them taken out under local anesthesia in as soon as a month! Can't wait. I will keep everyone updated!

So I had my appointment yesterday!

I had my appointment with Dr Pousti to discuss implant removal yesterday. It went great. He informed me that it will be best to do the removal under general anesthesia because he will be removing a portion of the capsule and then inserting drains. This is the safest way for me and I am happy with this conclusion. He doesn't think I will need a lift at all and wants me to wait a few months before I make any decision about a lift.
I feel completely comfortable and I am so excited to have these out! Dr Pousti was very sweet and understanding as he always is and once again I feel like I am in great hands. My surgery date is Sept 16 - I will keep everyone updated !

Surgery is next Tuesday! 8 more days!

I'm getting really excited for my explant. Can't believe it's in 8 days. I'm taking a full week off of work to recover/relax afterwords. That will be soooooo nice ! I'm a little nervous to be under full anesthesia again, but I've had 3 surgeries in my lifetime and all were wonderful experiences. I'm pretty scared to see what my boobies will look like after explant .. My best friend was teasing me that she will be coming over for a pancake breakfast every morning .. Lol .. I hope they don't look too much like pancakes ! Haha. I really wish I could get my lift done at the same time but I trust my doc and will be waiting a few months to get the lift. I'll update after my surgery :-) xo

Today's the day !

It's the morning of my surgery. I'm actually not very nervous at all. I'm excited. Surgery time is 12:30 and should take about an hour for the removal with partial capsulectomy. The only part I am not excited about is the drains but I know they are for the best so that I can have the best possible outcome with the least amount of complications. I get a little nervous to go under anesthesia but this will be my 4th surgery in life and I know the game pretty well now.
I will update everyone this evening! One thing that will be interesting to see is how much weight I lose ! Haha I just weighed in at 118.8...I am going to weigh myself when I get home from surgery when these big melons are out of me ! Thanks for following my story :-) xo

Im home!!! All done :)

Well, Im all natural again! SOOOO happy. The surgery went great. Lasted about an hour and I feel incredible. I have drains... that will be removed Friday. They aren't bad at all. They look like cute little grenades. hehe. Anyway I will keep you all posted on progress/pain/drains etc !! Thanks so much for all the support ladies.... you guys ROCK !!! xoxo

Pics/ 2 weeks post explant

Looking better every day. I still believe I need a lift but won't be doing it for at least another year. I'm happy with them for now. They are fluffing more as time passes. I feel great and I am so happy I did this !
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