1.5 Year Implants Removed with Breast Lift -

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Surgery is scheduled. I decided 1.5 years ago...

Surgery is scheduled. I decided 1.5 years ago after 2 kids and 70 lb weight loss I wanted my boobs back. They looked like flat pancakes that I had to always wear a push up bra. After a consult with my dr he suggested ump,ants to give me the fullness I desired. He did not think I needed a lift and we decided on 350cc silicone implants. On the day of surgery the dr asked if he could go bigger if he thought he needed to fill out the skin. I gave him my blessing to do what he thought he needed to do. Big mistake......he went to 435 hp implants. They were huge. He assured me they would not look so big after swelling. Fast forward to 3 months later and I still hated them and they looked saggy. I called them my fat girl boobs...... I was so unhappy. My dr decided he will do a revision and do a lift and internal bra. I decided not to downsize because I didn't want to have to buy new implants. I was hoping the lift would help. During recovery they looked better but I now struggled with chest pain and pulling of the muscle. It took me 6 months before I could even fully get back to lifting weights and cardio. I was miserable and I still hated them. I want them out. After a consult with and amazing revision dr, I decided it was time to remove them. I was so mad at myself for spending all this money and all this downtime from working out. But I had to move on......

The new dr is going to explant and do a lift. I am hoping this is a means to the end of breast surgeries... Surgery is scheduled in 5 days!!!!

Explant of 1.5 year old silicone implants!!!!

Tomorrow is the big day. I wasn't feeling nervous until the surgery center called and I realized this is it. Also what an amazing dr I have. He had his staff call me to remind me of everything and then said the dr would like to talk with me too. I have never had a dr talk w me personally the day before the surgery. I definitely have chosen the right dr to do my surgery.

Surgery day!

Today was the day. I had to report to the surgery center at 545 am for surgery time at 7. The surgery center staff was amazing and once again I just love dr Poutsi. He came in asking again about my goals and explaining to me again how things will go smoothly and He will take very good care of me. He said I had a good amount of breast tissue and assured me I will be perky but not to small. Surgery took about 3 hours and after my 1 hour drive home I was home resting by noon. I've been pretty in and out of it today but setting a alarm to stay on top of the pain Meds. I can definitely say even with my drains and all the bandages I feel so much pressure released from my chest. I am so Glad to be implant free. I am wrapped pretty tight w lots of gauze so I have no idea my size or not able to take a peak. So no pictures to update as of yet.

3 days post op

Today I am feeling much better. I have been completely off pain meds since yesterday. I have had to take Tylenol for headaches but other then that all is good. My drains are still in as I will see the dr tomorrow. I'm looking forward to them being removed. The incision area where the drains are in are a little tender at times. This surgery has definitely been the easiest so far.

4 days post op

Today was my follow up apt with dr. Drains came out and dr said I am complication free. This was the best thing I have heard in over 1.5 years. So relieved. I was not able to take a peak as dr wants to keep me wrapped up tight until next week. As far as pain goes I am just taking Tylenol and taking it easy around the house.

1 week post op

Not much to update but I'll do my best. The last couple of days have been pretty boring. The day after my drains were taken out I was pretty sore again. I had to take a few pain meds throughout that day. I think it was the drains being pulled and irritating my chest muscles maybe. Whatever it was it was pretty uncomfortable feeling on the sides of my breast.
Yesterday I just laid around and took it easy. Man have I finished a lot of series on Netflix this week.
Today i decided to tackle the taking a sponge bath so I can feel a little refreshed. I had my husband help me wash my hair In the tub with a towel wrapped around my neck and left my shirt on to keep any water from getting in or around my boobs. It felt good to wash from the waist down. Man I miss taking a nice warm shower. I was starting to get antsy and decided to go for a drive w my husband just to run a few errands. I hadn't had any pain meds since wed. This was a bit of a challenge and was pretty uncomfortable. I could feel every bump on the road and started to get a burning sensation on the sides of my breast. I'm assuming this is where the incisions are from the breast lift. I ended up having him take me home after a few stops as it was very uncomfortable. Ended up coming home and having to take some meds as my sides where pretty irritated and sore. I guess It was my body telling me nope you still need to be resting. I'm starting to get a little worried about returning back to work in a few days.
I have noticed a lot of my swelling has went down as my bra is getting looser and the gauze is not so tight. This may be why I'm feeling the incision sites more. I've also noticed sometimes I forget and try and turn a certain way to reach for something and feel a pulling in the chest muscle area. Does not feel to good and definitely reminds me to not do that again. Still trying to stay positive and keep trying to take it easy. Hoping for a quick recovery as I am definitely not liking the sitting home and doing nothing phase.

2 weeks post op

Things are going ok. Went to dr and he still says I'm complication free. Man that feels good to hear. I've taken a few pics. They aren't pretty yet but dr assures me they will be lovely in time. I have to continue wearing the compression bra and no showers to keep the tape dry to help prevent scarring. Left side still a little sore but dr says completely normal due to all the work he had to do on it and the adjusting the nipple placement. Definitly going to be small and the stomach bloat is driving me crazy.

The swelling and bloating sucks

Today I am feeling much better other then the boobie blues emotions. I went for a walk today and grocery shipping w the family. My energy level still is terrible but it felt good to excercise a little. I took my bra off today to wash it and realized my shelf bras from before surgery were pretty tight due to the swelling (bigger boobs and fit them no problem before). My stomach is still so bloated too, I have tried everything from herbal/detox tea, probiotics and milk of magnesia. I'm just hoping it's just swelling and will subside soon because it's driving me crazy. Just need to make sure I'm not overdoing it. The waiting game sucks.

3 weeks

I have made it 3 weeks. Not much to update but I will give a little bit. I'm still wearing the compression bra. I take it off to wash it and I find I actually miss having it on. Feels better to have them secure I guess.
I've been walking a mile a day and as I am feeling better I still find my energy level is terrible. The bloating is much better but I still have lots of swelling in my chest area. I am finding my cleavage area is tender and my side boob area is a little tender. Every once in a while I will get a twitch like feeling in my chest muscles that is a little uncomfortable. I'm assuming it's the muscle trying to heal back to the chest wall. I still have no feeling in my nipples, but they do get hard when I touch them so I know that's a good sign and hoping the feeling comes back when the swelling goes down. I'm a little worried as when I got my implants my nipples where super sensitive so it's kinda weird to be on the opposite end now.
I still am getting emotional here and there. I have days when I'm uncomfortable that I want to kick myself for doing this to my body. Frustrating to see my gym gains fading. Back to square one after healing. I'm missing my gym routine and tired of sitting around after work and on the weekends. So frustrating not being able to go grocery shopping without getting sore and out of breath.
I go back to the Dr in a 1.5 weeks so hoping to have a better update then.

Updated pic

Swelling is getting so much better and my boobs are trying to look normal. Finally able to sleep on my side and wearing my compression bra on the tightest hook Here is a updated pic. 3.5 weeks post op.

Pic update w clothes

Just wanted to share a clothes picture. As I'm still adjusting to the size j definitely look more proportioned now then with my huge boobs. This is just wearing a target sports bra w no padding.

8 weeks post op

It's been awhile since I have updated so I thought I would share. Today I had my follow up and I'm almost 8 weeks post op. The tape around my scars were removed today. It feels so good to get them off but I won't lie it is hard to see the scarring and I look like Frankenstein. Once again the emotions of pissed off at myself for butchering my chest. I'm trying to be patient but its so frustrating to not have the final end results. The dr showed me my before explant picture and I hatee that look.
I'm back to the gym and almost able to do all the range of motions. I am definitely loving that all my muscle chest pain is finally gone. I have lost about 8 pounds since surgery so hoping with upping my cardio more will come off. I have been trying to loose weight since my implants And nothing was working. I do feel like my body is happy to be done with implants. I will update a pic sometime this weekend. I am still glad I did this.

Picture update 8 weeks out

Not the prettiest things right now but love how my body feels without implants. Trying to stay positive.

Picture update

They are looking better every week. I still have some swelling in my cleavage area but time and massage should help that. I love how I look now in clothes and still only wearing sports bras but no urge to really wear anything else as it is nice to be comfy.

4 month update

Not much to update but still glad I did it. I have one boob smaller then the other but I am over wanting perfect. Dr says we can address it in a few months but I think I'm just ready to move on. It's nothing a pad on that side can't fix. I have attached a recent photo and some surgery photos. My scars are looking better and no more chest pain.

Advice to others

I have been thinking a lot about how I could helps others in my situation. I'm just kinda going to ramble a little. I get asked a lot what size am I after implant removal. Finally I am able to say I am the same size I was before implants but just less saggy skin now. I know I could tell ladies in my situation and age to NEVER get implants but when you are focused on looking youthful and wanting your younger figure back they really are going to do it anyway. The advise I can give is if I could turn back time I would have just had my boobs lifted and not expect perfection. At the time I just wanted to not have to wear a bra or be able to wear a bralette. But instead I let a Dr. talk me into big implants. Well guess what!!! After all said and done I now am able to not wear a bra and wear bralettes. Exactly what I wanted but would have been able to avoid the cost and all the other mess emotionally and physically with just a lift. I'm not gonna lie I do miss the upper fullness but I love my small boobs. I will probably never wear underwire again but hey who needs that crap anyway. I love all the bralettes and can't wait to just wear nipple covers in the summer under cute tanks and dresses. So if you thinking about removing your implants, I say do it. Yes it's an emotional roller coaster but so worth it.
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