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I am 26. I've never been happy with my boobs. I've...

I am 26. I've never been happy with my boobs. I've considered getting them reduced. It's not that I don't like big boobs, I love big boobs. I've just always felt like they could be so much more. So I decided to enhance them.

In March I scheduled my consultation and surgery for October and paid the fee to secure my place. Fast forward almost 6 months ... and I'm a little over 6 weeks away from flying to San Diego for surgery!

I've joined RealSelf to help me organize my thoughts and plans.


I've been getting quite obsessive with looking at other people's surgery and trying to figure how mine is going to look. Will I need a lift> Can I avoid having a lollipop lift? I don't want scars. But if I have to then, well, I have to.

40 days 'til surgery in San Diego by Dr. Pousti. I am so excited.

Below are some wish pictures I've saved from various places around the internet.

booked flights!

Last night I booked mine and my SO's flights to San Diego! We arrive on Wednesday, October 8th and stay til Thursday, October 23rd. Pre-op is on Monday, October 13th. Surgery is Wednesday, October 15th.

Today I'm looking at accommodations. Initially I thought we were going to do a packaged flight+hotel deal but we found an amazing deal on flights so we booked them. Now I'm looking on Air BNB for places to stay. Ideally I'd love to stay on the beach (Ocean Beach) or downtown (Gaslamp Quarter). Comfy bed, parking, kitchen, and internet are my requirements. I've allowed for a decent size budget but I haven't found what I'm looking for.

The plan is to check into our rental. Check out San Diego. Drive to LA. Stay in LA overnight, see things, buy stuff. Then come back for pre-op and surgery. Aieeee! It's less than a month away!

More wish pics

Surgery is exactly two weeks away.

I'm just biding time until we leave. We're in San Diego and LA for a week before. Then Ocean Beach while I'm recovering before heading back to Toronto. I'm planning to be off work for about a month. Maybe more, hopefully not.

All done.

-Car rental
-front closure tops (x3-4)
-Arnica Montana
-lip balm, bottled water, tissue and baby wipes
-gentle shea or cocoa-butter based lotion
-fibre-high foods, for post surge back up (white grape juice, prune juice and/or canned peaches. avoid buying binding foods like bananas or rice)
-micro wave heating pad

and some other stuff too.... like clean place before leaving.

Leaving for SD in 2 sleeps / more wish pics :)

Saw Dr Lista couple weeks ago for a consultation ( i had to wait over a month just for a consultation) even though I was fairly certain I was going to see Dr Pousti. Dr Lista pretty much told me exactly what I already knew which was that I needed a BL and he wasn't prepared to go bigger. He offered that I can get a Benelli lift and a max of 400cc. I tried on the sizers and it just wasn't enough. I knew it wouldn't be. My girlfriend got about 400cc with her B/C cups and they're big but not huge. Dr Pousti specializes in XL BA's. This is going to be great! I can't wait :) !! Tomorrow is one week 'til surgery.

Last update of Wish Pics before San Diego

I fly out to San Diego tomorrow morning!

Day 5 - Pre-op with Dr Pousti in La Mesa, San Diego, California

Day 0 - Wednesday
Day 1 - Thursday
Day 2 - Friday
Day 3 - Saturday
Day 4 - Sunday
Day 5 - Monday

I've been planning this day for months. Dr Pousti was even more wonderful than I could imagine. I told him it was "like meeting a celebrity", a celebrity of the plastic boob world. He was warm, kind, and straight to the point. But first I met and chatted pre-op forms with Vanessa who was so lovely as well. She chatted my SO and me up and told us about her own experience in plastic world. She answered all my questions and was incredibly professional yet so personable, helpful, and pleasant (and so pretty too!) She told us about Dr Pousti's father being a renowned PS too. So cool.

Next I met with Dr Pousti and Cindy. Dr Pousti checked me out and measured me. Cindy filled in for Vanessa and brought books of pics of their clients to look at so I could pick up out my favourite looks for her to copy. She was helpful and efficient and let me take my meticulous time going through the books, flipping btwn pages, back and forth and back and forth.

There were some long waits. Possibly because of all the paperwork I had to fill out when I arrived exactly on time for my 830am appointment.

Dr Pousti noticed I have a slight asymmetry on my left side of my rib cage. Never heard of this before but he's totally right, I see it now!

I have a lot more to write about as this is just the beginning of this post but we were up so early this morning I'm exhausted and it's only just after 10pm here.

My SO has been just absolutely stellar. He's the best. So supportive. I could not ask for a better partner in crime xo

Pre-Op Stats



Surgery Later Today...

When rested, I sleep between 4-6 hours at night. But I swear the San Diego sun just exhausts this poor sun-deprived Canadian and I end up in bed before midnight and awake at 3am two nights in a row now.

I'm tired but can't sleep. Too excited. So many thoughts and wonders (and even a few worries) about my surgery that will be happening in about 7 hours here in San Diego by Dr Pousti.

I picked up my Arnica Montana from local Ocean Beach homeopathic apothecary (I&E Organics Apothecary, 1853 Cable St b/t Newport Ave & Niagara Ave). I didn't take it pre-surgery as I was requested to suspend my herbal and homeopathic supplements and remedies. Normally I take 5-HTP, Niacin, B12, and Acidophilus everyday. I will start taking the Arnica right after surgery. I'm already on my no food, no water hiatus 'til surgery. My last meal was Indian food.... om nom nom. Normally I'd smoke a little bit of weed to go back to sleep but Dr Pousti and his staff requested I not do that pre-surgery or for a week or so post-surgery. Which is weird because I thought that would be a good remedy for nausea too. I haven't looked into if anyone else here on RealSelf used marijuana medicinally post-surgery.

Just trying to write as much as I can think of right now... or until I fall back asleep.

My SO and I prepped after my pre-op on Monday by filling my prescriptions. We're from Canada where our Ontario Health Insurance Plan helps pay for our medications. I didn't look into getting reimbursed when I get home but hopefully I can submit receipts. Still, the 3 'scripts (pain killers, nausea management, sleep-aid) only (only?) came up to just under $160.

We also ventured to the local piercing shop, Apogee on Newport Ave, to have all my piercings taken out as there is a strict rule: no metal in the OR. I haven't seen my vagina without a piercing in it in almost 10 years, lol.

We made up the second bedroom incase he doesn't fit in the bed with me all propped up. Taught him how to brush my hair as there is no raising arms for 1-2 weeks post-surge...omg my hair :( lol. This is going to be interesting.

I just need a neck pillow and I'll be set.

Cranky, night 2 post-op, very very cranky and probably some high on painkiller talk too

It might be the drugs, or that I've been in moderate pain for three days, but I'm wicked cranky. I can't sleep through the night. Everything aches. I don't even want to update right now because I feel so bad spewing such awfulness.

REALLY THO, I'm so happy to have my new boobs. But the recovery has been anything but easy. I haven't had a BM yet either and my stomach is so hard. I tried an enema, suppositories, and an oral stool softner. Nothing yet. Picking up Senokot tomorrow. Maybe that will help,

My SO is super sweet. He's been trying his best to wait on me. I wonder what a recovery house would've been like.

As in every post I've read about Dr Posti, his staff is totally top notch. From my nurses: Susan and Kate (so funny and SO WONDERFUL). My anesthesiologist , can't remember her name right now. AND Dr. Pousti himself. I had a really hard time not fan-girling over him as he prepped me for surgery. I think I'm in love with my PS.

I haven't been able to see any of the work as I'm strapped into this weird mix of surgery bra and bandages. I've been told we did a lift plus 720cc! AHHHHHH THAT SO AMAZING :D !!!

The pain tho has been unbearable at time, It's slowly breaking me down. I cry a bit here and there because I'm just really worn down from constant pain. I'm looking forward to seeing Dr Pousti tomorrow for my first follow-up and hopefully getting some tips to help my back and chest and bum (from sitting on it for so long).

I'll give a way better update later of the exact events that transpired on my Wonderful Wednesday of Surgery in a few days when I'm not feeling so blaaaaaaaaaaah.

I made it :)
and with 720cc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

day 3 post-op

Since yesterday's post-op with Dr Pousti and we adjusted my medication dosages I've been out of pain and pretty delirious in a good way. I'm so happy to have the pain management under control. I'm able to sleep and rest instead of pacing around, uncomfortable, and suffering. I'm right inbtwn doses of pain meds so I can focus straight enough to type this entry. I figure in a few more days my pain levels will be in even more tolerable and I will require less pain medication and I will be able to do more... then I will update more too about the whole experience.

As I mentioned before, I am so happy I chose Dr Pousti and his team and my SO to be a part of this life changing experience ^_^

Sorry for the lack of updates! I haven't forgotten about you all here

I've been delusional from the meds, weird sleeping patterns, and highly emotional states and irrational thought patterns I've been experiencing during this recovery. I almost submitted an entire update about my BMs. @_@ ai yi yiiii

I am a very high energy person who has a hard time sitting still and recovery has been brutal in terms of that. In terms of everything else, it's all going swell. Tomorrow is my second follow-up post-op with Dr Pousti and hopefully I get some of these bandages off.

I'm already planning my next three surgeries :)

Back in Toronto

Things have been non stop since surgery Wednesday, almost two weeks ago now! I was down and out for about 3 days solid. I went for a post-surge appointment on the Friday and was allowed to double my Percocet doses and take Valium q 6h (instead of q8h). This made me estatic as I was in a considerable amount of pain and discomfort post-surge.

The first thing I remember coming out of surgery was blinding pain, 10/10, yelling to the nurses. Then I was out cold for another hour or so.

My back aches but it is slowly getting more used to the weight. The whole first week I carried my boobs around my in my arms cradling them as if they might fall off if I didn't. Now I'm focusing on my posture and not moving around too much - which totally kills me because I love buzzing about doing little things. I also get a lot of little nerve pinches, more often in the first week, still daily this second week. Mornings are probably the hardest. Once the Perc has worn off and I've been sleeping sitting in an upright position all night I feel really stiff, huge, and heavy.

The full day of travel really did it for me though. Even though I was really careful, I think I may have pulled a muscle in my right upper breast. It's pretty tender and hurts to move certain ways.

I've been massaging daily. Just top muscle massages until this Wednesday when I take my steri strips off and get to see my boobs for the first time in two weeks. Everyone is excited. Esp my SO :) !!

I do feel like I've gained a bit of a weight since surgery. I read online it might just be water weight while I'm healing. I've been eating mostly healthy (except dad bday brunch today and friends dinner gather tonight), lots of water, lots of protein, still feeling kinda big and bloated.

When I was really delusional on meds I wrote an entire journal about my bowel movements and feels of awfulness. No appetite, uncomfortable fullness, super backed up. Just as Dr Pousti and his staff said, it took me 5 days to have an actual BM, and I'm still not totally regular. TGFlaxatives.

I really love my new boobs ...well what I can see of them so far.
32DDD/34DD with 720cc added plus areola lift. They are so full and wonderful. I kinda already want to go back for more.

Body modification is wonderfully addictive ^_^ hehehe more please.

Next my lips, 2cc or more, and some botox. I was going to do botox at Dr Pousti's at my 2nd post-op appointment but I wasn't feeling well that day so we decided not to. Kinda wish I had now. Hope I can find a good place in Toronto. If not, I've seen a good lip doctor in Montreal.

Ok, that's a pretty good update for now :) Pics to come.


Today is two weeks since surgery part 1 (pictures)

Pictures from 2 days ago, October 28, 2014.

Two weeks since surgery! Part 2 (update)

Two days ago I was doing so well. I was excited thinking I might be able to take my steri strips off and get back to moving around and running errands. I had a bad allergy attack (to some perfume) and sneezed like crazy for an hour. A lot of pressure on my upper body. Suddenly I was in discomfort and my incisions under the steri strips felt really tender. I called Dr Pousti's office worried I'd done something bad. Sent in pics and they reassured me they looked fine. I took a perc in the next morning and headed downtown for an afternoon of walking across the city shopping with a friend. A few hours later the perc wore off and I was in a lot of pain. I mean a lot of pain. I packed myself into a cab and went home and put myself to bed. This morning I woke up and decided to stay in and do some work around my place. Took a perc in the morning and got my day underway: unpacked clothes, rearranged closet, got to the bank. My sister came over and helped me go grocery shopping (she carried everything for me, such a sweetheart). When we got home I noticed the achy discomfort coming from the incisions again on my left breast. When I peaked in my bra (I'm still wearing gauze padding) there was small patched of bright red blood. I panicked and called Dr Pousti's office. Again, Vanessa was so much help reassuring me to apply pressure and TAKE IT EASY.

The percs are def comforting but also misleading me to feel I can do more than I can or should be doing so soon after surgery. I'm really concerned about the incisions on my left breast. The tenderness comes and goes in sharp surges. I hope if I take it super easy for the next few days they will heal without any damage done from the past two days of too much too soon.

Finally found XL Tegaderm so I can shower and keep my steri-stripped incisions covered and dry. YAY SHOWER! I can't wait. I'm so over sponge baths.

I'm also feeling a little of this so called "boob greediness". I'm already planning my next surgery and I'm not even two weeks out of this one. I'm totally happy with what I have too. I just want more. Body modification is my lifestyle and I love it. I can't believe I waited this long to do this.

Now I'm looking up lip procedures. I've had Juvederm and it was OK. Just ok. I didn't get what I wanted out of it and just like another doctor I saw in Toronto re: breast augmentation, I was talked out of getting what I wanted and settled for less.

I really adore the look of Ariane St Amour's lips. Maybe I will make a trip to Montreal before it gets too cold.

Before & After in same bra

After - 720cc in 34D bra
Tried on one of my old 34D front closure bras from La Senza. I didn't realize how much of a difference there was until this moment.

More on Pousti Plastic Surgery staff / and some other stuff too

I can not say enough good things about the team at Pousti Plastic Surgery. They have been so attentive calling everyday or every other day checking up on me. Always calling me to make sure I'm doing well and massaging daily. Always returning my calls when I have a concern about something (a pinching pain here, a splotch of blood there) and helping me through it. The more I read about Dr. Pousti and Pousti Plastic Surgery team, the more I want to rave about how happy I am with my experience.

Now I'm impatient to get these steri-strip off and see my new areolas. In time though, in time ...siiiiighhhh. Don't want to rush anything. They look so good. My SO loves them too. Totally hands all over them. I love it ^_^!

Also my family's reaction was really positive. My parents were both supportive (they haven't always supported my body modification lifestyle) and had lots of questions about it all. I was thrilled they wanted to talk about it. My sister knew from the day I booked my surgery way back in March and was encouraging throughout the whole process. She got to see them yesterday too and thought they had great shape... which makes me happy because we're only 2 weeks healed and not even totes set yet.

Now I'm looking at Lip Lifts ^________^

showering lol

Pousti Reflections/Bra Shopping

I am a modified female. I am pierced, have large stretched earlobes, tattooed, and wear alternative style.

Another point I'd like to make about Dr Pousti and Pousti Plastic Surgery are how non discriminating they are.

Now that we are in the 21st century, I sometimes I forget there are still people who are intolerant or prejudice of alternative lifestyles.

Yesterday I went bra shopping for my first time since surgery. I went to Hudson's Bay Company first because of their entire floor devoted to women's intimates. I wandered around for 15 minutes looking at bras and looking for help. When I finally found sales help she told me they didn't have front closure bras and I could look in that direction *points to corner* for sports bras "but it's hard to find them because they're all divided by brand." There were front closure bras and she was no help. I went to the the cash and asked another sales rep for help. She too wasn't much help, actually pretty rude. I asked her if she knew this section well "Well, I work here" (maybe her sense of dry humour?) and when I tried to explain the other sales rep didn't help me she cut me off and asked what she could help me with. She showed me three different bras. By then I was wondering why I even bothered with The Bay, thanked her for showing me some options, and left.

Maybe it's because I'm alternative, maybe The Bay at Toronto Eaton Centre has poor sales reps on Tuesday mornings.

Continue on my quest. Walked across to Victoria's Secret and had a wonderful sales rep take me in right away, hear my story about new boobs, don't know size, need sports bra, these requirements, and then she outfitted me with like 10 different styles, one of which I left with, so happy! I'm so over wearing my surge bra 24/7, still to bed, still out while walking, but those few hours in the eve when my SO is home I sport my new VSX Sports bra ^_^ and feel so much sexier.

I feel as though Dr Pousti and his staff are so helpful and non discriminating to my alt lifestyle. I was never judged or made to feel out of place or different :)

Next post is not so nice. BUT HERE! HAVE A LOVELY PIC OF ME IN MY VSX BRA ^________^ YAYAYAY!

The not so nice part of today... still waiting to hear back on results

I like to move. I like to move around a lot. I fidget. I play. I haven't lifted heavy stuff but I've been moving and walking. I think I may have hindered my healing process. I'm so worried I'm actually planning on how to jump on a plane and go back to San Diego (from Toronto, Canada) for a week if anything is serious.

I had a lift as well as augmentation. We went through the areola . I may have been excessively massaging my breasts, moving around too much, who knows what, but something is seemingly not healing right now. I sent pics via email and called as soon as their office opened. I believe I was talking to Vanessa, or another one the amazing staff at Pousti Plastic Surgery, again she was so much help talking to me about the healing process, stuff that can happen, and in ensuring me she'd have Dr Pousti take a look at the pictures as soon as he was in at specific time.

I'm not even going to post pictures 'til I know what's up but just writing about it and posting about it makes me feel a bit better.

Mantra: Stuff happens. Deal with it as it comes. Repeat.

Still worried

Things are still complicated.

I was on the hunt for Xeroform which isn't sold in Canada. In fact, even just a petroleum-based dressing isn't sold OTC here. So I ended up at the hospital. They wanted to do an ultrasound for infection. I didn't want to proceed with anything without Dr Pousti. I called him inbetween seeing doctors and he said he didn't want me to do the ultrasound because hospitals are dirty and chances of infection increase. I totally agreed with him, and felt the same way. They dressed both sides (only my right breast has a large open wound, the left has a small which I am confident will close with some love and attention) with Jelonet (non-medicated petroleum-based mesh gauze) and some non-stick gauze and tape.

I've been really clean about it all. I removed the Jelonet from the left side because I think it needs to form a scab and the Jelonet wasn't helping.

My right breast really hurts today. I peaked between the non-stick gauze and the abdominal pads I am wearing to cushion my breasts, and there is a small spot of drainage that has soaked through the non-stick gauze and onto the abdominal pad. It hurts. Yesterday when it was exposed there was a bit of blood. I'm hoping this is a good sign of healing and healthy tissue forming....but I can't help but worry that the pain means something else. Please be healing, pleeeeeeeeeeease be healing.

I keep looking at tickets to fly back to San Diego and they're a lot higher than they were when my SO and I went. This time I'd be flying by myself. Do airlines even still do last minute deals on empty seats? Also looked at AiBNB close to Dr Pousti's office to stay in. I'd just feel a lot better being close to him and his staff right now.

The draft budget is:
$1000 max on roundtrip flight (unless I find last minute deals or something changes)
$100/night AirBNB/hotel x 5= $500, x7=$700
+ surge repairs (if needed)
+ food + supplies
+ transportation

I'm trying not to be stressed out. Not to move too much. To sleep 8hrs + a night. And live off the savings I have because I can't work like this. Not until I'm healed. Must buy zinc tomorrow. I've been consuming extra protein, lots of vitamin C, arnica, and taking it easy. Maybe tomorrow I'll just stay in bed. I hope when I look in a few more sleeps that it will look better and my body will be doing an awesome job at healing. Reiki from SO's mom

Monday, day 26 post-surge

I've been bandaged up since Friday at the hospital. They used Jelonet (petroleum-based mesh gauze) over the wound. One of my wonderful friends was in the US this weekend and was able to hunt down some Xeroform for me and is bringing it over tonight. Daisy called from Dr Pousti's office and I told her about the Xeroform so she said to wait to change it 'til I have the Xeroform and she will call me tomorrow morning. I haven't seen the wound in what feels like forever but the draining seems to have stopped. But not before there were 10 more small spots on the same right breast that seeped through the non-adhesive gauze but stopped at the abdominal pads.

The small wound on my left breast seems to be doing better too.

I've been taking vitamin C, 5-htp, Niacin, and B12 supplements. Along with making lots of green smoothies and protein smoothies (almonds, coconut, peanut butter, yum!)

This evening I'm full of strange aches, pinches, and sharp pings through my right breast. Must be nerves. There is no specific movement that brings it on. Just seems to be there as I sit and breathe.

I wish I'd gotten a second surgical bra. It's really hard to find no under wire- front closure- sports bras.

I had a lot of anxiety over the weekend but I was able to to talk to my SO's parents over brunch with them about the wound and my concerns. They were super supportive. They even sent me flowers today. I have a big beautiful bouque of fresh pink roses reminding me to take it easy, rest, heal, and get well :) Focus healing energy into my body and be calm.

The unexpected.

Monday night I changed my bandages and it didn't look good. I popped more stitches. Sent picture to Daisy. She agreed. Wanted me to come in today. I looked at flights but couldn't pull it together fast enough without feeling impulsive or rushed. I missed out on direct flights under a thousand because I waited too long *face palm*. My SO wants to come too. When I talked to Dr. Pousti last night he mentioned there might be room to get me in Friday afternoon. I'm hoping for that. Looking at flights to fly out tomorrow from Toronto to San Diego for repairs.

I wish I had the unlimited spending money I had the first trip. But of course, I went out and bought all my winter gear when I got back and was expecting to be healed by now. I allocated myself 6 weeks off at home. It'll be just about a month post-op when I see Dr Pousti.

Yeah, I'm pretty stressed out right meow. I also feel relief in knowing I'm flying back to be close to my PS who is going to take care of me and fix me up.

Please send positive thoughts, healing vibes, and valium.

On the mend ^_^!

I'm so happy we came back to fix this. Even though my complications only started 10 days ago, it's been the longest ten days ever. The past two days including lots of pain and anxiety.

Dr Pousti, Vanessa, and Daisy teamed together to put me back together again. That sounds melodramatic, 'cause really his whole team is lovely, and I just needed some patch work on my left breast, but this trio cared for me all 10 days over the phone and internet from afar, and then this afternoon in the clinic. They kept me so calm and made me feel so much better about the whole situation.

My SO and I booked at the Holiday Inn SD La Mesa as per recommended by Daisy and is on the PoustiPlasticSurgery.com fly in patients. I called a day ahead of our arrival to request early check-in as we were flying in from out of town. They obliged. We boarded Delta Airlines at 6AMto Detroit, MI. Detroit's airport is one of the nicest airports I've ever been to. They have a skytrain inside the incredibly huge airport which is a huge hub for Delta Domestic and International (the really big planes!) I make note of this because at first I was really dissapointed our stop-over was in Detroit. I imagined a run down or abandon airport. Nope. It was grand - esp the Sanrio store! Girl working the Sanrio store:"The airport, it's beat" My SO: "Don't get caught up in it" Me: *in awe of pretty things* "Hmm, no, I think I will :D"

Cabin pressure seemed to make my pain worse at times, and travelling in general seemed to really stress my wound out. We landed just before 11am. Checked into the hotel shortly there after. I couldn't walk around much because by this point I was in a fair amount of pain. Luckily, our appointment at Pousti Plastic Surgery was moved up from 2:30pm to 2pm, then again to 1:45pm.

Vanessa greeted me so warmly just like I remembered her during my consultation just a month ago. Both her and Daisy are pretty and pleasant, caring and comforting, confident and chatty. I could go on. I really like the two of them.

As they had informed me on the phone before I arrived, it was a crazy busy Friday afternoon. And my impromptu appointment definitely took a bit longer but wasn't rushed at all which was exactly what I wanted.

This time I'm taking things a lot more seriously. Resting for two weeks straight. And then maybe some more. I am feeling so much better. So relieved. I'll post pictures eventually of the whole ordeal. I had a hard time finding information, posts, pics, and people to talk to about my BL+BA complication experience. I read about Jodie Marsh's experience, but other than that I didn't find much out there about incisions opening up and scars or how to help them or mend them.

Follow-up appointment on Monday.

complications never end

Monday everything looked great at my follow-up. I was feeling hopeful even though there would be scarring. No big deal, no more wound, yay!

Yesterday we travelled all day from San Diego back to Toronto.

Today I removed bandages in shower to lightly rinse anything coming out of them and I'd split at the top of my wound where I started splitting in the very beginning of my complications. This time I've got stitches in place holding the rest of me together so I won't fall apart. But I just started bawling when I saw it. The tension is too much on the upper left quadrant on my right breast. It just won't heal. I'm so upset. And now I'm all the way home in Toronto again and I don't know what to do.

Last time I waited a week and it only got worse. Do I buy a plane ticket right now and get back out there? I don't even want my SO to come either because this is getting really expensive. I had all the money saved up for my surgery and healing but nothing in case of complications. I'm in debt because of the complications. And if I don't heal I can't go back to work. And I'll be even more in debt.

The hard times are getting really hard :(

Thanks to everyone for your support <3

I really appreciate the comments, sympathy, and support from everyone. Thank you so much.

Today I'm re-evaluating my diet. I eat super healthy, at least 70/30 ... but what I consider junk food (rice cake w peanut butter and jam) is still pretty ok. I am a vegetarian and have been for over half my life. I drink peanut butter, kale/spinach, almond milk, cinnamon, banana/mango smoothies everyday. I think my diet is enough to sustain me but I don't think it's enough to heal me. I've decided I'm reintroducing meat to my diet to try to better support my body in healing. Who knows if this attempt will work but I'm willing to try anything.

Tomorrow I'm picking up vegan protein supplements: hemp seed based protein shake, spirulina, etc..

I'm limiting the movement of my right arm. Keeping it close to my body.

I'm wearing two bras instead of one for extra support.

I am remaining in a semi-reclined position throughout the day.

friday. day 7 post new sutures

I am so fortunate to have such an understanding GP. He renewed my meds. I'm so grateful I still have valium. It's pretty much the only reason I'm able to keep it together. I cry at least once a day.

I removed the bandages today to check on the wound. It has grown slightly in size despite me eating meat and sleeping for days. I know these things take time. I just never imagined I'd be down and out for this long.

I wonder if I can use RealSelf to find someone to stay with in San Diego if I have to return for more stitches.

My other alternative is to visit a big hospital here in Toronto and see their on-call Plastic Surgeon.

I hate to say it, but I feel disfigured.

The worst feeling is feeling for my SO. Our quality and standard of life is suffering because I can't work and thus am generating no income. I am such an independent person and it's crippling to be so dependent. I thrive in a relationship where I can give as much as I get, if not more.

This is a test. Or something. A life lesson. I need to find the good in this.

starting a new review about my complications.

Starting a new review about my complications.

XL Breast Lift and Breast Implants Complications

This is a continuation of my last review, same surgery, but focusing on the complications I've been experiencing post-surgery.

5'1 - 120lbs
pre-op bra size: 32DDD/34DD
15 Oct 2014: Breast Lift & Breast Augmentation, Peri-Areolar Incisions, Under
Mentor Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile Saline 600cc o/f to 720cc
Dr. Pousti, San Diego, California

I started experiencing complications early in my third week. I noticed I'd had tenderness that would progress to pain on my right side throughout the day. My energy was becoming less and less. Then I noticed slight but definitely extra drainage coming from my left breast which was still steri-stripped up. Initially I'd been told I could take the steri-strips off at 2 weeks, but then was re-informed the longer they stay on the better.

I was doing a lot of winter shopping and walking around at the end of my second week-beginning of third week, all while still limiting my range of motion. I distinctly remember a hug from an unknowing acquaintance being the catalyst for the pain.

Mid-week of week 3 I peeled back the steri strips to find a small (in comparison to what it would become) open wound, it was about a half an inch long by a quarter of an inch wide. That's pretty much how it all started.

The Course of Complications (E02)

I change my bandages every two or three days. So two days ago as of today. The top high tension point (upper L quad) is completely open. The sutures are just there. I was able to wipe one out while cleaning my wound. I'm unsure if they're doing anything at that point. Below my nipple there is still skin sutured together I am hoping is surviving. However, on the other side of those sutures the wound sutured together didn't hold and the skin died and peeled off leaving a small wound.

I cried.

I did notice at the top of the large wound in the high tension area some scar tissue beginning to form. It's dark pink and just an edge. I'm unsure if it was there before or if I'm just noticing it now looking for any improvement but I'm being optimistic that it formed recently.

I've done two sessions of reiki and found it has really helped. I knew I needed therapy for some long standing issues and more recently some trauma, but I didn't imagine it'd come in the form of reiki.

I feel so stressed out about moving and boredum that I just want to take valium and stay in bed everyday. That's not really working.

I'm looking for low-impact work in the mean time as I can't work any of my regular jobs that are all physically demanding. And being financially stressed is my least favourite worry.

I talked to Dr Pousti the other day and he says it's as bad as it's going to get. So I guess that's a good thing? Just have to wait for it to heal and soften up to do scar revision.

Daisy calls me everyday or every other day which is really comforting. She said she saw a case similar to this and it took the girl two months to heal a wound the size of a quarter. My wound is bigger than a quarter. So no, I have no idea how long this is going to take to heal.

Some days are better than others.

I cried a lot yesterday. Today I'm doing kinda ok. Bandage change tomorrow morning.

I should post pictures but they're very graphic...

The Course of Complications (E03)

I changed my bandages today annnnnnd I'm pretty sure I'm starting to heal!!
At least that was before I fell trying to climb up on a countertop (#shortgirlproblems)

My wound has a nice solid edge of scar tissue around the wound. There was very little dead skin to clean and signigicantly less drainage than in the past.

Daisy is so sweet. She called to check on me at the end of her day (Friday is a short day at Pousti Plastic Surfery) and of course I'd procrastinated changing my bandage due to how upset I was the last two times I changed it (both times the wound had spread and was very sore with drainage) and I'd forgot they close early on Friday. She offered that even though she won't be at work she will still have her phone with her and I can send her update pictures of my wound.

I jumped into the bathroom with my SO (mostly there for moral support and occasional extra hand). We set up our mini- as sterile as it gets -wound dressing station and started the slow process of wetting and removing the non-stick dressing and Xeroform.

To my delight, my wound actually looked a lot cleaner. Smaller. Better. It looks like it's healing at last!! Still big but healing,

I've done reiki twice, I've been double dosing vitamin C, I started eating meat; organic, local, high quality Rowe Farm's chicken, and sleeping a lot.

I'm trying to not get excited too soon but yeah, I'm pretty stoked. There will most definitely need to be scar revision done but I trust Dr Pousti and his staff to do me right.

Pictures to post of boobs and wound when I'm healed.

I super appreciate everyone's support . RealSelf is a really great community.

The Course of Complications (E04)

My breast has significantly improved. I have a lot of scarring but the wound is finally closed. I'm no longer all bandaged up. I had my sutures removed. I made it out to an hour of dancing yesterday night. I haven't made it back to work yet and I'm pretty broke. The new scar tissue is still tender and has a top layer of flakeyness. It doesn't look good but it looks so much better than it did. Pictures soon.

Spring Update

It's been just over 4 months since I last posted.

I emailed Pousti's team a couple months ago to talk about next surgery and they said to wait 6-8 weeks for the skin to relax more. I just email them again today. I really really love my implants

...half my update didn't post =/

Goals for next surgery: remove scar tissue as best as possible around areola, smaller areolas, bigger implants: 1000cc? ^_^!

Started doing my lips last month too. 1.5cc first round, 1.3cc second round. Appt for next month booked already! Love it!
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr Pousti and his team. I will continue to be a loyal client and travel across the continent to return for future procedures.

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