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Both women and men are improving their looks and...

Both women and men are improving their looks and their confidence by entrusting their bodies to any one of the number of qualified surgeons available throughout the world today.

I share the same discontent with a certain part of my body as do literally hundreds of thousands of women across the globe. I was not happy with my breast size. My decision to have breast augmentation surgery was not taken lightly, nor was it a fleeting thought . It is something I’ve contemplated for years, dating as far back as my teenage years, when I was just 16 years old.

A couple of months ago, I finally decided to move forward with this transformation in my life and make things happen.I did a lot of informative research about breast augmentation, the actual surgical procedure itself, possible side effects and, of course, I inquired on countless qualified surgeons throughout San Diego county. I hand picked a few and set out to visit each one of them for a complimentary consultation. With every consult I attended, I gained knowledgeable insight. I was informed, educated and introduced to each doctor’s own way of practicing medicine. I paid special attention to the staff and the overall feeling I got from the atmosphere of each office. I can honestly say, each doctor I visited seemed more than capable of performing my surgery and I felt very confident in each one of them. I was initially scheduled to have my surgery with a prominent, highly recommended physician (not Dr. Pousti) on April 27, 2012, when I decided to get one last opinion. I found Dr. Tom Pousti’s name on the internet and was quite impressed with his patient “before and after” photos. So, I made the appointment. When I visited Dr. Pousti for my initial evaluation, I was more than prepared with my mental list of questions and concerns and knew that Dr. Pousti, if he were to be my surgeon, would have to offer me something I had not yet been introduced to by the other doctors. Dr. Pousti had to win me over as a patient. By gosh, I was pleasantly surprised! My expectations were met and the information I received actually exceeded what I felt was necessary to get me to sign on that dotted line. I felt extremely comfortable and at ease with every part of my consultation. Dr. Pousti’s staff were very friendly and very knowledgeable about all aspects of breast augmentation. When I aked questions, they actually listened to what I was saying and addressed all of my concerns. As for Dr. Pousti, he is quite a character! He has a great sense of humor and is very friendly. He makes his patients feel like they have known him for years. By the end of my appointment with Dr. Pousti, I decided I was cancelling my surgery with the other physican and scheduling my procedure with Dr. Pousti.

As I mentioned earlier, I did extensive research on my soon to be “enhancements” and, therefore, was very critical about receiving exactly what I wanted in terms of shape and size. I was very surprised when Dr. Pousti and the nurses were as determined to understand what I wanted as much as I was determined to convey my desires to them, even up to the last cc. There were only two pictures (that I downloaded and printed from Dr. Pousti’s website) that I felt displayed my desired results. I must mention that the difference between those two pictures was very, very small (about 70cc difference in implant sizes), This allowed Dr. Pousti a very small margin for error.

On the day of my procedure, I arrived at the surgery center both excited and anxious. This would be my first surgical experience, other than having my wisdom teeth removed, so everything was very new to me. The nurses and Dr’s that work with Dr. Pousti are just awesome!! They were very friendly and professional. One of the nurses talked to me about my desired results while we were waiting for Dr. Pousti to arrive. She said “I am your voice in the surgery room so I want to make sure that I understand exactly what you want. Dr. Pousti, of course, will be the one to make the final decision, but I will be there to make sure all of us are on the same page”. After I spoke to her, Dr. Pousti showed up, and, putting any doubts or final concerns I might have to rest, Dr. Pousti discussed my desired results with me one last time. After that conversation, I knew I had made the right decision...there was no turning back now. The only thing that was on my mind was how excited I was and that I was looking forward to seeing my surgery results.

My surgery went well, no problems with the anesthesia or with the surgery itself. I was actually told I was the “model patient”. When I woke up in the recovery room, I looked down at my chest and was so happy, they were just what I wanted! I couldn’t be happier. My post operative experience has been uneventful. That is a good thing! I have had no problems whatsoever. I’m at the beginning of my third week post-op. I stopped taking pain medications on the 3rd day after surgery, and was driving myself around on the 4th day(and I even drive a stick shift!). I know the speed in which I recovered is not common. Each person heals individually and it all depends on one’s own body. For some people, the healing process takes a couple of weeks. For those fortunate ones, such as myself, recovery can happen in just a few days.

I want to share some post-operative information in regards to sleeping positions. For the first week after surgery, you will only be able to sleep on your back. During your second to third week post-op, you should be able to sleep on your side. You won’t be able to sleep on your stomach for about 2-3 months after the surgery. I found a little trick to help with the “laying or sleeping on my stomach dilemma”. At night before I’m falling asleep, I put one pillow under my head(as usual) and I place one pillow under my stomach. In doing this, your breast barely touches the bed and it takes pressure off of your back . Also, the first few days following your surgery, the sling you are required to wear is pretty tight and very warm. I consulted with one of Dr. Pousti’s nurses after surgery and asked if I can use some sort of cold pack to reduce the “heat” and “swelling” of my breasts. I had read on the internet that some women recommend using cold packs to relieve their symptoms after surgery. Dr. Pousti’s nurse informed me that using cold packs can lead to complications, therefore, Dr. Pousti does not recommend cold therapy after surgery.

Dr. Pousti please don’t kill me... but...I used a wet towel ( I wet it in a slightly in cold water) and was applying it to my chest the first and second day post-op. I found it helped cool me down and it relieved some of the tightness in my skin. I’m not recommending going against doctor’s orders, so please ask your doctor before applying an sort of ice therapy to the surgical area.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with my results. It has been so much fun acquiring new pieces to my wardrobe. I had no idea I would be able to shop and buy myself new clothes just one week after my surgery. As for my old clothes, they look so much better in the “new me”. Now, I find myself paying special attention to my posture. When standing, I proudly display my new acquisitions. And, for the most part, people notice.

My only complaint is within myself. I’m very active and am used to working out pretty hard 6 times a week. Unfortunately, one of Dr. Pousti’s post-operative instructions is to restrict your work-out regimen. Obviously, doing any exercises that involve the chest muscles have to be omitted for a few weeks after surgery. Dr. Pousti does not want his “masterpiece” compromised by any unnecessary activities. So, for now, I have to hold myself back and forgo push-ups, crunches, etc., until I am fully recovered. I think adjusting my workout routine to consist of primarily leg exercises for the next few weeks is a small price to pay considering all I have gained.

My stats: I’m 5’6, 124lb, before surgery cup size A.
Post surgery: Silicon Implants, 300cc, under the muscle, desired result achieved: full B-small C cup

Best wishes,

Hi everyone! Short update on my breast...

Hi everyone! Short update on my breast augmentation recovery.
Today is exactly 7 weeks after the surgery. I can say that I have absolutely no problems at this point (knock on the wood :) ). The results are just what I wanted them to be; very natural looking and pretty soft to touch breast. The scars are slightly pink and not very noticeable, definitely not something to be concerned about, from my point of view.
I have been doing high impact and high intensity workouts since the week 4. I have absolutely no problems with running, jumping rope and doing lower body workouts with heavy weights. My surgeon, Dr. Tom Pousti, have advised me to wait as long as possible or at least till week 8, for the upper body workouts; and I definitely will follow his instructions on this :)

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