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I have weighed the pros and cons of BA for so long...

I have weighed the pros and cons of BA for so long 15+ yrs.I wanted to wait till after I had children.Well...I have 3 amazing children (4,11,12) now and I'm now ready.I've decided to have my BA in San diego since this is where I will be spending most of the summer with my children.My stats 5'6'' 130, 34 very deflated C minor.I nursed all of my children,who knew this is what happens after the fact. SHHHESH!!! HAAHAHA I keep telling myself if I can hang upside down for long enough every thing will GO back where it belongs.....in a perfect world! huh...

So this is where the DOC comes into play.I have decided to go with an areola incision under the muscle.Going for Silicone 475cc or 500cc MOD +. Hoping to be around D+. Reviewing sizes again on 6/10 at my pre-op appt.I'm so excited and have to say all of the posts I have read on Real Self have been so helpful in this journey.Everyones input helps a Iot.I feel you can never be to educated only under educated especially with a decision like this.All the post actually keep me from getting nervous about my surgery!!

New GOAL pics

Pre-op stuff is in!!

I just received my Pre-Op and Post-Op Vitamins from Make me heal. I've already bought my Arnicia Montana Gel and Ointment plus the oral pills from Hyland's for bruising hope it works!!!

HOLY MOLY.....21 more days !!!!!!!

I am constantly looking at the calendar counting the days!!!! June 13 is getting closer.I'm trying to keep calm and think of other things......but I'm always thinking am I going with 475 or 500 ? Am I going to choose the right size?,did I get everything I need for the recovery? OMG...its like an OCD!!!!Anyone else doing this??? :-(

14 more days to go!!!!!!!

Today I picked up my prescriptions.Hoping I will not have to take all of them,since they tend to make me ILL most of the time.I have slowly started to pack my suit cases.Im feeling nervous and excited......My pre-op is June 10 HUGE decision day.What size what size huh!!!! Thats what I've been pondering on the most.Looking though all the before and afters on RealSelf trying to compare.Kinda get an idea but end up being confused because everyone is different and its hard to picture myself I guess GRRRRR!!!! frustrating.I know my PS will be very help full but theres always the what ifs going back and forth in my thoughts.....wrong size, to big,Wrong profile and the biggest worry the should of gone Bigger :-[ .....

10 days to go!!

7 days till Pre-op 10 days till INFLATION ! Am I ready for this? I keep asking myself......I know I want them I know they will look much better...but I do not want to go through with the horrid recovery :-( Guess Im in the "WHAT AM I DOING STAGE" :-/ Input PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! :-D


Hi everyone Today is my Pre-op excited to choose a size and finalized everything.Will update later!

Update :-D

SOOO Pre-Op went great.Blood work done only had to do the finger prick!!!! And Size chosen !!!!!! Tried on the sizers.Felt great about my choice Going with 475 on the right and 500 on the left because of the smaller size on the left.Operation is first thing thursday morning luckily so I won't have to wait all day with out eating before the operation.The count down begins.

This is it!!!

Tomorrow is the big day wish me luck!!!

On the other side !

Well I wasn't really nervous before the surgery so surprising!!! I am in alot of pain not just pain PAIN!!!! My chest is tight.the implants have moved upwards and are riding high. I'm ice packing every 20 mins which is helping alot .but I do have to say the ride home was no good felt sick and vomited all the way home couldnt keep anything down imcluding my all of my meds as of 2 hrs ago I think I have stopped. Can't sleep at all :-( we will see what tonight brings :-/

New pics

I have just managed to get picture.Very tight and swollen and bruised up.but feeling great!!!

1 week post-op

I went to my appt today for my 1 week check up. Guess I'm healing very fast and he took the tape off the incisions.I no longer have to wear the surgical BRA from hell or the horrible strap band !!!!! He said im dropping nicely and I should start to fluff up in a couple of weeks and it going to get better and better I still need to drop a little more but he said gravity will do it's thing no need to force them anymore. He told me to wear a sports bra day and night. But other wise I'm good to go and I will be checking in with him in August...

1 week Pre-op pics


Stupid auto correct

Finally back home 12 days Post-Op

finally back home and recovering.San Diego was great but home is much more comfortable.Im dropping nicely.Right side is still higher then the left but, its going great so far.Getting used to sleeping on the new LADIES......ekk which was nerve wrecking at first because of the pressure.Now I am able to sleep on my side and slightly on my side boob.Still getting MORNING BOOB!!!!!!!!! which I cant wait it to go away.Noticed when I walk around they tend to get hard and tighten up......huh.Massaging all the time which helps out majorly!!! I am starting to get little zings and pinches going though my tissue with little aches and pains here and there but as far as the way it was first couple of days cant compare to now phew glad its over!!!!!!!!! will post pics soon.

New pics

New pics 12 days

Before and After

19 days POST OP new PICS

Recovery is going great though when I do too much the ladies definetly let me know.They ache and tighten up and get little spasms that go away after I rest so not doing alot trying to keep it easy but with 3 kids mmmm yah!!!!

1 more pic

Progression photo

Happy 4th

Swim suit time !!!! Unpadded YESSSSS. Such an amazing feeling oh yah oh yah!!!


I am so happy with my results.They are changing every day.I just had the tide knot part of my stitches taken out. I have started using scar zone twice every day.It's really working out great.Will post pick soon.

6 Months Mark

Well its been 6 month since my BA and I cant imagine life with out them.I would do it all over again.I'm a 34 DDD or 34 F. It is hard to find a bra in store that fits. I mostly order online.I will say the brands Chantelle,Natori,and V.S are wonderful.I love wearing V.S so supportive and comfortable.Will be posting updated pics soon. :-)

6 months Pics

Every time I look at them they do not seem Big but every time I put my bras on I can't believe it !???? happy with my results!!!! Sorry about the crappy pics :-/ pics also of best bras ever highly recommend them!!!!!
San Diego General Surgeon

Dr. Charles Sarosy Spent a good amount of time answering all my questions.Was very straight forward.Explained the procedure and what to expect. We went over sizes with his nurse Sarah,who is great as well and very knowledgeable.She also answered a lot of questions I had.

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