Love my new "girls" - San Diego, CA

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Yesterday I had my Pre Op appt. for Breast...

Yesterday I had my Pre Op appt. for Breast Augmentation. Tomorrow is my surgery day! The Pre Op was SO fun, they have this new machine there that can take a photo of your breasts as they are now and then on the computer image you can play with all the shapes and sizes, you can even put the girls in a swim suit top! It was so neat to get an idea of what the sizes will look like on your own body, since everyone is different. It actually calmed my "unknown" nerves.. I have a very good idea and am even MORE excited because I liked what I saw. The rest is up to Dr. Pousti. I told him he has the freedom to do whats going to look right for me and my active lifestyle. IM so excited! Have I stated that yet? haha. Anyway, the Pre Op was amazing, I went in jittery and left skipping! They answered ALL of my questions, gave me the low down and now I have peace of mind to just enjoy the journey! I will post again next week after my surgery!! YEEEEE!!!


So sorry for the late post.. I am now 3 weeks after my surgery.. I feel GREAT!! Not going to lie at all, the first 3 days were a bit rough but manageable. I still think kidney stones and birth run much higher on the pain threshold pole. I would say it was more uncomfortable rather then painful. Although I kept up on my pain pills every 4 hours and the Valium was perfect for that "pressure" sensation. Now I have to give huge HUGE props to Dr. Poustis team.. I did not expect the treatment I got after surgery.. They called and checked up on me every day for the first week and a half. Although my surgery was flawless and I never had any questions for them, they still called! It made me feel like I was in great hands and that they really cared. Even on my day 3 PostOp appt I had to drive 2 hours to get there and it was rough.. I wasn't feeling the best and they still took care of me immediately. I think I was only at the office for a whole 5 minutes, they saw I was uncomfortable and dizzy so Dr. Poutsi quickly checked the girls and sent me on my way.. but not without two water bottles and a snack so I would feel better. They are so great. I try to always think critically and to try to see if their is any room for improvement and I honestly cant think of a single thing. This experience has been everything I ever hoped for and then some! Dr. Pousti will be "my guy" for any elective surgery from now on.. no matter how far I have to travel.


Some photos!

3 month Appt!

Super excited for my 3 month check up on Thur! They are looking AMAZING still and I want them to stay that way! My questions thur will all be fitness related.. Its a huge part of my life but I have been taking it easy because I dont want to ruin dr. pousti's amazing work he has done for my "girls".. Cant say its been easy taking it "easy" at the gym.. Im so used to going hard or go home but that would t be far to me or Dr Pousti if I pushed to hard and God forbid did something to jeopardize my healing. Ill let you all know what he says I can start doing after my appt! Ive been having some minor discomforts while working out so we will see if those are normal and I can ignore or if its my bodys "warning" signs. I trust Dr. pousti with everything so i will listen! Meanwhile enjoy some recent pics i took!! ????

Almost 1 year.. still in love!

Still one of the best decisions of my life! Couldn't be happier with having my girls! My confidence is super high, I don't feel flabby and gross anymore and I can wear just about anything! Its great!

His professionalism amazes me. It was like surgeon love at first sight, I was immediately comfortable with him and knew he was the one. Not only does his work speak for his talent but his personality and demeanor matches as well. I love how he is real with me and told me the other day that the size I was "thinking" would be harmful for my frame. I trust him and am going with what he says. I can respect and I appreciate his honesty. Thats why I picked him!

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