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I am 24 years old and I have been considering...

I am 24 years old and I have been considering Breast Augmentation for over 6 years. I turned my life around in High School by losing 75 lbs and gaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. I am proud of the woman that I've become, but I have never gotten past the self consciousness of being so flat chested. So here we are some years later and I am finally taking the plunge...tomorrow morning!

I never knew that there were so many options in Breast Augmentation. It was a little daunting, but I had the help and support from Dr. Pousti and his amazing staff! I am an A cup going to full C's. I chose silicone implants because I want the most natural look possible. I am just looking to feel more proportionate, a little more feminine, and a lot more confident :)

I am excited and a little nervous. I have full faith and confidence in Dr. Pousti. I am not worried in the least about the results, I know they will be amazing! I am only concerned about how I will react. It is definitely a life altering decision and I'm hopeful for all of the positive changes that are soon to come!

Hi! I had the bandages removed and got to see the...

I had the bandages removed and got to see the girls for the first time this past Thursday...they're wonderful, but not as wonderful as they will be :) They still have to settle into the pockets to give me the natural look I want, but so far so good :)
The pain has been manageable and I am weening myself off the medication. I am already so pleased with my choice to have this procedure.I go in this coming Friday to have another check up and for them to teach me the massages/tips for full recovery. I took a peek at my "before" pictures and was so shacked and amazed at the difference already! I will get some pictures up once I get the "after" ones taken.
Lastly, I could not have had a better surgeon than Dr. Pousti. His bedside manner, courtesy, patient care, genuine concern, talent, etc, etc. He's amazing! If you are in the SD area or have the means to fly in for him you should!
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I was searching around online for San Diego providers when I came across Dr. Pousti. I was drawn in by his certifications, awards, and plethora of glowing reviews. Then, I found out a few of my friends are former Pousti patients. They had nothing but wonderful things to say about their results and also the level of care and attention they received. I met him at the consultation and I have never felt more at ease in what I expected to be a very awkward situation due to my own self consciousness. He is such a sweet man; personable, genuine, and truly dedicated to his patients and his craft. Even tonight, he called to make sure that I was doing well and to see if I had any concerns before my operation in the morning. I could not be happier with Dr. Pousti and I haven't even had surgery yet!

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