From A to D with Dr. Lee: 23 Years Old, 5'6", 100lbs / 350cc Sientra Classic Shaped Implants - San Diego, CA

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Hey everybody! I've used Realself for a while as...

Hey everybody!

I've used Realself for a while as an outlet to learn more about what to expect before and after my surgery, but was never sure if I'd write a review. I have to say, what I've learned from you ladies has been so incredibly helpful to me that I want to write a review of my experience, and also because I noticed there weren't any breast augmentation reviews written here for Dr. Lee that I could find. I've been so happy with my results every single day that I felt inclined to share.
I won't go into my reasoning to why I got them because it was really simple for me, I always wanted bigger boobs. I always knew I'd get them eventually and I've always liked the look of breast implants even though I never really disliked my breasts before surgery, they were just small. However, it was never really anything I put alot of effort into researching until probably a year ago. More recently 2 girls I know got their breasts done and I LOVED their outcomes. I finally got the courage to ask one of them who their surgeon was, knowing they had both went to the same person, and she told me Dr. Lee. I don't know why I was so shy to ask, I guess I just felt like I was prying at something that was personal seeing as I'm not good friends with either of these girls and implants aren't something people I know commonly talk about or anything (lol). Anyway, a few days later I scheduled a consult to meet with Dr. Lee and paid a $125 deposit for the appointment that would go towards my surgery should I choose to go through with it with his office.

About a month later was the soonest I could get in (the end of March), so I drove the 3 hours to San Diego for my appointment. At my consultation with Dr. Lee, his staff was incredibly welcoming to both me and my roommate. I was nervous the entire time and I had no idea why. I was shaking so hard even though I knew this was what I wanted. They called me and my roommate back to the room, then took me to start to taking pre op photos of my breasts. Once the photos were taken they put them on a 3D imaging machine to help choose the size implants I wanted. Dr. Lee came in and measured me and talked to me about the different types of implants and my desired outcome. I went in thinking I wanted about 300cc anatomical implants because I don't like the rounded top look and was personally wanting a really natural outcome. After playing with and squeezing all the different kinds I chose Sientra's anatomicals. I quickly realized I was lost in sizes. My mind was jumping around between 300-400, 400 being my max anyway I think they said since my frame was so tiny. I tried on sizers and sizers and sizers again and again. I thought I was gonna drive the sweet lady who was helping me crazy, but she was very polite and helpful the entire time. Finally I decided on 400cc's. I knew I didn't want a consult with anyone else, I loved the outcome of the other ladies boobies so much, to me it was Dr. Lee or no one, so I went ahead and scheduled my surgery for May 7th with another pre op appointment about 2 weeks before surgery.

Pre anesthesia made me SO nervous. I have a heart condition known as SVT (a rapid irregular heart beat) and had to do a few EKG tests when I went in to get my blood drawn. I drank a Red Bull before going in, I think I knew better, but since nothing / no one had warned me not to I did for the 3 hour adventure down to get blood work done. I had kinda high blood pressure, but aside from that the lady said I was fine. I filled my prescriptions that I'd need for surgery around the same week as my pre anesthesia too.

Next up was surgery day. My surgery was on a Wednesday, so my mom had taken the rest of the week off work to take me to my appointment and stay at my house for a couple days with me and my roommate, my grandma was also coming with us because I honestly don't know how my mom would have handled me going through a surgery without her. She's always been scared since I was a child of me going under any anesthesia because of my heart problem. My grandma, my nurses, and me kept telling her I'd be alright. I got to the hospital and they admitted me back and started my IV in what felt like a couple minutes. There seemed to be literally no wait and the hospital was extremely clean. EVERYONE and I do me absolutely everyone I encountered at Sharp Mary Birch hospital were so sweet. I remember asking if I would be intubated and telling the anesthesiologist that was what I was most scared of. She assured me I wouldn't notice at all except for maybe a little scratchy throat after, but that I would be intubated during surgery. About an hour later Dr. Lee came in a marked my chest, we went over the size I wanted again and I told him I wanted him to choose the size he thought would be best with my frame, between 325-380cc's. I really trusted his judgement and was still unsure if the size I was choosing was too large for me (400cc's). Shortly after, they took me back to surgery. I still don't remember much except for walking to the OR through the halls and into the really cold room where they started to put the warm things on me. A few mins after I was in the OR I was talking to my anesthesiologist, really funny lady, then I was out. I don't remember dreaming or anything like I've seen a few people on here say. I remember waking up laying on my back and feeling like it was hard to swallow, my mouth was so dry. They came and sat me up and i was immediately nauseous. I drank water and tried to eat a cracker, but started throwing up in less than a minute. 2 doses of zofran didn't do it, so then they tried phenergan and I felt fine. They had me sign forms I don't remember signing at all, put me in a wheel chair, then wheeled me out to the car. The nurse called my cell phone about 10 mins after I left to tell me she left my IV in my arm, I was so high from the anesthesia and everything else still I didn't even notice. I don't hold it against them at all because when I was put in the wheelchair my mom came and put my sweater over me so my arm was covered. When I got home I was so sore and felt so messed up from the 3 hour car ride I went straight to bed, only getting up to pee and for pain pills & antibiotics. I was also SOOOOO grumpy from a mix of the pain meds and being on my period the same week as my surgery.

I can't say healing was really an easy process for me. It was definitely bearable, but it wasn't easy. I threw up what seemed like all the time. I couldn't hold any food down. I thought the pain meds were making me nauseous (percocet), so I was taking zofran to counter it. Turns out, I was having some sort of reaction to the zofran and not the pain pills so I quit taking them and I was fine. My first shower felt amazing, I didn't wanna get out aside from the steam making me dizzy. I had morning boob for about 2 1/2 weeks and was almost crying every day waiting for it to pass. Some times I'd feel alright, then I'd get comfortable for more than 30 mins and my breasts would start to hurt SO bad. It felt like someone had literally smashed my chest with a bat or something, holy cow, I was so sore in my sternum, armpits, and underboob! I slept all the time and was more bloated than I had ever been in my life. It really helped me to have someone around majority of the time to help me when I needed it, even when my mom left my roommate was always there with me. Not being able to sleep on my sides was terrible. My butt was so sore I tried to move in any which way to make it a little less numb when sleeping all propped up with what felt like 900 pillows.

My first post op appointment didn't go well at all. Well, the appointment itself did, but things took a turn for the worse on the car ride home. I got so sick, when I got home I slept for 16 hours straight. Those car rides took a serious toll on me 3 hours each direction, I feel for anyone who has to travel for their post op appointment. Prep yourself with lots of pillows and water!!

I was finally able to start sleeping on my sides gradually again around 3 1/2 weeks post op, which was around the same time I started taking baths again too. I was just sure to keep my incisions out of the water. I ordered some silicone strips when I started to ran out of the paper tape my Dr's office gave me (uploading a photo of which tapes I've been using) as well as started using Biocorneum scar treatment on my incisions around 4 1/2 weeks post op. I kept them covered 24/7 for my first 2 1/2 months after surgery and more recently after my last post op appointment started wearing them about 3 days a week while strictly using Biocorneum twice a day the rest of the week. So far I've seen quite a bit of changes in my scars which have been normal (from light, to darker, to starting to slowly turn lighter again). My scars are very flat and are perfectly under my breasts now that they've been dropping into their closer to final place. I usually scar dark, so I'm hoping for the best. I was fitted at VS and I'm a 32D, however I still prefer to go braless most of the time unless it's a sports bra or bralette for now. I don't think I'm going to start wearing underwire bras more regularly til around 6 months to a year post op, if even then because I've never been a fan of underwires. I started to do yoga slowly again over the last couple weeks, but I'm still scared to push it and mess anything up until I'm closer to a year post. I'll keep you guys updated with pics of my scars and maybe some of how my breasts are settling over time or if I can think of anything else to add!

A few more photos

Just a few more pictures of progress. I plan on taking better pictures from the side and front like everyone else does for realself, but these are just ones I have on my phone. I'll also update with some scar pictures, they seem to be fading the most when I massage the scars with biocorneum. I rub in small circular motions, then side to side along my scar, lifting and rolling the skin a little in places the tissue feels a little thicker. I've read a lot that massaging scars helps break down the scar tissue, but haven't seen a surgeon actually upload of video of the correct way to massage a breast augmentation scar, which I think would be cool to see. Everywhere else I look has a generalized scar massage and nothing breast specific. Just a recommendation for a surgeon out there who might be willing to make one!

Questioning size

Let me start by saying I absolutely love my results. Pre surgery my breasts were slightly asymmetric and I never liked to give any attention to my right breast due to it being slightly smaller and a scar from a past piercing. My implant had to be placed slightly different to make my nipple placement forward and accurate. I still have occasional pinching feelings in my right breast that I don't have in my left, which I plan on addressing with my surgeon at my next post op appointment in October. My current concern that crosses my mind a few times a week is if I went big enough. Like I said, I love my results, just sometimes I look at them and they still feel small. When I went in I said I wanted a very natural looking outcome, which I believe I do have, but now I'm wondering if what I wanted was more of the "fake" look. I keep telling myself if I'm happy with the size 80% of the time, to just ignore it and be happy and get past those thoughts, but after almost $9000 I'm really questioning why I'd want to stay smaller. Some of my thoughts are along the lines of if I went even larger would it be too much for me? Would I look too top heavy? Why do I want larger than what's already a D on my tiny frame when I started this journey barely an A? I'll sort through these questions in my mind before my next appointment, but I felt like I needed to talk about me questioning my size somewhere because I think it's really starting to annoy my roommate. Anyway, here's the photos I took specifically for RealSelf that I kept saying I'd upload.

Better picture

I noticed in the picture I posted of my scars yesterday it looks like the one on the right is a cm or 2 higher and they're actually even, so I wanted to post a better picture.

Boob Greed

After many weeks of wondering if I went too small, I'm finally feeling more content with my size. Over the last few days of looking at past pictures of myself and reading other reviews I feel a lot more at ease. I have the exact look I was asking for pre op. Having larger breasts has really altered my view of how big they really are now. Looking at pictures of boobs I always dreamed of having, I realize I AM that big. Any larger wouldn't be what I wanted, having them is what changed my outlook. It's almost like they say about tattoos too; if you want one, chances are you'll end up wanting more. Maybe that's a bad analogy, but that's the best I have haha.

Oh and my boobs are feeling softer and more squishy than ever as of this week!

So in love with the girls over the last few days!

They look natural when I move around and lie down in my opinion. Really happy with the size and everything still since my last post. I'm really starting to enjoy dressing them up too! These cute bralettes are 2 for $15 on amazon and are super comfy!

Last Post Op Appointment

I had my last post op appointment this week. I can't believe the time has gone by so fast and I'm already almost at 6 months with my new girls. It's pretty amazing how in the past my small boobies feel now. I can barely remember them, yet I had them for years. Every once in a while I'll come across an old topless picture I had taken and I'm completely amazed. My body looks entirely different and I have a level of confidence I didn't use to have. I'm so happy I made the choice to go through with my BA, I only wish I could have done it sooner!

Video Update

Video Update
Hey everybody! I've had a few people asking for an update since I haven't been on RS as often lately and I've also had a few people asking how squishy the Sientra shaped implants actually are so I made a little video update! Hope it helps!

9 month update

I've been asked a few times for updated pics, so here ya go! I love them more every day still! A lot of my boobie pictures are too sexual to share on RS and I'm sorry for that. I haven't taken many RS specific pictures.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I couldn't be happier with my outcome with Dr. Lee and the professionalism of his staff! I'll be recommending him to anyone who ever asks me about my breast augmentation or is looking for a great plastic surgeon.

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