Finally done!! 545/595 cc, HP, silicone cohesive gel - San Diego, CA

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I had my consultation today and tried on a 550cc...

I had my consultation today and tried on a 550cc sizer. I like how it looked but would even be happy with it a little bigger. I originally thought I wanted 450cc but that is way too small for me. I definitely do not want to end up wishing I went bigger!! I think at my pre op I will see if we can do something in between 550 and 650cc because the 650cc sizer was too big. I don't want to be top heavy I just want to be evened out with my hips/butt. Can't wait for the next meeting with my surgeon!!

BA exactly 2 weeks from today!

I get my boobs done in exactly two weeks and I'm super excited/nervous about it. I posted some pictures of boobs I love and I just want mine to look exactly like those!! I'm just afraid my skin is too tight and I'm too small that they won't be able to fit a larger implant in me or they'll be hard and high because I'm small. I just LOVE all those pictures and would be so happy if mine looked like that. I love the more natural look but still big so I hope I can look like that.

13 days, afraid of going too small!

Here's pictures from my pre op and the 550 sizers. I feel like from the front they don't look very big, even my friend said she couldn't tell a difference! But I know the 650cc sizers seemed too big and made me too top heavy. I want to be somewhere in between but not sure if that will even fit in me! Definitely do not want to wish I went with a bigger size after my surgery!

First day after surgery

So surgery all seems like a blur and it's so weird I have boobs!! I feel like I'm wearing a vs bombshell bra lol. I couldn't update yesterday I was too out of it. Surgery and recovery happened so fast it seems like a dream lol.
But I am SOO happy I woke up and the nurse told me I had 545/595!! I was chocked because pousti told me he would start at 400 and 'try' to get to 500. I didn't expect the final cc's at all!! So I'm really happy. I'm so glad he told me a lower number instead of telling me a higher number and waking up with less.

So I haven't slept a full nights sleep really. Yesterday I was half awake half asleep I guess I couldn't really pass out because I was so uncomfortable and the pain is just a weird feeling. My chest is so tight especially when sitting or standing. I'm kind of out of it now I woke up every 4 hours so my bf could give me my meds then I would stay awake for a while and repeat. So sorry if this post doesn't make sense.

I need to take more pics that show my boobs better but it's such a pain getting to the bathroom and even holding the phone right to take a good pic. I'm just so happy he went bigger than the sizers I tried on! I feel like they look very similar. And I love that my boobs aren't too freakishly high like I was expecting. I feel ginormous but my bf said they aren't super huge so I guess I'm just in shock lol I was so used to small boobs.

More pics

Forgot to add these ones right after they were done!

One more thing I should've added..

So Dr. Pousti is a great doctor! And the girls who work there are great too. I was emailing the office for a while because I was nervous and worried about what size and look I'll end up with. Dr. Pousti recommended that I go in before surgery (Thursday) so I'm more comfortable. I didn't expect that but was so glad I went in again. He reminded me that safety was more important than size and there's a change I can't look as big as I want to because I'm narrow and of my anatomy. So then when I woke up with 545/595ccs I was so shocked!! I'm just really happy with the whole experience so far. He was honest with me but focusing on safety and everyone has just super helpful and nice so far!


Another pic

It's hard to tell how big these are but to me they feel huge and I still can't believe they're finally done!

Still so tight

I'm still so tight but I can move on my own a little bit better. My sister came over today to wash and dry some of my hair since I can't shower. My chest feels so so tight and hurts more when I'm sitting up or standing. The meds are helping but when should I switch to extra strength Tylenol? And my left one seems bigger then the right but that's normal too hopefully. I talked to Dr Pousti today and he said it's normal and he thinks I'll be pleased in the long run. Just hoping I can make it to my follow up appt tomorrow because it's really hard for me to walk right now! And I'm afraid to see what they look like.

More movable

I woke up this morning really tight and hurting. I took my meds and sat up on my own and felt a little better. I'm not as tight today and I can get up and go to the bathroom on my own. Baby steps! But my follow up appt is today and I'm afraid it'll be really hard getting there and painful. Also I'm afraid to see what they look like!! Definitely do not want my bf to see them yet lol but he probably will since he's taking me. The one thing that's really bothering me is that I can't stand up straight I'm all hunched over. It's getting slightly better everyday so I hope I'm okay for school on the 25th!

Pics forgot to add

Had my follow up appt and dr said they're healing good and they look good for being so soon after surgery! I feel better too I can move on my own and not in as much pain.

Feeling better

I'm feeling a lot better and way more movable today. Just woke up really early hurting so took some meds and then felt nauseous an hour ago so took my nausea meds. I'm taking these hard pills less and less then will switch to Tylenol extra strength. I haven't looked at my boobs at all really except for a peak down my surgical bra. I'm afraid to see what they look like completely naked though! I think I'll wait until I have to wash it, which the lady at the office told me to wait until Thursday to do.

And I added a few more pictures with clothes over my surgical bra. I still have some gauze padding on my nipples where my incisions are so that makes them look uneven and weird. Left boob still looks a little bigger too.

Ended up sneaking a peak

I've been posting a lot but there's not a lot to do when you're just sitting at home watching tv all day lol. Here's a pic of my boobies with no surgical bra.

Oh and I ended up with 545/595cc HP silicone cohesive gel under the muscle and an areolar incision. And I'm 5'8'' 132 lbs.

So bored..

Feeling so bored lately and all these days seem to blur into one day since I'm not getting a normal night's sleep. Last night I took meds late before bed hoping it would help me stay asleep but then I woke up at some time during the night hurting and sore where i feel like I cant move so i took more meds and then fell back asleep. But then i woke up really nauseous since i didn't take either meds with food. I ate some bread but still feel a little weird so I'm just laying in bed for now.

I keep forgetting I actually got my boobs done though it's so weird! They don't really feel very big when I'm laying down so it's easy to forget except for the tightness and soreness reminds me. I've just been wanting them done for so long it's weird having it over and done with! I can't wait to see what bra size i'm gonna be and how my boobs are going to turn out. So far i really love them though! And bf says he likes the size too. This saturday I'm meeting with Dr. Pousti and he's going to show me how to massage them so i'm really excited for that. That means they'll start to look normal kind of soon!

I'll post some more pictures later when i'm feeling better.

Up and down

So I felt pretty okay last night (when I took the picture I'm posting with this) and this morning. I wasn't hurting as bad and wasn't as stiff. But I wanted to take my meds because I still felt weird so I ate a peach and two pieces of plain toast, took a percocet and valium, and then like an hour later I threw up! I felt nauseas the other days but took my nausea meds before anything happened and I took my last pill yesterday (I only got half the prescription b/c I didn't think I would really need them but I've taken them like once a day since surgery) and never refilled the prescription. I mean I feel okay now so I'm not sure if I should get the other half of my prescription or not.. I just kind of have a headache now. I hope throwing up didn't make it so I never even took the other meds!

This might be "TMI" but I haven't had a bowel movement since before surgery, I feel like I might today though. I'm also supposed to start my period any day now so that should be fun.. not.

I'm going to wash my surgical bra today so my girls will be all out in the open so I will take some pictures of them then and post later.

More Pictures

Washed my surgical bra so took some pictures earlier. So far I like how they look I just can't wait for them to drop and fluff!

Feeling better - More pics

I feel almost normal right now just can't move as much as I could before surgery. But no nausea, not really any pain, getting pretty used to the tightness, and I haven't taken any meds since I took some tylenol extra strength at around 2pm. Hopefully I feel okay in the morning and I hope I don't wake up.. which I might do because I wake up really uncomfortable on my back and extra tight in my chest. I'm going to try to stick to just tylenol though and not the harder meds since they make me dizzy and out of it. I want to feel 100% normal again! oh and I did have a bowel movement finally today.

Oh and here are more pics!


in my last update i meant i hope i dont wake up in the middle of the night lol

Feeling good!

I'm happy to say I feel 100% normal and healthy today! I got a lot of errands done today and after a while my boobs start to bother me a little bit but nothing too crazy. It might have been because I only took tylenol when I woke up this morning and that was it, so I'm sure it would've been less if I took some throughout the day. The only other thing that's bothering me is sleeping on my back!! I'm getting so tired of it I can't wait to be able to roll over. I really think that's why I wake up during the night, not because of my boobs but because I want to roll over and I'm not comfortable on my back all night. But it's nothing too crazy.

But i'm loving my boobs!! I love the size and everything I think they are literally the perfect size for me. I'm really happy with them. And today I started massaging them, which hurts but I feel like it's already helping them drop. I'm hoping it doesn't take too long for them to drop and look good! I'm supposed to do like 3 different massages 10 times each and for 30 seconds long each time. It doesn't sound like alot but it was really hurting me so I did less tonight. My bf is going to do it for me tomorrow so maybe it'll be easier (& i'll take tylenol before too).

Definitely feel ready to start school & work again on monday :)

I can roll over finally!

This is a short update but just wanted to say I could sleep somewhat on my side last night!! Super exciting haha. But now I definitely feel normal and don't even need any Tylenol and sleeping on my side helped me stay asleep most of the night! :)

Late updating!

So I started school and work on Monday and have been SUPER busy and haven't had time to update this. I'm going to post a bunch of pictures to make up for it though! I love my boobs even more everytime I look at them. I literally forget I have boobies unless I've had a long day and then they might be a little sore but that's about it. Or I'll look in the mirror and be like "oh yeah I have boobs!!" so It's been kind of fun. And I've noticed people looking at my chest (I get kind of self conscious wondering if they can see my surgical bra or if they are just checking out my new boobs lol), which I'm not used to at all.
But anyway, I'm back to normal 100%!! I feel perfectly normal. The only thing is when I was at school all day and then work on Tuesday I had really bad back pain and my boobs were feeling super sore. But I didn't take any pain killers at all that day (forgot my tylenol extra strength) and I'm sure that would have fixed the problem. I also need to watch how much I carry around and I need to remember to hold my bag on the left shoulder sometimes because I think that might be making my left implant not drop as fast as my left one. Or it's not dropping as fast because my right side might be stronger since I'm right handed and maybe my muscles are stronger and making it harder for the implant to drop. I'm not sure but I don't think the bag is helping. I've made it as light as possible but after carrying it around all day it can get heavy.
I haven't been on top of my massages like I should be.. but I'm still really happy with how they are looking! I know it's a process and this isn't how they're gona look in a few weeks, but so far so good! Oh and I was nervous about my right incision because it looked dark but I called their office and they said the incisions will scab so that's probably what it is.

Not sure if they've changed

I still feel good and forget I have my boobs lol. I'm just not sure if they've dropped more and not sure if they look any different from my last update pictures but I posted more anyway. They're still uneven which bothers me a little but you can tell from the side my right implant is still higher than the left one so maybe it's just dropping more slowly. My left one just seems so much bigger to me!! When I feel them the left one feels bigger and when I look in the mirror the left one looks bigger.. but that one is the one that was bigger before (but has the smaller implant - 545cc). Hopefully they even out as they drop more. And I'm still hoping they get a little bigger as the drop! I'm excited to not have to wear the surgical bra too.. 2 more weeks!

oh and i forgot to add..

i love how my left one is dropping and looking! I hope the right one ends up looking the same.

Here's some before & after's

I haven't posted how I looked before my surgery so I made some before/after pictures. I feel like they don't look that much bigger from the front but they do from the side for some reason. I was like a 34B (or a tiny 32C according to VS lol) I hope they still need to drop and fluff so they get bigger!! But I have a feeling they won't get much bigger.. :(

Issues with bandaids/tape

So this might be gross but I started smelling something kind of gross the yesterday and I didn't know what it was (I thought it was just the bra so I washed it but the smell didn't go away) and I realized it was the bandaids I've been putting over my nipples/incisions. I've been putting bandaids on to cover my nipples under clothes but now I took them off and they started pulling off the tape on my incisions. I got the bandaid off my right one but I couldn't get them both off my left one! I had smaller ones covering my nipples and then the larger waterproof ones so I could cover my incisions while I showered and the tape somehow got really stuck to the smaller bandaid and I can't take it off without it taking off the incision tape! I called the office and they said to just leave it if it won't come up and not to mess with it so that's what I'm doing, but now I'm noticing the incision tape being not as sticky and starting to come off on the ends. The waterproof bandaids have definitely not helped!! But how else was I supposed to keep my incisions dry while I shower? Hopefully it isn't anything serious. But the large waterproof bandaid on my right boob irritated my skin for some reason (and only that one not the left one) and my skin was all red where the bandaid was. It's still a little red but not as bad as when I first took it off.
It's just weird that all of a sudden I started smelling something weird! I don't think anything is infected because nothing hurts or is bothering me and the smell is gone now that I took off the big bandaids and just blotted where the bandaids were with a kleenex. Maybe it's because I've been having long days at school and work and it's from sweat or something? I read on here somewhere that the most common issue is "fluid accumulation". This is a gross update sorry haha but yeah only issue I have had so far but it doesn't seem too serious.. hopefully!

But I WILL add that I do love my boobs and how they're dropping (definitely dropping more!) and the size! I think the only reason I have some boob greed is because when I look down or when I'm laying down they don't look very big to me.. but I love the size when I look in the mirror or in pictures and other people tell me they look big. Maybe it's a good thing they don't look HUGE when I look down because then I might look like a freak! lol. I'm just excited to see their final results.. it's almost been a month!

No more issues.. almost one month!!

I'm not having anymore issues with tape or bandaids or anything. And I realized why I keep forgetting I even had surgery.. its because I was thinking they would be as heavy as the sizers were that I tried on! I remember the sizers were pretty heavy and I expected my implants to feel like that but they aren't heavy at all they feel the same as they did before surgery. And I'm happy with my size! I was doing my own measurements at home and it was ranging from D to E on different websites, lol. I hope I end up a DD! I want to get measured this weekend since it'll be 1 month after surgery and I don't have to wear my surgical bra anymore, but it might be too soon. I think I'll get a normal bra anyway and if I grow out of it then that's good too lol. I tried one of my old bras that's a 32C and it's so tiny!! I think I only think my boobs don't look big when I'm wearing a sports bra. When I'm washing my surgical bra I put on a sports bra that I bought and it holds them in so they look smaller than they are.. My bf keeps telling me I'm crazy when I ask him if they look small haha. I'm happy with the size so far!

Tomorrow is exactly 1 month post op!

I took my incision tape off today and the scar on my left boob is so big and noticeable! But it seems to be healing perfectly fine.. I love my left boob! lol. But my right one is the one having issues. That tape seemed to have the most nastiness underneath it (there was some fluid that made it smell so bad and look gross but they said it was normal tissue or something.. so gross though!!). I soaked the tape in peroxide for both but when I took off the tape on my right one there was still a tiny bit of stuff coming out and some looked like blood.. I've been keeping tissue over it and there's still stuff coming out so should I have left the tape on? Now I just put some gauze on it and stuck it on with bandaids so it doesn't get anywhere..hopefully it's nothing too serious there isnt that much stuff coming out but it's not completely healed like my left one is. My next appt is next thursday so hopefully it's all good by then and I don't get any bad news! Nothing is hurting me at all though so that's a good sign.

My boobs are still so uneven though too! My right one is still in that weird shape where it hasn't dropped the same way my left one has. I hope it's just dropping wayy slower and doesn't stay like that because they don't point in the same direction lol. It looks like theres still more swollenness or something higher up on my right one or its the implant that hasn't fully dropped in the pocket like the left one has. Hopefully it'll still drop and look the same as my left one because I love how my left one looks! I'll admit I've been lazy with my massages and forgetting to do them as much as I should be so maybe that's why. When I pull up on my right one it looks more like the left one so I think it does just need to drop more.. but when I pull it up it looks smaller so hopefully that doesn't happen. I just don't know what my final results will be! Like if I'm pretty much at my final results or if I still have a ways to go (I thought they would be more even one month post op).. anyone have any ideas?

Oops not 1 month haha

I guess I'm counting my days wrong but today isn't one month post op! But 4 weeks ago today I had my surgery.. Crazy!

Haven't updated in a while but I love my boobs!!

I just wanted to say that I LOVE my boobies!! I went to VS and got a bra a week or so ago just for fun even though it's too early to wear it. I got sized as a 34D, but then most of the Ds weren't fitting so I was actually a 34DD so I ended up buying a Very Sexy bra. But now I tried it on again and my boobs are slowly starting to bust out of it! More my left one but my right one still isn't as dropped as the left so eventually it'll catch up. Maybe I'll end up a DDD?? That would be crazy lol but I kind of hope so.. Everyone says they look bigger especially the people at my work and my boyfriend loves them even more now I think lol. The right incision is still taking its sweet time healing but slow progress. Love my boobies!! It's crazy my surgery and my recovery feels like it was SO long ago too. I don't miss my old boobs at all. Best decision I ever made!

another thing

Just wanted to say having a DD bra is so weird! I see it and the first thing I think is omg that's huge I can't fit in that. But then I put it on and it's so snug! Also, one of my sisters thinks I went "way too big" but I still think the size fits me perfectly. Taking pics of just my torso they look huge but altogether they're a the perfect size. I definitely think any bigger would be too big and any smaller would be too small. Dr. Pousti gave me THE best size for my body I'm so happy! Oh and I'm glad I left the tag on my bra.. I hope I have to go get a bigger size soon lol :)

Love my boobies even more!

I got sized again at VS and now I'm a 32DDD! In a sports bra they don't look very big but in a normal bra they look so much bigger. I love them! And both incisions are closed finally


I haven't updated in a while since I've been busy with work & school but so far everything is still good! I'm not sure if my boobs have changed at all but I took some new pics to show anyway. I might be a 34DDD because my 32DDD is too small and my sports bra I just got is 34DDD and it's still a little tight. I need to remember to put scar cream on because I never do and I didn't massage as much as I should but I still think they look good!

compare pic

Here's a pic comparing 6 days post op to about 3 months post op. So crazy how much they've changed!

5 months

I haven't updated in a while but it's been about five months since my surgery. I still love my girls!! I get a lot of compliments on them. I wear size 32DDD/34DD bra. I still like to wear a little bit of a push up bra (I feel weird buying non push up bras lol) but if I want to hide them more I wear a sports bra and they're more contained. I feel like I've always had these and should've gotten them done a long time ago! :)

I highly highly recommend Dr. Pousti! I don't think my BA process could have gone any better honestly. Everything has been perfect from before surgery to after. I was super nervous and worried about size beforehand and his staff was so helpful in responding to all my (probably annoying) emails. They let me send them pictures to add to my file, told me to bring in a poster, asked Dr. Pousti questions for me and then eventually he said I should come in and see him before surgery since I was concerned. The fact that he wanted me to come in so I could feel more comfortable meant a lot! Clearly he cared enough to make sure I was feeling 100% okay with everything and wanted me to be less concerned. I also like that he was completely honest with me and did not just say "I'll make it fit". He told me safety is more important than size and he will go as big as he can with it being safe. Now I have 545/595 cc I am SO SO happy!! I feel comfortable knowing he wasn't just shoving in the biggest implant he could but was choosing the biggest size that would be safe in my body. Plus I love the size on me and I think he has done a perfect job so far.. I really couldn't be happier! After surgery someone from his office called me everyday for about a week just to check up on me and see if I had any questions. Everyone at his office (including Dr. Pousti) seems to genuinely care about you. I highly highly highly recommend Dr. Pousti!! Oh and it's a plus he's funny too, lol. He and his staff make you feel 100% comfortable there, which helps with something as big as your first surgery! Definitely go to him if you want a BA or anything else! I love my new boobies and I have loved the whole process so far. :)

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